Gaelan Connell: Kissing Vanessa Hudgens Was Unfortunate

Gaelan Connell: Kissing Vanessa Hudgens Was Unfortunate

Bandslam boy Gaelan Connell caught up with at the “Reel Thinking” event held at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles last month.

The 20-year-old upcoming actor revealed that it was unfortunate kissing both of his leading ladies, Vanessa Hudgens and Aly Michalka. He shared, “Unfortunately, I have to kiss both of them in the movie. Unfortunate for them, clearly.”

When asked what he did to prepare for the kissing scenes, Gaelan replied, “Lots of peanut butter. Definitely not anything like mints. It was funny and cute and I don’t think I was really acting. I was a bit scared. These are superstar girls that were drawn into my life and now, I guess I’m friends with.”

Bandslam hits theaters Friday, August 14.

Bandslam Cast at the Grammy Museum
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  • will

    he is ugly

  • disneytwilightfutbol

    @will: i hear you on that

  • emma


    So rude

    So rude

  • i love vanessa

    wow vanessa just keeps getting more amazing , so cant wait till bandslam! love vanessa x

  • Xoxo

    Movie doesn’t look so good, or maybe it’s the role V’s playing. I feel like she’s trying way too hard. But she looks pretty. (:

  • LOL

    He amuses me!

    Least he is truthful. Even if it doesn’t endear him to fans!

  • Althea

    What’s up with peanut butter before kissing the girls? LoL That’s just weird. I bet he enjoy kissing them though.

  • eLLa

    I love how Vanessa is like the one people talk about most for advertising this film, even though Gaelan is like the lead really.

    But I’m excited to see this, and I’ve got no complains with the set up, cause I love V! (:

  • Divine Goddess

    damn vanessa is frikkin gorgeous

  • aw

    lol aw he seems nice.

    But nice manipulative headline jjr.

  • Heather

    haha he seems cute never heard of him but bless him

  • Karen

    Once again it would seem that some are going to respond only to the headline and not actually READ what it is about. Galean was saying it was unfortunate for both Vanessa and Aly that they had to be kissed by him not that it was unfortunate for Galean to have to kiss them. He teased that he ate something like peanut butter before the kiss instead of using mints which everyone doing a kissing scene would do. IT WAS A JOKE! Surely if you people are old enough to read and comprehend what you read then you are intelligent enough to understand a joke when you hear one…but I guess not.

  • Karen

    Sorry, misspelled Gaelan’s name twice in my previous post!

  • maria

    That definitely had to be intimidating for your first movie….kissing two established young actresses. But I’m sure that added to the awkwardness, so I can’t wait to see it. I’m sure it’s sweet.

  • disneytwilightfutbol

    he does seem nice

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    It really doesn’t matter if he’s ugly because that’s how the character he’s suppoused to be is.

  • amber

    i think Gaelen is adorable in his own funny way! :b
    i like him (:
    and vanessa is just soooo crazy cute :b haha
    and soo freaking pretty .. ! ! !

  • awurbii


    Totally agree! People need to open their eyes and read!

    P.S How sad can you people get?? He’s not ugly! He may not be your personal preference but it doesn’t mean he’s ugly. It’s because of stupid thoughts like this that talented people can’t make it in this industry because they don’t look a certain way. Some of you seriously need to get a life.

  • marainsconset

    Gaelan is handsome, sweet and very charming especially in this movie. He’s totally perfect for the role. His acting (such as his facial expression, boyish sweet look) actually reminds me of Tom Hanks when he first just started out as a young actor. Indeed a very good promising young actor not to mention the great chemistry with Vanessa and Aly. More Power Gaelan! .

  • lslsharon

    can’t wait for the movie!!!
    love nessa!!!!!!!!

  • lslsharon

    vanessa is sooo sweet in the vid!!

  • mykamicks

    he’s got his own sense of humor & charm.

  • http://jjj miley

    can’t wait for bandslam! vanessa looks great! :P

  • pam

    I read where he is great in the role and quite the actor. Contrary to people dissing him, he must have something besides drop dead gorgeous looks( which is the stuff of Ms. Hudgens) to STAR in this movie. He seems sweet and real.

    But as expected Hudgens fans will trash anyone who does not look the typical Hollywood cookie cutter, as they have done in the past. They beg indulgence when people say one adverse thing about their beloved Vanessa and yet they turn around and do the same to others.

  • V-loyalist

    Love the video, V is so damn cute and Gaelen seemed a very nice and genuine guy, funny as well. I’m sure Van and Aly had so much fun working with him.

  • tee

    @pam: Vanessa’s fans do not trash Gaelan, we think he’s adorable. Vanessa audition for this role and got it over other actresses. You don’t get roles twittering about what you are doing and going for coffee everyday. You have to read for them and the casting director has to select you.

  • carolineee
    THE NEW JONAS BROTHERS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s not even on itunes yet!!!!

  • Divine Goddess

    @pam: yeh, way to generalize…

  • newport beach, 92660


    hahaha , they have a point m´dear .

    - audrey ♥

  • payd

    Gaelan is a terrific actor. Bandslam’s director and producers must have thought so, because they gave him the lead role.
    Also, for a different look at him, check out his music video. He wrote it, wrote the song, co-directed it, plays the guitar, and plays *both* lead roles (the preppie guy with the glasses, and the musician with the headband).
    And check out his animation film, done while he was at NYU.
    This kid has talent.

  • meghan

    wow zac miteee be jealous!!!

>>>>>>> staging1