Ashley Tisdale Takes on TRL Italy

Ashley Tisdale Takes on TRL Italy

Ashley Tisdale rocks out to a packed crowd as she performs her hit single, “It’s Alright, It’s Ok,” Tuesday afternoon (June 9) on TRL Italy.

The 23-year-old singer chatted about her upcoming album, Guilty Pleasure (out in U.S. on July 28th) and met some super fans.

Ashley also chose a winner out of the crowd with the best banner. She was torn between one asking for BFF Zac Efron‘s number and another with a sweet message about her being a star. She chose the latter.

Check out her performance below!

Ashley Tisdale – “TRL Italy,” Part 1, 06/09

Ashley Tisdale – “TRL Italy,” Part 2, 06/09

Ashley Tisdale – “TRL Italy,” Part 3, 06/09
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  • miley come to northern ireland

    miley if your reading this plz can u come to Northern Ireland

  • zanessa4life

    Haha the one with Zacs number is pretty funny :D
    That could have been me :D
    Too bad she didnt give it to her/him.


  • ash rockzW

    She’s so cute ♥
    Love her!

  • ashleytizz lover09


    i knoe right hehe

  • emma

    thank you so much again to put my videos <3
    it’s a dream to be on one of the most important websites*
    thanksss<3 ashley always rocksss*

  • fiona

    woooooooooooooo!!hopefully ashley will come to ireland!its so cool that she is in europe!fingers crossed she will cum to ireland!!luv to bits ashley!!xxxfrm fiona

  • Scashley Lover; x

    Wowww! She Looks Sexy!
    Pretty Ect!

    She Was Sooo Sweet Too Her Fans! && Did An AMAZING Pperformance! ILOVEYOUASHLEY! XXXXX

  • bep

    i love her performances!!!! good thing she performed live :)… kinda live cz there was her voice with the track’s but still better than nothing :D

  • ZJ207

    woww! i love her! <33 so glad she performed live!! :D
    lucky europeanss!!!!! hahahaha

  • ZJ207

    and btw, it’s sooooo awesome how her fans in the crowd were singing “It’s Alright, It’s OK”!!! and there’s many of them!

  • http://jjj miley

    she’s really beautiful and i’m really excited for guilty pleasure! can’t wait till it comes out! :P:P

  • nina caplan

    coool, the people there is sooo luckyy

  • Barbora Alice

    I love she, she is perfect. :D

  • igortizz

    Shes sooooooooo sexy and pretty! wooooooow! i love her too much! btw i saw her once in LA…awwww…she was perfect!

  • kk

    omg shes AWESOME
    i want zac’s # Ashley <3

  • nadia

    she’s so amazing live! i love her sooooo much!

  • MilenaBest

    Jared you rock!!

    I was in the crowd and it was amazing!

    After the live part she sang another song and MTV taped it, so in few days there will be another video of Ashley’s performance! (I don’t know the name of the song, but the performance was really cool)

    After this, she went away, but her guitar player (Jacob) signed a lot of autograph and took pictures with the fans! He was really nice with all of us even if he didn’t understand what some girls were saying (they were talking to him in italian).

    It was an awesome day!

    PS: jared, do you want some pictures??

  • Just Jill

    @MilenaBest: Send them our way!

  • josh


  • Avril

    that was AWESOME!!!!!!!
    she sounds SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!
    Ashley ROCKS!!!!!

  • nikkki

    hahahaha id ask for zac efron number too!! :D

  • lala

    In Its Alright Its OK she doesnt sing alive,thats was a playback.
    but at the second song,she was singing alive.
    There was a show that she was singing Its Alright Its OK in alive and she sing horrible,and maybe for that she understand that Its Alright Its OK is a song that she cant sing alive.

  • Sofia

    woah she was sooo great and lovely!:)
    to bad i live in italy but a lil bit too far from Rimini and Milano!:(

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    she’s amazing!
    fans are crazyyyyyy !!
    come Turkeyyy ashley pleaseee <3
    perfecTisdale <3
    love u <3

  • jojo

    hahaha! zac!

  • ashRocKS

    u r awsum!!

  • jonasfreak

    OMG!!! SHE’S AWESOME <3333

  • hot-t

    ily ashleyyyyy hope to see u live one day :DDD

  • masquerading

    allll the songs from her album sound better live! lol she’s a great performer <3

  • ZJ207

    @masquerading:ikr?! i so love her… can’t wait for GP :D


    she’s doing a lot of promo in europe, and it’s really good for the album and the singles. :)

    baby v and the tizz fan

  • ashlover

    wow! a lot of people were there! :D
    they were singing along too hah

  • amber

    she wasn’t singing 100 % live
    But she looked beautiful`
    I hate the pant’s though
    i don’t get that she thinks leather pants automatically means
    that your looking Hot/sexy

  • jen

    Ashley Tisdale singing apart from other artists or just ashley was presented.

    because ashley is doing more promotion in Europe than in United States but I think it has more fans in Europe than in United States. already has secured its gold disc in Germany and in Europe.

  • Robi from italy

    i also got a video from an extra performance ashley made after the live show was over

  • Robi from italy
  • ashtisdalelover1905

    i feel in love with Jacoooooooob <3
    He’s hot !
    and at the first moment of performing masquerade,ashley was so hoot to jacob !!!
    go jashley(new) haha :D

  • girlneon

    She is so coo.l i wish i was her friend.

  • michelle

    love those songs!!!! can’t wait until july 28 – “guilty pleasures” is going to be awesome. her performance was great and the banners were hilarious.

    just under 7 weeks until her album….it’s only 7 weeks, right?? ahh, can’t wait!!!

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