Kristen Stewart Runs Away to Angola

Kristen Stewart Runs Away to Angola

Kristen Stewart picks up her step as she arrives at a casting studio on Friday afternoon (June 5) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 19-year-old Twilight starlet wore a dark tee that said “Angola: A Gated Community.” Angola is a prison in Louisiana, where Kristen filmed drama flick, Welcome to the Rileys.

Preparing for her next role in The Runaways, Kristen may get to work alongside Revolutionary Road‘s Michael Shannon. MTV reports that he is in negotiations to play one of the few male roles in the biopic.

15+ pics inside of Kristen Stewart

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  • Simply Me.

    Kristen Stewart ROX!

  • cami

    fiiiiiirst, i think
    LOVE HER <3

  • elementsofblindness

    Paps should leave her alone. I’d hate to see her get messed up by the cameras being there all the time recording every where she goes. Let her live her life privately. Same goes for Rob. Privacy has become a public craze now.

    She’s a great kid. Seeing her this way obviously trying to smile and be nice when she’s clearly expressed distaste at the whole situation makes me wanna hide her from the scrutiny of the haters and the media.

    Yes, she is an actress and should expect paps etc. But there is a line that should not be crossed.

  • no comment

    Super HOT!!

  • petey

    nice!! badass!!

  • kstewfan

    She filmed Welcome to the Rileys in Louisiana. She hasn’t started shooting K-11 yet…

  • Maddie

    I love her so much! Haha. I adore how she always wears guys shirts and rolls up the sleeve and ties it on one side. Very 80′s of her. It’s awesome! I’m a big fan of wearing my ray bans and an oversized shirt with tights. She gives me new fashion inspiration every week. She has the best casual style ever :D

    I love this woman!!!!! Especially in Adventureland! WOOOH! Best movie :D Definitely in my top 3. Twilight beats it by being number 2. I’m sure that will change once new moon comes out! GOSH I CAN’T WAIT!

  • Jess

    she is always pretty , so cute

  • Hanya

    She filmed “Welcome to the Riley’s” in Louisiana, so maybe that’s where she got the shirt?

  • briana

    i love her, i just wish she didn’t smoke :/

  • Robsten


  • selteamnicky

    Jared, Niley have a song on the new JB album. U have not posted it yet.

  • Diana

    Kristen is badass. <3

  • Just Jill

    Thank you for the correction.

  • CT

    she’s so badass. i love this girl! :]

  • Sahrish

    ah man i love this girl. shes so diff/ go kristen!…i seriously thinks shes wit rob. wheres her bf michael? anyways…ROBSTEN<3

  • cara

    Nice to see Kristen smiling.So refreshing.Happy for her.

  • meinlove

    i love her so much. she is so pretty she doesn’t even have to try. it just comes naturally.

  • zacefronishot

    she smokes

  • kamilah

    @elementsofblindness: i totally agree with you about the paps thing. its getting ridiculous and you can tell kristen cant stand it. but poor rob really has it the worse. they hover around him 24/7. i saw pic of him leaving the airport or something and there was a camera literally like inches away from his face.

  • Nicole

    I love her style she looks so cool. with one side of the shirt tied up she is really cool and has great fashion taste

  • ashleytfan

    So what if she smokes? Its her choice, if your a fan you should approve of it. Sure, smoking is gross but once your addicted, your addicted.
    Anyway, I love her and her simple style :)

  • M

    ^ That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. WTF does that even mean, you have to approve of her smoking because you’re a fan.

  • joss

    i love her style!
    this girl is absolutely amazing!!

  • ATwilightKiss

    I think Welcome to the Rileys is gonna rock! But when will it be released? ;-)

  • riana


  • natalie


    apparently it’s gonna premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in september

  • Lana


  • :P

    you don`t HAVE to approve of it if you`re a fan. if you were raised well. educated properly and you know what`s good for you and the environment, you would learn to stop. it`s self-control/discipline. kristen is an awesome actress but it sucks that she smokes. but it`s obviously her choice..

  • Mochanyc

    Michael Shannon (who was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Revolutionary Road) and Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning? That is some serious acting company for for Stewart. It is good see she wants to prove her acting chops. I guess she is not just another pretty(?) face/teen idol. Should be interesting.

  • helix

    she is wering rob’s sunglasses.

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    @zacefronishot: And? I don’t see your point. So she smokes, she is STILL another human being. Give her respect.

  • mang keps

    she is effortessly gorgeous!!

    in her most casual outfit yet she’s smokin’ hot!!! da-um..

    i lover her.. she’s beautiful.. not your typical hollywood teen clones dressed in designer clothes…

  • :)

    love her but i wish she didn’t smoke

  • katie

    @:P: Being raised well has nothing to do with it. My parents are the best – my brother still smokes. Education, yes, ‘being raised well’, no.

  • anonymous

    I love the fact the you can see that she’s way more relaxed now that she’s back home and done filming new moon.
    She’s probably also relaxed cause seeing as Rob Pattinson is away the rumors will stop or at least tone back a bit.

  • Lauren

    im not starting a rumour, but i could have sworn rob wore this tshirt before, he definately has…they might both have one who knows, i don’t actually think that her an rob are together i think they’re just really good friends, and with the amount of time they spend together its not really surprising…

  • http://google LIZZY

    I think Kristen is a very talented,beautiful young girl.Unfortunately she fell into the twilight hole and can’t get out.She looks always nervous,because she;s not used to all this bad publicity.The same goes for Rob.The only thing they did is to play their role the best they could.They don’t provoce the paps,but the paps have cross the line.

  • trix

    She’s awesome.

  • anonymous


  • Lety

    Love her! I can’t wait to see her next movie!

  • Celia

    I love how she always looks like she just came from a very hard night of partying and is extremely hungover. But she pulls it off. :P

  • p.anne

    she always wears her t shirt that way with sneakers. i’m pretty sure
    a bunch of teens will start following her style really soon…
    watch out for the kristen trend!

  • marisa

    its amazing how many moives she is doing..back to back..

  • trixie


    She looks like she is handling it pretty well to me ! She’s been smiling all this week at the paps. She knows she has to accept them. Its just crowds and being centre of attention that unerves her and thats very normal. She’s a normal girl who hasn’t been trained and emptied of all original personality. Iv watched some of her interviews and she’s perfectly able to converse with people and is obviously an intelligent girl. She’s just quirky and i like that. Obviously other ppl do too so Kristen doesnt need to worry about crazy jealous fan girls. She’s awesome !

  • trev

    She’s beautiful. Jessica Simpson/ Paris Hilton and all the other ‘actresses’ please take note … men do not like women plastered in make up. Spread the word Kristen !!!! Your hot !

  • Karina

    I love her, she’s cool. I love that she barely has to try and still looks pretty.

  • giggles1289

    Rob wore that exact shirt in an interview before…just thought i’d point that out!

    :) ox

  • Lauren

    @giggles1289…see i knew i wasn’t alone in thinking that rob had worn this shirt before…hmmm

  • josefin

    don’t post this on JJJ post it on the usual JustJared!
    i love kristen!