The Jonas Brothers - ‘Fly With Me’ Music Video

The Jonas Brothers - ‘Fly With Me’ Music Video

The Jonas Brothers get their groove on, preparing for their first world tour in the new music video for “Fly With Me.”

Nick, Kevin and Joe show off some new footage from rehearsals for the upcoming world tour kicking off in Madrid, Spain on Saturday, June 13.

“Fly With Me” is also featured in hit movie, Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian.

The JoBrosLines, Vines and Trying Times hits shelves NEXT WEEK. Pre-order your copy now!

Jonas Brothers – “Fly With Me” Official Music Video
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  • katie

    I love it! (:

  • lucy

    amazing already pre orded it ahh cant wait

  • katie

    ^^I was first, btw! (:

  • lisa


  • asq

    i don”t know why but i don’t like them…

  • Courtney

    This video is AMAZING!

    I’ll will be seeing the Jonas Brothers on the World Tour in August!
    I can’t wait :)

  • Jess

    love the song
    love the vid
    love the jo bros :)

  • Nina

    o man
    i absolutely adore this song but i don’t like the video so much
    i mean,it is such a tender and beautiful song so i expected the video to be like that too
    and all we got was footage from rehearsals for the upcoming world
    when the video for when you look me in the eyes was like that i really loved it because it was black and white and it didn’t show the footage for tour,it was showing the jobros ,but i love this song so much and i’m really dissapointed
    too bad,the music video could be a bigger hit with a proper m. video
    hope the next one is better

  • http://JustJaredJr. Jonas Brother’s #1 Fan.

    I LOVED IT!!!! :D
    They are absolutely
    adorable. I love them sooooo

  • hEaTher/.

    haha. joes so funny.

    i normally dont really like their new ‘sound of music’, but this song i love. like their other songs i dont care of. but dont get me wrong, i love them. especially this song. :))

    you go jobros!

  • maggie

    i can’t stop singing that song all day!!it is an amazing song!!!
    and the video is cute<3

  • miranda

    this video its like “tonight” almost the same concept, and the song i dont like it a lot …. i miss the old jonas

  • Rosalie Belle

    i love nick, joe and kevin… they are amazing realy! i don’t talk just in they songs but like a person. they song is great, they is beautful and… i don’t have word to discribe than!

    i love you so much guys, realy!

  • Raquel

    I love love love it!

  • Natasha

    I expected better video for such beautiful song. This turn out to be promotion of the world tour. Disappointing.
    But still, song is great!

  • mrsefron.

    LOOOVEEE THIS SONG!! <3 Ivee been singin it since last nightt. GREAT BEAT!

    & this videoo , because it gets me excited for W0RLDTOUR09. <3

  • mrsefron.


  • cc27

    Joe with his hat tricks <3 SOO FRICKEN SEXY!!!

  • nycity babe

    Super as usual! Love them!!!

  • maria pia

    OMJ!!! i luv this video!! WOW its a giant stage! i’ve never seen before an stage like that! i Love JONAS BROTHERS!!!

  • Yvonne

    Kevin is major hottness here

  • Caroline Jonas

    OMG..! amaziing.! I’M gonna cry ! OMG…! that song is so real THAT IS GOING TO my soul

  • sjs

    Joe @ 1:31 makes me crack up. What a dork. I guess since it’s not an official single, they just used behind-the-scenes tour footage and shot some specific stuff of Nick at the piano and Joe being a dork to the song. Works for me!

    8 days left till LV&TT is released! :D

  • Shannon

    OMG that is such a good song I love them so much!!


  • marilina

    the video isn’t so good
    but the song is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love jb!!!<3

  • G

    ok im confused it says that its released on the 16th???
    in mags and on the radio its sayin 15th
    well i ireland anyway

  • valii y nick 4 ever

    nick i love you



  • http://facebook daniela jonas

    i love jonasssssssssss:D ♥
    kisiera verlos devueltax3

>>>>>>> staging1