Tiffany Giardina Takes Over Radio Disney

Tiffany Giardina Takes Over Radio Disney

Tiffany Giardina chats it up with Radio Disney host Ernie D as she takes over the popular station on Thursday afternoon (June 4).

The 15-year-old singer answered a few questions for JJJ about her summer plans, a second album and good friend Drew Seeley. Check it:

On what the Music Education Tour meant to her: “The Music Education Tour was a blast! I had the opportunity to meet so many great kids from all over the country, visit their schools, perform, do Meet & Greets and answer questions from all the kids. I was able to spread the word on the importance of Music Education in our schools today. Every kid out there loves music and it’s a universal way of bringing us all together. I was able to share my passion for music, something that all kids can relate to.”

On her summer plans: “My plans are to go on tour with Corbin Bleu, Mitchel Musso, Nat and Alex Wolff, and more to come! This is going to be a very exciting summer for me. You can go to my Myspace to check for a full tour schedule with updates. I am also performing at Radio Disney’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular in Mountain View, CA in the San Francisco Area so I am looking forward to being able to enjoy the area and see the sights. I also hope to squeeze in some surfing in East Hampton, NY.”

On working on her sophomore album: “I have been writing everyday and love that I have an outlet to express myself. I am constantly growing as an artist, and it’s a very creative time for me. The second album is something I’m really looking forward to for sure.”

On her fave song from [her album] No Average Angel: “Every song is special to me for its own reason. I love the title track, ‘No Average Angel’ because of its message. It empowers a person to be true to themselves and I love ‘Hurry Up and Save Me’ because it’s a song that makes you want to dance!”

On her plans to see Drew Seeley on Broadway: “Yes, I am definitely going to show my support! I was so happy for him when I heard the news. I will encourage my friends and fans to go see the play as well. He’s a great talent.”

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  • lori


  • gerty

    i really liked her album, it was good.
    she seems like a sweet girl.

  • Jessica

    tiffany is really nice i met her in Feb.

  • hannah

    tiffany’s the coolest eveeer!
    i met her at my summer camp last year.
    her naa acoustic on thw takeover was sooo good.

  • kimberly

    love her!

  • Tgc

    Awesome story :]
    The takeover went so well, her acoustic performance was AMAZING.
    Listen to Part 1 of the take over HERE!

    -tgc, a tg fansite

  • Sammie Joe

    Whoa, she’s like, really pretty.
    I have her songs on my iPod, I love Candy & No Average Angel!

  • Cassie l.

    sh3′s s0o0o0 c00l!
    i luv her s0ng n0 av3r3g3 angl3, i list3n t0 it all th3 tim3!
    cassie l.

  • Steff

    sweet. Tiffany sounds super nice I want to meet her one day!

  • Selena

    dude, she seems so nice!
    & her voice is like, crazy amazing.
    like, she sings notes i never even knew existed, & i’m in a regional chorus.
    rock on tiffany :]

  • aubrey

    this interview was really good. i listened to it live. i want to meet her.

  • ilana

    tiffany giardina rox!!!!!!!
    i <3 her songs no average angel and hurry up and save me, theyre in Another Cinderella Story nd i have that on dvd, i got it for my bday.
    i loveeeeeeeeeeeee your music tiffany!

  • Katherine

    I’m not really a fan

  • Katie

    love herrrrrr!

  • VHUD-fan

    i don’t even know her haha
    but she seems sweet !

  • Carly

    Thanks for posting this JJJ! Her fans appreciate it!
    Tiffany has an insanely amazing voice. I love her cover of Pat Benatar’s You Better Run but of course I love her whole album!


    we want more tiffany!!!!

  • Kyle


  • sexy lexyyy

    omggg i tottallyy heart tiff!!!
    her takeover was beast lol

  • scarlette

    she is really nice, i know her personally.
    all the best of luck to you Tiff!

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    I’ve only heard part of ‘No Average Angel’ and I thought it was really good.

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