Meaghan Martin & Nicholas Braun Want You to Want Them

Meaghan Martin & Nicholas Braun Want You to Want Them

Nicholas Braun gets his costars Meaghan Martin, Dana Davis and Lindsey Shaw in a fit of giggles on the set of band KSM‘s music video for “I Want You To Want Me.”

The song will be the intro to the new ABC Family series, 10 Things I Hate About You, premiering July 7th.

Lindsey and Nicholas shared that when the show starts, his character Cameron is a sophomore and her character Kat is a junior.

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KSM – Behind-the-scenes of “I Want You To Want Me”
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  • lori


  • Karla c

    I’ll definitely watch.
    I love Nick Braun and Meaghan!

  • victoria

    he is cute, tall, sweet and funny!

  • david

    Can somebody please explain to me what is the purpose of typing ‘FIRST” and then not saying anything about the post. So what–you were first-does that make you special? The comment section is a place to share opinions about the pictures and artists you have seen. You could go from post to post and just type in first and then go on to the next. What does that accomplish? Did you even look at the post? I know ther are young people commenting here, but being first all the time doesn’t make you better than the next person in a blog. If I was one of the artist and happened to read this I would feel like you din;t care about me at all. This is just one opinion and something to think about. Have a nice day!

  • david

    Now see you got me off track.
    I am looking forward to this show. I hope they all stay friends on the set because it will make for a better show.

  • Amanda

    awwww i loved this song, and the remake wasn’t to bad. But everytime i hear about this show… i think of Heath Ledger =(

    It’s even hard to watch the movie after his death now without crying.

  • Katherine

    Aww I love this song its like the big song in the movie too. Okay obviously the shows completely based off it but like the movies like so good and the show might ruin that but whatever

  • Gabrielle


  • lis

    they should not remake this song….and they kept it the same, just different people singing it?? hellooo, its a Letters to Cleo-classic

  • andreaaaaa

    omgg defff gonna be watching thiss it loooks soooooooo goooood… i know im gonnna get obbsesseddd withhh thiiss shooooooooow! this&secret lifee i loveee! (:

  • Victoria

    I love Nick! <3

    He is sooo awesome and super hilarious.

  • Taaaaaa(=


    read it know!!

  • Lalalina

    I can’t wait for this show!

    I think Nick looks adorable and I’m going to fall in love with him all over again.

    Also, now I def have this song stuck in my head. Loves it!

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