Selena Gomez & Jennifer Stone: Friends 'Til The End

Selena Gomez & Jennifer Stone: Friends 'Til The End

BFF costars Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone hang out backstage as they film a couple new Wizards of Waverly Place promos on Tuesday afternoon (June 9).

The duo showed their love for sitcom Friends on their twitters today. Selena, 16, even called Jennifer, Phoebe.

Selena shared, “@comeagainjen just stopped me from twittering something… Thank you Phoebe.”

She also tweeted, “We don’t care anymore (Phoebe and Rachel) New hair, New attitude.”

TELL JJJ: Who do you think their Monica is?

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  • ashleytizz lover09


  • MONICA? dont get it ..

  • Angelita

    maybe demi is monica

  • mishyB

    JAKE T. AUSTIN…. IS A FREAKIN’ HOTTIE!!! OMG if he were 5 years older.

  • Pita pie

    I dont like selena’s new hair cut. The old one was wayyy better, this is too short and blahh, the other one had more of a fun style.

  • casey

    selena can rock any hair style and it would look fabulous on her

  • nathalia

    i loove her. i think she looks prettier with the new hair cut!

  • mal

    hmm. maybe she was going to twitter about miley’s breakup.

  • jenna

    ha ha. jake is monica ;)
    and yes, selena is beautiful

  • torrey

    i think she cut her hair bc of the “breakup” of her & taylor lautner.. like how miley did that stuff to her hair after breakup with nick..? its a possibility haha

  • http://deleted loren

    impressive, she can look pretty on bob.
    only talented people can onlt pull that off

  • andrea



  • yesitsme

    i love you Selena! you rock

  • loreee

    selena is pretty with any hair cut! i love her <3

    xoxo from mexico

  • saudia

    Selena is stunning! Her new hair is awesome, she looks older .. definitely maturing :)

  • angelie

    Love her new look. I don’t think that she cut her hair because of the breakup between her and Taylor Lautner . I do think that she cut her hair because doing for fun and promote her upcoming movie with her best friend Demi Lovato. “Best Days Of Your Life” by Kellie Picker remind of her old crush since her leaked song “Headfirst” came out. I pretty sure she was upset about that because it was her personal.

  • Leah

    I don’t get it with Selena the girl can even pull off a BOB! The girl is gorgeous at it’s finest! I love that girl!:) She totally has the rachel cut! She looks so confident and welcome new SELENA because I love her hopefull she has a new fierce attitude because I’m tired of people stepping over her:(. Go SELENA your fans will be with you:)<3 SHe looks so sexy/hot in this picture! Digging Selly!:) WOHH

  • angelie

    @torrey: Love her new look. In my opinion, I don’t think that she cut her hair because of the breakup between her and Taylor Lautner . I do think that she cut her hair because she doing for fun and promote her upcoming movie with her best friend Demi Lovato. Some people thinks that “Best Days Of Your Life” by Kellie Pickler is for Taylor but I don’t think once again, in my opinion that song remind of her old crush since her leaked song “Headfirst” came out. I pretty sure she was upset about that because it was her personal.

  • wow


    May be you are right – but it is good she has a good friend like Jennifer to help her not do something she might not be happy about later. I like Selena’s hair very much – it is beautiful & so healthy looking. I was not a Selena fan but I am now & I find her to be a classy girl – smart too. She is fast becoming my favorite Disney star.

  • kc

    I’m actually getting use to this new haircut of hers. But c’mon Selena, put on some more makeup. She is already pretty as hell, but some eyeliner would make her look more fierce. Otherwise, she looks great.

  • Jon

    THEY NEED TO MAKE A NEW OPENING SEQUENCE TO WIZARDS FOR SEASON 3!!!!! Selena definitely has changed her look, David has more muscle, and Jake is not 12 anymore! In fact, the whole cast has changed…ALOT.

  • Leah

    @kc: Yes true I want a more fierce attitude too and a totally new look! I love when she puts pink lip gloss like at this caravan stylist she went too and when she puts the eyeliner like in the Tell Me Something I Don’t Know Video!:) I love her she looks good natural and with makeup I just want more fierceness!:)

  • none

    I love jennifer stone and selena. they are hot and sexy. Maybe Miley is their Monica.

  • Adam

    I wonder if David Henrie is their Ross. LOL!

  • smiley

    selena looks so beautiful. i love her haircut. jennifer rocks too. they’re both awesome.
    “we don’t care anymore” you tell those haters selena!
    i love selena! :)
    always a fan xo

  • Monique

    Selena so cuteee

  • Rebeca

    Love it! Selena looks good in anything.

  • angela

    maybe demi is the monica :D i love her new hair, it suits her, every hairstyle does, she is so gorgeous!

  • Jerry#1

    Did Just Jared put that Friends advertisement there since it is relevant to the post or is it a coincidence?

  • kc

    @Leah: I know right? I want Selena do her makeup like Emma Watson in that Burberry ad. Selena would totally pull that off.

  • TV

    Do you guys notice how many articles are out there announcing Selena Gomez cutting her hair? Man, this girl is getting seriously famous.

  • Piiy

    Way to go, Selena!

  • VANE



  • breanna

    i love selena’s new haircut! it looks really pretty on her. she can pull off any haircut!

  • jenny

    @TV: i think she was already famous! Just cuz YOU dont like her…doesn’t mean, she’s not famous! people know that she’s famous cuz of the work she does as an actress and her other projects!

  • jenny

    @kc: i LOVED those emma watson pics….i would LOVE to see selena like that! Anyway…i love selena’s new hair

  • London+Paris=LOVE

    @TV: JEALOUS???? shut up

  • wow

    my hat is off to Selena for being a lady in all this stupid niley stuff. I can only say I have even more respect for Selena now. Selena & Taylor Swift are great & great as besties – love them & I believe they are better off with out the gay jb boys. something better is coming. I love Justin too & hope he will be ok – can’t stand people who use other people to get their way – hmm that would be Miley & Nick – Miley & Nick are losers.

    I think Selena & Justin would be a great couple.

  • lola

    @wow: LOVE YOU! miley and nick r losers! but i dont think selena and justin would look good tho! mayb taylor lautner and selena!

  • love

    i love selena~~~



  • wow


    agree – Selena & Taylor L. are cute. I just think both Sel & Justin got used & hurt & I want to see both of them happy & with someone who loves them for them & not for rebound – that is cruel & when you go through a brake up you should give yourself time to get over it & not use someone to get over it. just seems kinder to be honest.

  • sidney

    hi are you miley

  • kdjfsfa

    She cut her hair because she said earlier this year that she wanted a new look.

  • http://justjared cherelle taylor

    i love selena and i think her hair looks great any way she wares it!
    but any one no whats up with her and demi i havent seen any new pics of them lately and are miley and demi like best friends now? they seem to be hanging out a lot lately and miley said on her photoshoot that her demi and nick have their own thing going on….but hey shes got her wizards co stars fer sure:)and yer fans love you lena…

  • Mony

    my name is Monica!:)

  • Mariah

    Nick can be thier ross
    and david can be joey
    ha ha ha
    i love friends

  • icee

    isnt selena and demi supposed to be bff thats upsets me selena wat happen to demi no enfence jennifer but demi is selena bff not u isoory for being me but i hate when bff break up

  • ashley

    @icee: wow you sound retarded learn english.

>>>>>>> staging1