Taylor Swift Teams Up with T-Pain

Taylor Swift Teams Up with T-Pain

Taylor Swift tries to pull off a gangster look in this new shot with rapper T-Pain at the rehearsals for the 2009 CMT Music Awards on Tuesday afternoon (June 9) in Nashville, Tenn.

The 19-year-old musician tweeted last night, teasing fans, “If I said I was in the studio with T-Pain, would you believe me?”

Taylor recently dished that she would love to duet with a rapper. Looks like more of her dreams are coming true!

As well as performing with T-Pain, Taylor is nominated for Female Video of the Year as well as Video of the Year for “Love Story.” The 2009 CMT Music Awards air Tuesday, June 16 @ 8PM ET/PT on CMT.

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Photos: Austin K Swift/Getty Images
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  • aaa

    She looks really cute

  • britney

    Haha x) I love Taylor, but she’s not gangster ;D

  • vanessa

    ummmm….? NO Lol i love her but if she raps i won’t like her anymore stick to country plz its enough that u bang ur head don’t push it taylor!~

  • awurbii

    Thats a wierd mashup but it would be kinda cool.
    Great to see that she’s having fun and not taking herself too seriously.

  • Leah

    Makes me more excited for the award show! PLEASE vote for Taylor Swift she has to take them all!:) Registration is quick and easy and then you vote!:) Please go vote for her she has amazing songs equipped with awesome lyrics! Imma go listen to T-pain and Tay! Youtube here I come!

  • Sarah.

    Wow! T-Pain is awesome, so I can’t wait to see them performing together.

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    That is an interesting pair. Good luck to them even though they don’t need it.

  • http://jjj miley

    she’s really talented and he is awesome, so can’t wait to see their performance! :)

  • i love zac

    i love her shes amazing ! but dun like the ganster look !
    ur amaing taylor love you x

  • Rachel

    She’s SO cool :P
    And I agree, really glad she’s not taking herself too seriously,

  • gal

    NOT pimpin!!

  • jillian


  • victoriasa

    she looks cool tbh !
    i love taylor swift
    and T – P A i N

    and before the storm <3


  • CT

    taylor can pull anything off. shes just joking around obviously :)

  • mersadeez

    hahaha that’s awsome! realy can’t wait 2 c that!!

  • Luis

    Im outraged… hahaha Im kidding… how awesome is that she looks pretty even when she is wearing those kinds of clothes… amazing!

    By the way, Im sorry to say this but “Much Better” is about you Taylor… hahaha bye bye bye!

    Greets from Guatemala!!

  • http://www.aol.com kk

    i LOVE you Taylor!! :)

  • .

    Nice. It’s like Stevie Wonder and JB at the Grammys… a weird mix, but it’ll probably be awesome either way.

  • mai

    lol! no offense.. but she looks ridiculous..

  • Lauren

    hahah this is awesome :].
    she is awesome

  • Kayla

    My grandfather looks more gangsta and he’s from Oklahoma. Love T-Pain though!~!

  • samira

    I wonder how this is going to turn out. Taylor’s voice is meant for country songs, can’t imagine her trying to pull off rap. Good luck ?

  • G.


  • KAY


    and i repeat… what???!!

  • Jocelyñ~

    She always do rock! I love+love her! löl…..She is so CooL!!!! I mean it !

  • Kristy

    yesssss definately go vote for Taylor! This mashup with T-Pain is just a one time country collaboration and I think it will be cool. You can bet it’s rated G coming from Taylor and how seriously she takes being a ‘role model’ I’m sure the collaboration will have a great message for the young ones.

    Look at Tim McGraws collaboration with Nelly! ;)

    Go Taylor I hope you win them all, I voted for you and so has all my friends!

  • Carol

    She looks great she’s haven fun

  • me.

    lol. she looks like a completely different person

  • http://wedbell2000@yahoo.com Jane

    She is so beautiful inside and out.I am a woman of 60, who loves Taylor Swift..I cannot understand why some men think they could do better. Now that miley has broken up with Justin Gasteneau Maybe taylor and he could share some of the chemistry they had on the Love Story video…; )

  • alan

    Taylor needs to stick to country or rock! She did great with Def Leppard, but if she does rap, I`ll never buy another Taylor Swift cd! I think she`s so-o-o HOT , but this makes me sick and I won`t like her no more because rap is not music! If nobody is playing a REAL musical instrument, it`s NOT music. Sorry , but a 808 bass and scratching records is NOT playing music! Taylor , PLEASE don`t RUIN Your career.

  • Mayokun

    cool pics i wish you good luck

  • Mayokun

    cool pics i wish you good luck

  • http://Selenagomez Andrea

    i love selena gomez you are cool
    i love nick jonas he is cute I LOVE YOU NICK

  • jsinshda

    aww she looks gangsta! lol

  • anthony dee

    @miley: i aree they are both good so i think it should be a great performace

  • Mike

    @alan: Who cares what she does? She is trying to broaden her musical horizons. Rap is not going anywhere. What if she actually does a good job with it, and goes on to sell many more records? Who are you to criticize?

  • Bev

    Wow. This is a little too extreme. First Def Leppard… now T-Pain? What the crap is she doing? I loved her first stuff when it was COUNTRY… now she’s hanging out with the Jonas Brothers, and singing like Britney Spears. BRING BACK THE OLD TAYLOR SWIFT.

  • http://msn.com AU’rEE

    Taylor is a good singer, if she starts rapping she will not have as many fans and she won’t be as good

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com Kaitlyn M.

    @britney: I agree with you I love Taylor but she dosen’t make a great gangster

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com Kaitlyn M.

    She is a complet;y different girl if she changes into a gangster

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com Kaitlyn M.

    She needs to stick to country or pop

  • twilightlover

    you are so wronge if you dont like taylor dont write about her do something about it@Kayla:

  • twilightlover

    you r rediculus G.@G.:

  • hahahaha

    key word: “tries”. fail taylor. epic fail.

  • ((:

    For one, I consider rap a kind of music, silly. I like it. If I can dance to it, it’s music to me ((:
    But you know, she’s a country star…I don’t like country, at all, and her involved in rap? Ehh, no. She is kinda hot though ((:
    Love Tilly. <3 xoxo

  • http://www.myspace.com sissie

    its up to u but your doing a great job on your own singing.

  • http://GOOGLE ME


  • Fredro

    T-Pain has on a big ass chain the says Big Ass Chain! How hilarious is that?! Those silly rappers. Haha

  • http://mxproject.com Johnson

    Lol, this looks like such a good duet. All Taylor needs is a bandanna .

  • http://Yahoo.com Megan

    I can belevie she wants to be a rapper because she said that it was her dream and everyone should follow there dream if they think that they can!i LOVE rap so i think that she should go into rap cause she is kinda good at it!!!