Jesse McCartney Has 'The Right Stuff'

Jesse McCartney Has 'The Right Stuff'

Jesse McCartney is going on tour with The New Kids on the Block and recently sat down with Seventeen mag to chat all about it.

The 22-year-old musician dished on his fave NKOTB song, pre-concert rituals and getting back out on the road. Check it:

On his favorite NKOTB tune: “I think the most notable song is ‘The Right Stuff.’ I secretly know the dance ” I don’t usually tell people that. But if I had to, I could probably bust out.”

On what he does to prepare before going on stage: “We usually ” the guys and I, since I have a big band of guys, so there’s a lot of testosterone and adrenaline right before we go on stage ” we usually pump some weights. Then we usually have a word of the day. Everyone huddles up, and we say a quick prayer, and then on the count of three everyone says the word of the day. The word of the day is whatever was funny earlier that day, whatever makes us laugh.”

On going on tour with NKOTB: “I’m looking forward to getting back out on the road. It’s been a while since I’ve toured. It will give me a chance to perform the new records, one of which is the next single. It’s a little bit more of an older audience, as far as the nostalgic crowd goes.”

FYI: Jesse was featured in a short video montage during‘s Award Show last night (June 4). The Jonas Brothers, Jordin Sparks and Lauren Conrad were all featured, too!

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  • maichi


    I love them both!


  • emma

    i LOVE jesse mccartney hes the best hes even better than the jonas brothers zac efron and that taylor guy i dont know wat they see in him
    anyway keep on the good work and dont stop on the great songs people need to know the meaning of great songs everybody thinks your the best

  • maichi

    Woah, woah, woah.
    He is NOT cuter/hotter/sexier than Zac Efron!
    But, he IS amazing.

    - My opinion

  • Myka

    was he trying to avoid not saying one nice thing about the group he’s opening for. Wow.
    On going on tour with NKOTB: me me me, me me me, oh and me too. And I’m embarrassed to know their dance. Thanks for having me on tour! lame.

  • niki

    love him!! he is cuter than them!

  • Sierra

    I love him!!!!!!!! Jesse McCartney fan forever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • christine

    SO HOT ! i love him !

    he needs to do more concerts in the west coast, more specially the bay area (;

  • emma

    he is the best love him and he is better than them
    but dont get me wrong i love zac efron but jesse would
    be my number 1 choice cuz hese such a good singer
    i love hes songs he knows how 2 pick words

  • Dani

    i really think tat jesse is way better than zac… but then again zac has more little fans becuase of hsm….
    oh..well anyway… it’s not good comparing..everyone has his opinion…. and it should be respected

    i loooove jessse sooo much finnaly something new about him…thaanks jjj

  • Anamaria

    i miss jesse heaps!!!!!!!! i remember when beautiful soul came out in 2004… i fell in love!! ofcourse i love Zac Efron more.. lol but srsly Jesse needs a massive comeback(not that he went anywhere) but he is an amazing singer/songwriter and i cant wait for the new album!
    im actually thinking of doing a cover of one of his songs on youtube… let me know if i should…
    … which song should i do??? help… im thinking beautiful soul or beacuse of you… or maybe a newer one….
    let me know… either comment here or on my channel
    thanks xoxoxo and i LOVE jesse!

  • Kimberly

    Seriously, who cares who you think is hottter? He isnt trying to be hot, hes jsut doing what he loves. He can act, sing, and write, and sing amazing live. He’s beyond talented and is working hard, you dont need to be talking about zac efron or anyone else on an article about jesse.

  • Courtney

    Seriously, every one of you people commenting over who’s hot and who’s not are just completely shallow and really don’t care about true talent, which Jesse has. How old are all of you? Obviously pretty young, I can tell by the comments you make. How in the world do you know if Zac has more fans than Jesse? They are both in completely different professions. Zac is strictly an actor and Jesse is a little bit of everything because he can be. It’s not a fair comparison for one thing. Second of all, I don’t know where ANYBODY is getting the impression that Jesse was being all about “himself” in this interview and not saying anything nice about New Kids. Every other interview I’ve heard, he’s spoken extremely highly of NKOTB and is very excited to be touring with them. He was NOT saying he was embarrassed to know their dance. If he was embarrassed I’m sure he wouldn’t have said anything at all. What he meant by “secretly” was that nobody else knew he knew the dance. He probably learned it out of random on his own time. Not something he’s going to go around bragging about. It’s not a big deal. PLUS, this interview is about him. The interviewer was asking him questions that applied to him. He wasn’t going to sit there and talk about how great he thinks NKOTB are. None of those questions he was asked pertained to his personal opinion of NKOTB except for the song question. Once again I have to say it, who the hell CARES if Jesse is hot, or if Zac is hot, or whoever. It’s stupid and immature. It seriously shouldn’t matter who’s hot and who’s not. Jesse has a true talent and I can honestly say he’s a hell of a much better actor than Zac Efron ever will be. Go watch Jesse in his youth on All My Children. No child actor could pull off what he did. I’ve been a fan of Jesse’s for 10 years, and he could seriously be the ugliest, fattest, and even baldest (lol) guy in the world and I’d still be the strong, supporting fan I am today. Appreciate Jesse for the talent he has. People like you are the reason why crappy stars like the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus sell more records than a talented artist like Jesse.
    Please, you teeniboppers REALLY need a reality check. Jesse McCartney has more talent in his little toe than ANY of those teenbop Disney Channels stars will ever have. It just takes a bit of time and research on Jesse to realize that.
    And I’d really love to know why some of you “love” Jesse? Because of his talent or because of his pretty face? Think about it.

  • Gabbycb

    lol…i agree with Courtney (though it took me a REALLY long time for me to read her comment).

    FYI, i’m only 11+(my b’day’s on 11/19). surprised huh? i must be the youngest Jesse fan ever.

    And i agree, Jesse’s the most talented guy i’ve ever known in my life (apart from Adam Lambert). he acts, he sings, he writes [songs]. Plus, his voice is good too! it’s hard to find guys who have these characteristics nowadays.

    though i like the JoBros (BUT not miley cyrus), Demi and etc., i still like some so-called “oldies” like Hilary Duff, Aly and AJ, etc. they are good, but people just don’t really see the talent in them (or they do, but they prefer “cooler” and “in” singers).

    And i don’t pity the singers, i pity the people out there. cause they don’t see the talent in these singers and so they don’t really get to appreciate “good music”.

    Anyway, i’m glad leavin’ was a hit (5 weeks at #1 spot!!!). and people SOOO gotta appreciate it’s over! apparently, they don’t think it’s over is nice – although it IS nice. actually, it’s AWESOME. and well, how do you sleep…people just love it. :)

    sad thing is that, right where you want me (album, not single) was kinda noted by the critics as “sophomore slump”…and i gotta agree. :( though i loved ‘just so you know”, “tell her”, “we can go anywhere”, “daddy’s little girl”, “anybody”, pretty much the whole album.

    well, i don’t have to say, obviously “beautiful soul” was the one thing that shot him to stardom. :D gosh, i have to say, i just love the first album so much! :)

    i was fan since well, i was…7 (year: 2004 i was born in 1997)??? AND I’M STAYING AS A JESSE FAN FOREVER! i just feel so happy for him whenever he accomplishes something. he deserves them. totally.

    he’s just such a great guy. :)

  • sara

    u know wat i think……i think your the 1 who needs a reality check!!!
    all that angur for someone u dont even know….when we said
    that jesse was cutter than zac we didnt mean just the face..we also
    meant everything singing…acting…bla..bla..bla….go 2 rehab sickO
    cuz u need help……………………….and even if some people “love”
    jesse 4 hes face wat r u going 2 do….put that comment again??OoO No im sooooooooooooooooooo scared??? your the 1 who is a baby
    how old r u anyway “Im A FAN OF JESSE 4 10 YEARS” sick

  • lily

    poor girl…… old r u anyways…..IM A FAN OF JESSE FOR 10 YEARS….LOL..LOL…LOL

  • lily

    do u want 2 know wat i think…..i think your the 1 who needs a REALITY
    CHECK..FIX your angur SiCkOOO….go 2 rehab…… when we said that jesse is better than jb zac taylor.we meant talent….the real thing we dont care about is your old r you?obviously pretty old..
    we also can tell by your comment or should we say story of your life!!
    u dont need 2 teach us how 2 write or teach us the dif. between jesse&zac..why dont u teach your self…and who r u 2 judje us??????
    or wat r u….do u think that we will care????and wat if some people
    said jesse is hotter than zac or zac is hotter than jesse..Do u realy think were goning 2 care about U??and even thoug wat R u going 2 do
    put another comment like this joke up there???OoO No were soooooooooooooooooooooo scared!!! the only thing that is stupid in here is U!!!!!!! “IM A FAN OF JESSE FOR 10 YEARS” LOL… LOL…. LOL
    P.S: NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danielle

    I wish Jesse was in twilight come on he could play jacob better than that taylor guy anyway.i wonder why they didnt choose him

  • Kimberly

    Sara and Lily, she wasnt directing her comment towards you, why are you being so rude to courtney? Shes talking about Maichi and all the people saying Zac or anyone is better then jesse. And so what if shes old? Your eventually gonna get older too o.0 …its called life,

  • Jesse’s girl

    awww omg my baby is so adorable i love him so much!! keep up the good work hunni!!! i love u! XOXO your girlfriend