Joe Jonas: 'Single Ladies' Was For The Fans

Joe Jonas: 'Single Ladies' Was For The Fans

Joe Jonas really didn’t want to dance in high heels, but he did it…for the fans!

The 19-year-old middle Jonas Brothers dished to MTV about his rendition of “Single Ladies,” saying, “We filmed the video for the fans. We did a contest where we were figuring out what would you like Joe to do, and you pick one [out of three choices]. One was play bongos for 10 minutes, one was wrestle with [our bodyguard] Big Rob and one was do the ‘Single Ladies’ dance. I’ve only seen [Beyoncé's] video like maybe twice in my life, and we filmed it twice, so … it was cool.”

Joe really didn’t like the heels though. He shared, “Heels are really hard to wear. I feel bad for every girl that has to wear heels or chooses to wear heels. They’re not fun.”

Camilla Belle, Joe feels bad for you!

Joe Jonas Explains “Single Ladies”
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  • ashleytizz lover09

    1st yay!
    that was soooooo funnie hehe
    joe is even hot with heels too
    luv ya joe jonas and the other joBro’s:)

  • jb lover!



  • Lucie

    <3 Nick :)

  • Lucie

    Why is the video not working? :|

  • stephluvsjonas

    that was the funniest thing ever!!
    joe thanks for going through with it, it was so great!
    and you looked hot doing it
    luv u guys! Steph

  • kirstyy

    it was awesome. he can walk in heels better than i can :)
    and that’s sweet of him, he didn’t even want to do it but he did it for all the fans.
    i agree though. i never wear heels unless i’m going to a party or..prom. haha

  • ari


    i loved the video i thought it was hilarious thank you so much joe for doing it <3

  • Chance

    Yep, because dancing round in heels when you’re supposedly nearly a grown man is COMPLETELY hilarious. I was just laughing and laughing and laughing.

    At you, not with you.

  • sarah(france)

    its was so funny when joe said”what”

  • Lucie

    omg it wont let me watch the video b/c i dont live in the US and its for ‘copyright reasons’ :(( But Joe Jonas was sweet by doing it :D

  • jbr

    it was so funny ! i laughed so hard
    and it was really sweet of him to do it for the fans
    aaaaw thats why we love them =)

  • m

    gotta love Joe!<3

  • meagan

    give JOE credit for doing this video it takes alot of guts dancing in high heels and a black leotart. it shows how much he loves us fans because if he didn’t love us he wouldn’t have made this video. the jonas brothers are the sweetest and kindest boys ever and JOE you dance really good for someone in high heels for the first time love you lots :)

  • miranda

    he looked gay
    im angry about this:

    Joe Jonas bashes his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift in his new song “Much Better” from the latest Jonas Brothers’ album “Lines, Vines and Trying Times”. The song allegedly talks about how Joe dumped Taylor for actress Camilla Belle. In the song, Joe sings: “I get a rep for breakin’ hearts, Now I’m done with superstars, And all the tears on her guitar, I’m not bitter. But now I see, Everything I’d ever need, Is the girl in front of me, She’s much better.”

  • .

    hhahaha he was like ‘WHAT?!’
    but yeah, like the fans KNEW that’s why the video was out, but sadly everyone else didn’t, which was why it’s so… controversial?
    anyway, it was a good video. i have no complaints. joe was the man.

  • .

    and miranda, that’s not “bashing”. it’s what songwriters do… she did the same thing when she wrote forever & always. the only difference was that she BROADCASTED it everywhere. but no one complained about her, so there’s no reason to get mad over it.

  • hanna lovato

    Haha Legend Gotta Love Joe & Of Course Kevin nd Nick :D

  • lauren


    u r SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raquel

    aaaawwww… :) he did it for me :D

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    @.: The fact that he did it on the phone in a 20 sec covnvernsation says alot. The guy didn’t even have the guts 2 say it 2 her face. And don’t act like u wouldn’t have done the same thing if that happened to you.


  • Ashley

    the video doesn’t work anymore

  • katie

    awwwwwww! joe is so sweet! (& hot)

  • Krista


    It’s not working for me either :(

  • Krista


    well of course he’s gonna write a song about it I mean she did, it’s what they do, they’re musicians, but who cares it’s their life not ours.

  • badhabit

    @Chance: haha, i knew he was gay when i saw that video. though, i do give him props for wearing high heels and wearing that…outfit. I wonder how Beyonce feels about this.

  • sjs

    @VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH: Oh please, stop acting like you know shit about their relationship. Lots of people break up over the phone. And it’s not like they live typical lives. They were both traveling. Get over the team taylor vs. team Joe crap.

    None of you complained about her mean song to him, and Much Better isn’t insulting her it’s just saying that he feels his current girl is better for him than his ex. Wouldn’t it be bad if he DIDN’T feel that way?

  • sjs

    @.: #16- EXACTLY. And atleast he hasn’t said anything bad about her since. She trashed him publicly, on top of using what was private as tabloid fodder and writing a song about it.

  • Ashley

    oh yeah blah blah blah..keep talking Joe
    he’s so dumb and rude,haaah, deal with it


  • Ashley


    Agree with you girl! I hate hirm after that
    and the fact is that he’ll bever find a girl like Taylor, because she’s amazing..she’s so pretty, so talanted.

    Joe Jonas, u officially suck.

  • Emma.

    Umm #14 Miranda…
    I think its funny how your ‘angry’ about the song in which Joe supposedly talks about Taylor Swift. She wrote a song about her breakup with him in Forever and Always. Venting helps. She told her side of the story and was able to speak out, now Joe should be able to do the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Taylor Swift, but Joe Jonas can’t be judged. No one knows for a fact what went down in their relationship over than the two of them. Remember, there are two sides to every story.

  • Emma.

    @Ashley: oh and yeah to you too.. TAYLOR SWIFT IS GORGEOUS. I do agree. No one knows how that phone call went down. Who the heck are any of you to say ‘Joe Jonas sucks’ and everything? I personally like him. That has nothing to do with it though. Stop bashing him, it’s so juvenile. Any of you recall that Joe also made this statement…”You can only have a phone conversation if the other person is willing.” Maybe SHE gave him 27 seconds to break up with her, and then abruptly ended the conversation? Think before you speak $%^&%$% Going on about something that is no ones business is stupid. Seriously, you can’t judge Joe or Taylor. They know the truth. SO SHUSH IT KIDDOS :D

  • marilina

    he is so cute…he does a lot for us(the fans)
    love you joe!!!!!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    that’s fun.. !

  • karina

    Its true Joe heels do hurt and I hate waering when I have to. Anyways the video was awesome and funni too !!!

  • DemiFan

    Wow, what happened to having our own opinions these days. It’s pretty sad that we can’t make a general statement without having someone taking it out of context or with out having other fans kick your but afterwards. Joe TOTALLY deserved evey EXPOSURE he got from Taylor and I knew there’d come a day wher’d he say something stupid to defend himself and as always. The fans will take the fall for it just because he’s a JONAS.


    WELLLL wat i dont know wat u gals are chatting buh i truly and sincerly luv the jonas brothers!!!!!!!!!!111

  • amy

    Why do you keep talking about the Joe/Taylor breakup?
    The fact is that it didn’t work out between them and we don’t know why. But supposedly they’re both okay now, and Joe has found someone else who makes him happy and maybe Taylor has too, and if not she will…

  • msfreek93

    i love that song and i love joe he did a great job =]

  • jonas

    @VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH seriously..didn’t have the guts?? HE WAS IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY, yet some how he should have said it to her face??…don’t think so…GO JOE

>>>>>>> staging1