Ashley Tisdale Promotes Puerco Espin

Ashley Tisdale Promotes Puerco Espin

Ashley Tisdale is pretty in pink stripes as she makes an appearance at the Puerco Espin store in Milan, Italy on Saturday afternoon (June 7).

The 23-year-old actress is the face of the Italian brand; one of the most famous clothing brands in Italy for teen girls.

Fabio Castelli, director of the creative marketing group Five Season shared, “For our brand, which is well established in the market, Ashley Tisdale is the perfect choice. She’s now a legend throughout the world, her image is very stylish.”

10+ pics inside of Puerco Espin pretty Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale arriving at Puerco Espin

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Credit: Olycom; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Samy

    her new CD is awesome!!!!
    love every song, ashley u are the best!

  • leo

    hi guys! OMG i was there yesterday and i so her, she looked amazing!!! she’s the best!! i love u ash!!!!!! <3<3

  • jeny


    cree is a diva, and not have anything.

    witch appears with that nose, which I do not like the ash that is always try to imitate other styles of celebrities is hardly original.



    i was in milan! she was so sweet with the fans!

  • miranda

    stick legs is in europe?

  • Scashley Lover; x

    @jeny: just dont comment if you hater her!

    looking great ashley! I cant belive you have been chossen to take part in the most FAMOUS italin girl clothing! congrats! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • jeny

    This puerco espin never in my life I’ve heard that there is no United States stores. maybe a new brand created. I think it is only clothing line for teens to miley I have searched for this campaign because this girl a lot if you sell your image and you would have created millions in profit to the company, not you saw or ashley thought at the time of but tell them they do not know what I will say that its beauty if this woman has no beauty, elegance rather seems taybolera. Each day is oldest

  • josh

    OMG Sexy!! i want hace in my hands her new cd <3

  • emma

    OH MY GOD. you have put my videosss <3
    thank you so much from thewayilovedyou *_______*
    ashley was really fabulous yesterday and she had been so cute with us, italian fans.

  • leo

    Watch here
    while ash is doing the autographs, i recorded this video =) i was so exciting!!!! =)

  • leo

    @jeny: puerco espin is only ITALIAN! -.-

  • igortizz

    OMG!!! she’s so awesome and sexy! wow! Ashey Rocks! i rlly lov her too much! i’ll meet need it!

  • igortizz


  • Pam

    I can’t believe she’s in the same age bracket as Scarlett, Megan and Brittany Snow, yet she is still hawking teenagers clothes

  • Pam

    I can’t believe she’s in the same age bracket as Scarlett, Megan and Brittany Snow, yet she is still hawking teenagers’ clothes

  • zanessa 4ever

    I was there!!! She was soooooooooo pretty!!! Love her! can’t wait 4 her new cd!

  • Elisa

    u haters are so jealous of her, she’s pretty, has a great cd comming (And yes, it is great) and she has a lot more money than u guys…
    instead of hating trough the computer go and have a life

  • jeny

    I agree with you pam
    for my best had sought myle already has many followers, these clothes had been sold so fast and would have to request. tan with old image but look for clothes adolscente scarlet image MANGO,
    Moët & Chandon, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, if these are artists that can lead to millions in campaign office is just 23 years

  • katie

    She looks gorgeous. And please people, if you don’t like her, don’t come on here. Simple as that. You just look like an idiot writing rubbish about her-do you really not have anything better to do?

  • bep

    omg! <33333
    so cuteeeeeee <3 haha

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    y are u ppl so jealous of her. u come here everyday just to see if there’s a post about just so u can trash her. do u have no life. if hate was a disease most of u would have all through ur body . hate shows how much of an UGLY personality u have.. she does nothing to u. so why do u hate her so much?!?!?!?!

  • ZJ207

    what she’s wearing is seriously cute! lol
    i love you ashhhh!
    can’t wait for Guilty Pleasure!! <3

  • Samy
  • ZJ207

    @jeny: we DON’T care… k? she’s as successfull as ever atm, and she’s touring the world, something not everyone has the opportunity to do!
    and GET OVER her nose k? it’s just perfect and it’s not just me who says that! i guess your nose isn’t as pretty, you’re jealous so you posted this… pathetic! don’t ever come back to any of her posts again k? we don’t care about ur mean, rude and non-sense opinion

    @jeny: puerco espin is an italian clothing line, only for italy… that’s what the official website says.

    @Pam: what she’s wearing is to promote puerco espin, nothing else! she’s getting payed to dress like this, lol. it’s very cute though!!

  • ZJ207

    @Samy: wow!!! she looks stinning <3333 haha

  • ZJ207

    stunning* lol

  • ZJ207

    stunning* lol

  • jonasfreak

    she looks so sweet… she’s doing a lot of promotion around the world!! haha

  • http://jjj miley

    she looks really cute! :):)

  • VHUD-fan

    ewwwww ugly

  • saraa

    She looks good and I love her shoes again ! <33

  • jeny

    not because I lose my time with this garbage and I will never tire of saying it seems a taybolera.
    and got all the reason is not because they came here to waste my time there are many better things to do than to be watching this putrid, rotten.


  • melissa

    I love her :)

  • ashRocKS

    stunnning!!!@VHUD-fan: u better shut up!! shes awsum!!

  • ashRocKS

    stunnning!!!@VHUD-fan: u better shut up!! shes awsum!!

  • ashRocKS

    u r the best !!1 ashley no mattter wht stupid ppl say!!

  • Gonzalo

    beautiful =)

  • ZJ207

    @VHUD-fan: and vanessa’s not???!
    have u seen her without make-up??!!!!!!!!
    Ashley is one of the rare stars that don’t wear a lot of make-ups and still look the same as with make-up, and a lot of people agree!

  • ash rockz

    Gosh. It’s always the same.
    I can’t stand haters. Really, they’re annoying and pathetic!

    @VHUD-fan: You’re just jealous I bet, you are ugly! And I’m sure you don’t like the fact ASHLEY and not Vanessa is the model for this campagne.
    @jeny: You’re so dump. Gosh girl, get a life! If you don’t like Ashley don’t waste your time to write stupid comments. That’s really weird…

    Ashley looks very very pretty ♥
    She’s a beautiful girl & she can wear everything!

  • Headstrong18

    The campagne really choose the right person (:
    She’s great!

    @ZJ207: You’re so right :D
    @Haters: just SHUT UP! Ashley is and will be succesful and you can’t change anything with writing stupid comments!

  • jeny

    ash ROCKZ
    As you say this VHUD-fan: because they are jealous vanessa is no model for this campaign, let me say that vanessa is better to do projects and campaigns that image is doing very well and has more contracts for your info and ashley let me tell you that there is a rumor is not true or if they say vanessa but that is considered to be part of a line of Christian Dior. it has to envy to vanessa ashley

  • Andy

    Loving that 3rd pic :D

  • snoopy

    get a life ur pathetic!!!
    just accept the fact that ashley tisdale is really successful and is known for her work not like some people (not going to mension any names) who r famewhoring their way into the spotlight.
    while ur sitting in front of ur computer dying of jelousy she is out there making mad cash giving a damn bout her haters

  • britney

    lol wow serioulsy thats the only thing u can come up with.
    real mature !!!!
    another vanessa fan why am i not surprised

    anyways she is looking absolutely beautiful but then again when doesnt she ? :P
    cant wait til GP

  • alexis

    Love her :D

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    @ZJ207: Actually we have seen her w/o make up and she looks the same only whiter. Seriously though if u guys don’t care about other people’s opinions don’t comment back or else it is never going to stop.

  • nina caplan

    PPPretty, didnt like the shirt ythough

  • Michelley

    She looks cute and I love her new song

  • lucia

    she is so cute as always!!
    love her

  • Ash fan from argentina

    Ashley rocks!! her cd is awesome!!
    and the photos are great she’s so cute!!
    sorry but in one of the photos can see her underwear!! but she’s so cute that it doesnt notes!!
    love u ash… and i hope she come to argentina very soon!! :)