Brenda Song & Jake T. Austin: Tipton Twosome

Brenda Song & Jake T. Austin: Tipton Twosome

Brenda Song and Jake T. Austin make a pretty pair in this behind-the-scenes shot from The Suite Life On Deck.

In the second crossover episode from Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana, “Double-Crossed,” Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) boards the SS Tipton on her way to a concert performance in Honolulu. To impress Bailey (Debby Ryan), Cody (Cole Sprouse) enlists Woody (Matthew Timmons) to help him get tickets.

Meanwhile, the Russos use a little magic to spice up their vacation – Alex (Selena Gomez) pulls a prank on Justin (David Henrie) for which Mr. Moseby (Phill Lewis) blames Zack (Dylan Sprouse), while Max (Austin) introduces London (Song) to a magical suitcase.

“Double-Crossed” premieres Friday, July 17 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

15+ stills inside…

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  • Sweet!

    First! Can’t Wait to see it!

  • listen to mayday parade

    Holy Brenda Song has lost so much weight!! Shes close to a bobble head now. Still love her though.

  • ashleytizz lover09

    selena and miley r gonna meet up in this
    hello- mikayla and hannah on hannah montana
    anywho luv it already:)

  • Maddison

    How does this work.
    SELENA played makayla on hannah
    so shouldnt hannah be like WTF MAKAYLA?! when she sees her?

  • none of your beeswax

    this is so dumb, how is this a WOWP/SLOD/HM crossover if it barely has any HM? its basically just a SLOD/WOWP episode and HM is only there to help the episode get more views even thought they are all very successful shows. There is probably like one still that has HM in it because there isnt even one picture of her. yess you can call me an obsessive miley fan cuz i already know that. =)

  • Leah

    YAY SLOD and Wizards my 2 favorite shows! Debby/Selena look alike! I love both of them! :) SO HAPYY!

  • natalie u.

    well since you guys brought up the whole mikayla thing, then shouldnt zack and cody recognize her to? she played gwen on the suite life who was codys girlfriend.
    well, idc, i cant wait for this to come out. (:

  • saudia

    YAY can’t wait .. I love the crossover episodes :)

  • Michelle

    Brenda… your so amazing and beautiful.

  • maya

    i love TSL but hate WOWP -.-

  • mine


  • Sel

    Brenda rox!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))
    shes so beautiful

  • mine

    shouldn’t hannah recognize london and the twins? because they have all seen each other a couple of times before.

  • roory

    brenda is so pefect and beautiful

  • mine

    @listen to mayday parade: her body is really weird and gorgeous, she gains and loses weight really fast.. in jan 08 she was really thin, she gained it in 3 months then lose it again and then gained it. She has always had a perfect figure, when she gains weight it’s usually a couple of pounds which make her body curvy. She has an amazing figure.. im so jealous.

  • rihanna

    brenda+selena look really really cute when they’re hugging eachother

    they are both GORGEOUS girls!!!

  • brendasongfan4life


  • la la land

    I love Brenda! I love Debby! I love Dylan and Cole!

  • Sandy

    brenda is beyond beautiful

  • Leyton

    J’adore Brenda & SLOD!

  • Jenna

    Ahh, There’s my girl!

  • lily

    She’s gorgeous.

  • worr

    @none of your beeswax: Hannah Montana has it’s own stroryline, London and Hannah meet again and Hannah isn’t here to bring in more viewers. SLOD in 2008 alone got more viewers than Hannah and Wizards combined. And is still big in the ratings.

  • SOS

    she’s so adorable !!
    go brenda !!
    you’re the best !!
    love you !!
    i can’t wait for this !!

  • lindsey

    I love her dress!
    This is gonna be AWESOME!

  • baby

    love brenda, she’s so cute on these pictures! :)

  • dalal

    she looks so cute in these pictures <3

  • emmy


  • Lolo


  • jojo

    Brenda looks SO cute! (: I love her new look.

  • dana

    Brenda and David make a really hot couple, they are perfect for each other.

  • dizneyfan101


  • BARB

    I love TSLOD! I love Dylan and Cole, Brenda and Debby. This crossover looks great! I just hope it has lots of flirting Dylan (Zack)!

  • Justme

    Selena is “Gwen” to Zack and Cody as she is “Mikayla” to Hannah Montana. Weird.

  • claire

    the only problem with this show is that selena has already been on hannah montana and suite life

  • SLODfanatic

    I love brenda, dylan, debby and the whole slod cast foreva!

  • mine


  • Leyton

    they all rock!!!

  • Karma Couture


  • mine


  • rasp

    I love dylan and cole!!

  • taylor

    brennda roxx

  • mine

    @Maddison: lol

  • Sam

    Brenda looks beautiful in these pictures… can’t wait to see it!

  • mine


  • Kelenafan

    Love dem!

  • mine

    dylan is so cute!

  • kate

    god. they’ve grown up. :| & my school is over ;D brenda is gorgeous and so is debby. ;)

  • emmy

    Brenda is getting more beautiful ever second.

  • Victor

    “Zack: GWEN!
    Alex: Who’s Gwen?
    Zack: YOU’RE Gwen!
    Alex: No, I’m n-

    Hannah enters the room: MIKAYLA!
    Alex: I love Mikayla!
    Hannah: Of course, YOU’RE Mikayla!
    Alex: No, I’m Alex Russo.

    Zack: No, she’s Gwen.”

    Not going to happen, but that would be hilarious :P

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