Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas Sing Before The Storm

Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas Sing Before The Storm

Check out Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas‘s full duet, “Before the Storm!”

The former couple teamed up to collaborate on the ballad that’s featured on the Jonas Brothers‘ upcoming CD, Lines, Vines & Trying Times, out next week Tuesday (June 16).

The duet leaked just hours after the confirmed split between Miley and model Justin Gaston.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley and Nick’s duet — HOT or NOT?

Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas – “Before The Storm”
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  • kasia

    go nick and miley
    now that that p e d o p h i l e is
    out of the way! :D

  • dfksldfkj

    it’s absolutely beautiful!!

  • Emily

    i absolutely love the song
    its amazing

  • lol

    Its not Hot or Not

    Its Beautiful!
    I really do think they belong together. I dont care who agrees with me or not.

  • kris

    yay for them!

  • -.-

    Must… resist… urge… to… convert… to… Nileyism…

    Resistance… not… working…

  • beci

    this song is so AMAZING!!! im glad they r finally friends again

  • =]

    ” If you love something, let it go. If it comes back it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never really was in the first place ”

    please don’t leave me alone
    give love a try one more time(‘=

  • arkansas girl

    i think they finally realized they were ment for eachother!

  • Fan

    MIley and Nick are meant for each other!!!!

    Sorry they have been through a lot together, and i would be really happy if they got back together

    PS: Sorry Nelena fans. Its the trusth, NIck still likes miley and NOTHING we say or do will change his mind!!!!!

  • Satyaa

    I Really liked it :)
    But i dont think they are getting back together, just staying friends.
    and what happened to miley and justin? Did they really split up ? :s

  • jo

    Beautiful. Some of their best stuff yet- from both.
    Mileys voice sounds fantastic.

  • britney

    I remember years ago loving Niley and always wishing for them to do something together and now it’s like a dream but it’s finally here :D Beautiful song about they’re past.

  • LC

    love it!!

  • Michaela

    Beautiful song.
    As much as i like Nick, Nick and Miley were ment for each other, and they make a cute couple, its like Miley Jonas is on the way, in this song their voices really go well together, aswell as they go together!!!
    GO NILEY!!!!!!!!!!

  • zanbells

    …yayayayaya for niley<3 i wish they would get back together [maybe not now but get married some day haha]

  • love

    “i still love him with everything in me”

  • colee

    good song!

  • Ariana

    awww thats sad its like about them how cute i love it!!!!

  • dfksldfkj

    That’s really beyond any Hollywood thing I’ve EVER heard. It’s SO beautiful…


  • anonymous

    probably one of the best in the album

  • brett

    I LOVE IT, THEM!!!! THIS DUET IS SOOOOO beautiful, thank you nick, miley, for doing this

  • kimora

    i love itttttttttttttttt . its beautiful, they are so cute! go nileyyyyy <3 :D

  • brett

    I LOVE IT, THEM!!!!!! THIS DUET IS SO beautiful, thank you nick, miley, for doing this

  • anna


  • jjj

    wow this song can go suck someone’s balls, maybe mileys?

  • HopelessRomantic

    I respect nick jonas now more than anything
    Im proud that he finally opened up.
    you know a lot of people love them
    even that guy who took a pic with him
    when he landed in atlanta georgia on monday on his way to savannah.
    where miley is shooting her movie. I wish I have a guy who would do that for me. fly 1000 miles just to see or spend time with me you know?
    i think nick and miley are true love.
    yeah they are young.

    “young love is rare”
    my mom and dad became girlfriend and boyfriends when they are 15 then they get married 8 yrs later. they are still in love today(=

    I wish miley and nick all the luck.
    I hope they follow their hearts
    and Be Who They Are and Say What They Feel Because
    “Those Who Mind Don’t Matter and Those Who Matter Don’t Mind.”

  • kate

    they truly did sing it from the heart and their voices sound phenomenal together!

  • JaNae

    I think its a beautiful song.
    Its so heartfelt.
    They did an amazing job on this song.
    As a Niley fan, im so happy they are friends again, and working together again.

  • victoria!

    its amazing, its beautiful, its sincere, its love

  • http://jjj miley

    i love the song! they both sing really good and the lyrics are awesome! :))

  • redtomatosauce

    omg wow!!!

  • jjj

    again, am i the only one who thinks this song should die?

  • ann

    l looooooovvvvveee it. very beautiful. something they will always remember and thats cuz im not a huge “niley” fan but i def liked the song.

  • Megan

    amazing!!! i <3 nileyy<3

  • day

    i totally love the song. it sounds so speacial, maybe cause they’re meant for each other ? idk but they just sound so conected in this song.

  • Retah

    NILEY …….. forever…..for always….for LOVE!!!

    God Bless you Nick and Miley. I hope you make it, I really do. :)

  • Retah


    Pretty much …yes, you are.

  • victoriasa

    very GOOD song
    cant believe it still that they made a song togther x

  • Lucie

    Wesupportnileys video!! YEYY!! :DD i sent it too.

  • niley

    love the song they meant for eachother love both of them,the song is amazing totally HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT <3 NILEY NILEY NILEY NILEY NILEY NILEY NILEY NILEY NILEY NILEY NILEY <3 NILEY

  • Lucie

    Niley is forever. I <3 Nick…. lol

    Niley :)

  • Jjuah

    she and him can stop acting like their married to each other, god their 16 not 80, They got their whole lives to live, to adventure, and to find their true love, I mean how much love can they have felt in their relationship when they where too young to even know the real definition behind the word love. they need to live and enjoy life to the fullest and forget about love for now, it’s just too much to deal with for them clearly, or all the gossip going on around them won’t be going on. and as for her braking up Justin I doubt that’s true, since she didn’t say it directly on her twitter page.- that’s all I have to say to this, the song is clearly about them, and am tired of hearing all these teens stars sing and talk about love like their 80 and have been married for 65 years, when they are still so young

  • alyson

    Am I the only one that thinks Nick is singing wayyy to much on this album?

    Not bashing, Nick is good. But what about Joe, all he does it stand there now…it’s kind of making me mad. I feel as though they are just trying to cut him out. And Nick’s voice is soooo much more annoying then Joe’s is. Joe will always be the lead singer to me and I think they need to give him more of a shot on this album…They’re just ruining for him.

  • / demi


    beautiful song!

  • Hayden-America

    awww i luv this song!!

  • yazmin

    i love ti!!!!
    is so beautiful!!!

  • niley

    love the song,love niley forever ,bith sounds amazing on the song more duets <3 =)

  • McKenna

    wow ur mature…. NILEY=FOREVER yayayayay!

  • tori

    nick and miley make the cutest couple EVER!