Miley Cyrus Has Green Hair!

Miley Cyrus Has Green Hair!

Green hair! Miley Cyrus has green hair in Hannah Montana!

In the third and final crossover episode from Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana, “Super(stitious) Girl,” While on the ship deck, Miley loses the charm ankle bracelet that her mother gave her and when things start to go wrong, she is sure it’s because she lost her lucky charm. Meanwhile, Cody (Cole Sprouse) tells Bailey (Debby Ryan) that he has a close friendship with Hannah and promises great seats to her concert.

“Super(stitious) Girl” premieres Friday, July 17 @ 9PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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  • katie

    lol, she’s so cute. i can’t wait for these episodes, although that’s so suite life of hannah montana will always be #1 in my heart. :P



  • lola

    she can rock any hair color

  • sk

    dude, I wish they had selena and miley do a scene together =(

  • lauren

    aww miley and coleee!!!
    perfect !

  • Ms A/i love nick j

    wasnt Miley dating Dylan at one point?

  • louie

    CUTE. ;)

  • maya

    can’t wait for this episodes

  • anna

    that’s cole .. haha.
    can’t wait for this episode!

  • saudia

    love the crossover episodes .. can’t wait :)

  • billythekid

    @sk: Maybe in the second of these 3 episodes?

  • not a hater

    i wish there was some selena and miley actionn

  • anna


  • DemiFan
  • nath


    they already do that
    in hannah montana Selena played Mikeila the rival of hannah

  • nadeeya

    wow.. she looks like lola

  • BARB

    Finally, we get more info on this elusive crossover. I’m so excited! Dylan is such a hottie! I saw a pic of him from this episode in their People mag. I can’t wait!

  • natacha

    she rocks that ble hair wig !!!

  • sherydan

    omg, can’t wait to see this episode!!! I love all of 3 show, omg, can’t wait, can’t wait….!!!

  • Victor

    OMG O_O
    What happened to Oliver’s and Miley’s hair? XD
    Can’t wait to see this, but the plot “and when things start to go wrong, she is sure it’s because she lost her lucky charm.” reminds me of the TSSLOHM plot (that vision of Raven scaring Cody)

  • ConverseLOVER

    Cant Wait till this episode comes out………<3

  • Yay!

    Okay I’m going to attempt to be nice in this post. Since I can’t stand Miley and ‘m trying to change..
    She…looks…great in green hair..
    *breathing hard*
    something nice.

  • Yay!

    @Yay!: I’m*

  • jo

    LOL Mileys expressions are priceless. Love her.

  • Victoria

    Haha she looks cute with green hair….better than Mitchel does with his hair LOL.
    Love her and I can’t wait for this crossover :)

  • delsy

    can’t wait

  • Kathi

    Yeahh Mitchel is in this episode!!^^

  • hingman

    miley is too cute…love her

  • mora

    she should stay with that hair style it makes her look less like a whore a bitch a big fat nasty big. damn what do people see in her shes a skinny little white nasty whore girl

  • bud35hk

    i wish someone fun like raven were in it:( why is miley the center of attention in thecrossover?i think that the day they air it,july 17,is too late.on the good side,i think it will be fun for them to film it ,and fun for us to watch

  • http://buzznet london

    I Love your songs miley

  • houda

    i love miley and cole sprouse and lola ok merci bay je suis yassmine

  • houda

    j’aime hannah montana et cole sprouse et lola

  • ashley

    I LOVE MİLEY. :) :) :)

  • mia rox u’r sox!!

    ummm….. I kinda think she looks like a person living on the streets and has no fashion sense! plus, I think that its a wig because if it was dyed, the hairdresser isnt very good!!

  • mary

    coles and mileys pic together is so cute and yes miley dated dylan for one day when they were 12 and then dumb him for nick jonas .

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