Inside Demi Lovato's 'Here We Go Again' Video Shoot

Inside Demi Lovato's 'Here We Go Again' Video Shoot

Demi Lovato shows off her pearly whites as she takes a picture with lucky JJJ readers Mandy and Amy at her “Here We Go Again” video shoot on Monday (June 8) in Los Angeles.

Mandy and Amy wrote to JJJ about their day, saying, “We went into the parking lot next to the theater and could see people setting up food and stuff. We went got in line and waited. Then a little bit later Demi‘s band came out to get food and said Hi to us. Not even two minutes later Demi walked out from the tent/door right behind me to come get food and said Hi to me and got food. She told me she couldn’t wait to me us inside. I took some pictures of them as she got her food then she went inside to eat.

They continued, “We waited in line for a long time we were suppose to get in at 2:30 but got in later cause they were running late. We went inside and everyone was sitting on a balcony, then we had to be quite cause Demi was going to shoot some close ups for the video. At 6:30 we went down to the floor and I met Renee and she was so nice! She pounded all of the band members fists and Demi‘s too and was soo happy! We were right in the front row, in front of Demi and the camera.”

(Click inside to read the rest of Mandy and Amy‘s experience…)

Demi cracked jokes and even talked to my younger sister, Sabrina. She asked, ‘How old are you, sweetie? You’re so cute?’ Sabrina said she was 9-years-old and Demi was like ‘Aww in a group of crazy people. (laughs) Be careful.’ She reached down and hugged Sabrina. Then we chatted up a storm with Kevin, her bass player and he was so nice!! He talked about the other video shoot for ‘Don’t Forget’ and made fun of his friends guitar and stuff!! We took pics with him too. We shot some more for the music video and I held my hands in a heart shape and Demi pointed at me and the camera went on me she kept singing. The camera was on me then she reached for me and touched my hand as the camera was on me!!

“Before the shoot ended we went to Demi‘s mom (Dianna De la Garza) and asked for a picture and my mom ran over and said, ‘Hi, I’m there Mom’ and Demi‘s mom said, ‘Oh, Hi Mom! Yay, another Mom save me!’ She talked to my mom for a while as we went back to the front.

“After the shoot was over we were walking back to the balcony to get out stuff and Demi‘s band was in the hall and we talked to them for five minutes, took more pictures and talked about twitter. It was an amazing day and I can’t wait for everyone to see the video on The Disney Channel!”

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Credit: Mandy & Amy
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  • carleigh

    aww demi is amazing and she loves her fans so much! everyone should stop saying mean stuff, she is just doing what she loves and really cares about everyone!
    keep on rocking demi!

  • britney

    That sounds awesome :D Lucky!

  • josephine m

    aww you guys are lucky the cd is gonna be amazing im buying 2 copies lol
    luv u demi
    you rock bb girl always
    haters will never amount to anything even in their wildest dreams
    stay up demi

  • Kiara

    before the storm full version link

  • Mina

    omg, you girls are so lucky to be able to be there! why didn’t anyone tell us, what was the song like???? i’m really excited about demi’s new single and album ofc! i can’t wait!!! =D

  • anonymous

    That Renee chick…she’s a singer too. Zephyr Renee. ahaha.
    she’s greatttt. her music rocks!

  • Jen

    i love demi but she def needs to get some bangs again. i loved that hairstyle. here, her forehead looks kind of big…like she’s starting to thin out again

  • DemiFan

    GRR! I want to meet Demi so BADLY! Oh well, At least I get to go to the Orlando Show!

  • listen to mayday parade

    That is
    quite the
    scandelous shirt/
    dress shes
    wearing. I
    guess at
    least she
    is wearing
    nylons lol
    16 going
    on 30!!

  • listen to mayday parade

    i do like her though… decent voice… but its just unfortunate about her mouth.. its just too big and distracting.

  • http://jjj miley

    i can’t wait for the video! :P:P

  • miranda


  • Brenna

    whoah… what’s with that short shorts outfit???


  • mm

    demi’s new song listen here

  • http://justjared phoebe

    I heard a clip of the song and it sounded amazing. demi has an amzing voice. and thoes girls who got to go were so freakin lucky- its not even funny. i would had givin anything to be there. And demi is beutiful, love her outfit. im super exited for her song and cd. July 21 cant come fast enough. does anyone know when her 1st single comes out?

  • Amanda

    thanks just jared for posting this up. we really appreciate it.
    -amy and mandy

  • shany

    i lushh my friends amy and mandy! there cool!

  • Andrea

    Great,, i wanna met Demi someday,, I LOVE HER SO MUCH,, can´t wait for her new album,, it´s going to be AMAZING

  • Amanda

    lol who is this :)

  • sabria

    On Monday June 8, 2009 in Los Angeles

    Demi Lovato shot her new music video “Here We Go Again” a song from her brand new upcoming album in stores July 21. And I got the chance myself to be an extra in her music video as well as Mandy, Amy, my friend Nikko and others.I talked to Demi here and there and she was so sweet, and Nikko sang to her it was great. She chatted with everyone, sometimes she’s had to get back rolling right when her fans asked for her autograph and she would just get it to sign but she couldn’t at that time, so she gave it back after after rolling was over she came back and signed for fans right away. That is a day I will never ever forget and I’am so blessed to be a part of it! But just meeting her was awesome, I saw the bullitin on myspace regarding the video shoot on Sunday night and replyed to the email the next evening around 6:30, got an email reply back getting to go. Mandy,Amy,Nikko, and I all were in the front row.Demi rocked out like the rockstar she truely is, bringing excitement and entertainment to all her fans.

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