Francia Raisa 'Secretly' Crushes on Daren Kagasoff

Francia Raisa 'Secretly' Crushes on Daren Kagasoff

…on The Secret Life of the American Teenager that is.

Daren Kagasoff and Francia Raisa make up one of the most talked about couples on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager — Ricky and Adrian.

Ricky and Adrian were a match made in heaven when the show first premiered — they loved no-strings attached relationships but then Ricky became a dad to baby John and everything changed. In the first season finale, Adrian let Ricky know how she felt. But does Ricky love her too?

Can’t wait to find out? The third season premieres Monday, June 22 @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC Family. Don’t forget to pick up the second season DVD box set — out next week, June 16th.

Since Secret Life is all about secrets, wants to know who your secret celebrity crush is. Be sure to share in the comments so that I can try to cover him/her/them in the future!

TELL JJJ: Who’s your secret celeb crush?

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  • Katie

    nick jonas, but it’s no secrett ;]

  • .

    joe jonas. psssssh.
    and TAYLOR LAUTNER. i mean, really?!

  • c

    mine our:
    joe jonass<333333
    robert pattinson<33333333
    zac efron<3333333

  • c

    mine are:
    joe jonass<333333
    robert pattinson<33333333
    zac efron<3333333

  • colee

    Zac Efron and Taylor Lautner

  • Eli

    Nick Jonas and Robert Pattison.
    But more Nick :D I just love him!

  • jjj

    MATT FOLLOWILL!!!!! <3333333333
    btw, kings of leon guitarist

  • Leah

    Taylor Lautner he is love! I used to crush on Joe Jonas, but they have been dissapoinying me so no. Just Taylor Lautner now!

  • http://justjared jonas

    nick jonas

  • KK

    taylor 4eva

  • Meagan

    Nick Jonas who doesn’t have a crush on this hot 16 yr old. All the girls go crazy for him .:)

  • Lisa

    I’m definitely have two celeb crushes.

    1) nick jonas – he’s seems really smart, funny, and sweet. plus, he’s a musician, and I’m crazy for musicians :)

    2) taylor launter – he’s really cute & I’ve had a mini crush on him since cheaper by the dozen :P


  • sarah

    nick jonas :D <3

  • Lauren

    KEVIN JONAS! <3 <3 <3

    So much Nick and Joe love yet none for their drop dead gorgeous older brother? Kevin is heaven :)

  • Risley

    Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner <333

    They both just have dreamy qualities about them and they are so sweet :-D

  • jen

    Mine are
    Alex Pettyfer &
    Taylor Lautner :]

  • Maria

    Ryan seacrest!! No joke!!

  • Laura

    Anton Yelchin!

  • Maria

    mine is Kellan Lutz. please talk about him more on your site Jared. i love this site and i look at it everyday. i like most of the ppl u talk about like Zac, Miley, Selena and more. i also like some u dont mention much like Chelsea Staub, Debby Ryan, Francia Raisa, Monique Coleman, Ashley Argota, Nolan Funk. i really like Kellan and there are not much sites that mention him. i like seeing pics of him too. Nolan too. i hope u can interview them sometime too. thank you jared.

  • Sterling

    Matt Prokup <3

  • Teresa

    Joe Jonas
    Nick Jonas
    Robert Pattinson
    Gam Giganted
    Taylor Lautner
    I love all

  • karina

    Duh! Its a no brainer for me… JOE JONAS !!!! He has a really nice smile ; )

  • Ashlyn

    daren kagasoff

  • Lisa

    i love matt lanter and edward cullen lol <333

  • Alexx

    1. David Archuleta <3
    2. Zac Efron
    3. Nathan Kress
    4. Taylor Lautner
    5. Nick Jonas

    I love all of them so fricken much!! Especially David!!

  • Ellie

    Robert Pattinson (I love him)

  • MOllyb

    ummm i think that my secret celeb crush (ok maybe not so secret) is probably Daren Kagasoff…I’m sooo addicted to Secret Life..I just cant decide whether i want him with Adrian or if he’d be better with Amy… I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens!

  • kristine

    If I told you my secret crush. It wouldn’t be a secret, LMFAO.

  • zanessa

    Zac Efron
    Nick Jonas
    Daren Kagasoff
    Lucas Till
    Cody Linley

  • zanessa

    oops forgot Taylor Lautner

  • veronica

    1.Daren Kagasoff
    2.Lucas Till
    3.Robert Pattinson
    4.Joe Jonas

    Most of all i love Daren Kagasoff because hes really hot.!

  • larissa

    hi my secret crush is on Ricky

  • larissa

    i like Ricky

  • Sophia

    I have my own list :D

    1- Nick Jonas
    2- Taylor Lautner
    3- James Lafferty
    4- Adam Brody
    5- Jared Padalecki

    I like ‘em all :DD

  • Gina Jonas

    Joe Jonas!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    But its no secret! :)

  • Gina jonas

    Joe Jonas!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    But its not secret!!! :)

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