Ashley Tisdale Dances with President Obama

Ashley Tisdale Dances with President Obama

Ashley Tisdale lets out a big laugh after doing a skit with a President Barack Obama look-a-like on Spanish talk show El Hormiguero in Madrid on Thursday morning (June 11).

The 23-year-old “Masquerade” singer gave the impersonator a dance! Ash tweeted, “Out promoting my album and I just gave Obama his guilty pleasure………youtube it!”

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale dancing for Obama

Ashley Tisdale – “El Hormiguero” Part 1, 06/11

Ashley Tisdale – “El Hormiguero” Part 2, 06/11

Ashley Tisdale – “El Hormiguero” Part 3, 06/11
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Credit: G Tres; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • ranma*zanessa*gosselin*LOVE

    OH BY THE WAY 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    I feel like such an idiot. 4 a second I actually thought that was President Obama.

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    By the way is Ashley with Hollywood Records?

  • WOW

    That was so freaking funny.
    #3: she’s not. She’s from Warner Bros.

  • layla

    i don’t like her that much…

  • maichi

    Same here…

  • Karina

    haha thats funny. she practically gave him a lap dance. I doubt hollywood records would even allow her to do that, she probably would have gotten in trouble. I’m glad she’s not with hollywood records anymore, since she is in her 20′s. She deserves to do whatever she wants. I’m still a fan of hers and I can’t wait to buy her new cd.

  • Karina

    btw, I love her outfit, especially her heels. they are so cute!

  • Ashley Tisdale Fan!

    wow she knows spanish thats awesome.
    i know i would have been like huh? what?

    and she looks pretty!
    cant wait for the NEW CD!!

  • star

    Her hair looks really long here, are they extensions?

  • I Want It All!!!

    I LOVE her!!
    she’s grand. And always watches what she does making sure it’s nothing too inappropriate. :)

  • lizzy

    Ok so i sorta kinda like her but am I the only one that thinks if it were Vanessa Hudgens doing this everyone would say shes acting like a slut?When in all fairness in MY OPINION opinion being the operative word Ashley has been displaying more slut like behavior?Im just saying to me it seems like she doesnt realize shes also got a G rated movie coming out as well that is generated towards kids so clearly they are her fan base and its kind of like shes forcing everyone to see her as this sexy woman and yes i know thats what she is but come on she has to take baby steps the skanky or sexy outfits however you see it is a little desperate shes trying so hard to look like rock star chic and in reality she looks like a bigger poser than Avril Lavigne she has no sense of personal style i just dont think shes handling the transition from Disney to Hollywood all that great to me Vanessa has more staying power in the business.And because i say this doesnt mean im a Vanessa lover and Ashley hater because truthfully i dont love either one of them all that much i just moderatly like them but i just think Vanessa has more of a career but maybe im right maybe im wrong only the future will tell.Andyou know what if you want to flame me go ahead ill mostlikely just laugh cause if you get so worked up over someones opinion you either have no life or a small part of you believes it.

  • 12

    @Karina: that wasnt a lap dance

  • tiki

    I Think that is a little too much to be doing
    I am a fan of ashley’s
    but she says this is who she is
    but last year she was not dressing like this or
    acting like that she has completely change
    i rather see the blonde,bubbly tisdale than dark ,diva tisdale
    in my opinion

  • igortizz


  • reese

    i hate that she tries so hard to be sexy. You cant BE you just ARE. typical american actress. bland.

  • WOW

    She’s 23 now. She can do whatever she wants. She did say that she wanted her fans to grow up with her. Come on! It’s just a funny dance. Let’s stop being immature and grow up!

  • tom

    She’s trying to hard end of story she has younger fans that look up to her and her bra is showing she never dressed this way ever
    sexy is a natural thing and you dont have to show anything i think vanessa needs to talk to her BFF and tell her the truth
    she says this is who she is but she was not who she is last year or the years before that change can be a bad thing
    that’s my opinion LOVE VANESSA

  • WOW

    #12: i think Ashley’s fans are having the same feeling as you are. It’s normal. She’s 23. And she can’t keep that innocent image forever. I don’t think it’s inappropriate if she wears those kinds of outfits. It looks more mature and grown-up. Once u get used to her new style. You will like it even better than the old one.

    #14: So what???? She’s 23. I guess your idol is just someone who’s brainless as you are.

  • Bianca

    She was a good sport…this goes to show that she’s too awesome!

  • ashlover

    ash rocks~~~

  • kris

    ashley michelle tisdale is 23 freaking years old she can do what ever she wants and if she really wnated to dance for obama that would be funny. Just to clerify something i’ve read alot of comments about her being with hollywood records she is not i don’t know who your getting her confused with but she is with warner brothers and has been since her first album.

  • alicia

    I saw the show
    it was sooooo funny haha
    Ashley is so sweet, I hope she liked it! ^^

  • Nelly

    lol !
    that’s fun !
    come on guys that’s just a joke dont ttake it serious like this :))
    ashley is so hot <3

  • ellen

    i hate her. she tries too hard and her nose looks gross. her face looks disgusting. she tries to be sexy but she has such a stick figure and its nasty. dont like herr

  • amber

    i don’t get why she thinks that having an album out`
    a little bit more “rock”
    means that you need to change 10000 %
    or just change almost everything about you ??
    I MISS THE OLD funny/CUTE/bubbly/pretty/not soo fake tan looking ASHLEY..
    yea she’s almost 24 but srsly she almost just got out of disney`
    and alott of her fan are young and is her fan because of HSM and sparpay
    like somebody else said vanessa is taking small steps that can make her younger fans grow and keep up with her`
    but Right now it’s like Ashley is just running away from her’s and pretending to be somebody she’s not to get older fan’s when it just seems fake` ooh and being sexy should come natural to you`
    She’s got a KIDS movie comming out soo she needs to take it easy..

  • Andy

    She’s so awesome!

  • emm

    that show is soo stupid and weird,,
    she should pick some better shows to be on

    she was on Operacion Triunfo she didn’t want to sing though because she was tired ..

  • Jannii

    haha … HATERS go home… ;)

    I love her tons… she def. CAN dance =D .. thats funny and soooo awesome. =DDDDDDDDDD


  • nina caplan

    hahah, this is the funniest thing ever, ashley looked soo pretty :D

  • nina caplan

    hahaha, this is funny!
    ashley looks pretty

  • ashRocKS

    she rocks!

  • fanash

    is a joke, Ashley had to follow the routine of the program. Let’s say the program was not seriously
    and she looked uncomfortable at times

  • Ashley


    Maybe people call Vanessa s*ut because of her nude photos? oh yeah…
    and get the hell out with that stupid w*ore Vanessa! Ashley is waay way better, and shes waay way talanted. She can dance, she can sing, she can act, shes cute and pretty. But look at Vanessa..she can’t sing at all, she can’t dance, she acts like shes drunk or something, shes ugly and shes not cute at all! And she has those nude photos…eww, come on ya all…ashley is better, waaay way better.


  • ashleytizz lover09

    thats was funnie hehe
    ash is aweosme
    dont be hating cuz she’sn famous and ur not

  • athena

    That was funny….I loved the video of her that was playing in the background. Unfortunately, I don’t have cable and never saw it. Anyway, she can be really funny when she wants to be. And she’s a great dancer too.

  • Scashley Lover; x

    Oh my god!
    please come on
    shes 23 for crying out loud!
    let her grow up!
    she has too grow up sooner or later she cnt be a kid 4eva can she!
    sum ov u say shes trying to be sexy she isnt. if she woz she wud be dressing like a compleat slu* !! everyones wearers skirts and shows clevage ! she hasnt cnhanged a lot. i used too remember a long time ago on jjr ppl used too say she needs to stop being a disney girl and grow up! know that you has ppl r still complain!!!!!!!

  • kara

    how can you people say ashley is being innapropriate and then praise vanessa? WHEN DID ASHLEY POSE NUDE FOR PICTURES? oh right, she hasn’t

  • VHUD-fan


    ahhhh i love you
    i tottaly agree with every single word you’ve said

  • Alex

    Ash was great, I think the dance was part of the program as it is funny. It is part of the show

  • jenny

    the same look that vanessa , I fell ill of ahley always imitating the style of other celebrities

  • fanash

    She was great
    Sehe is so funny
    I love her

  • fanash

    She was great
    She is funny
    I love her

  • miranda

    @reese: i totally agree

  • miranda

    but if vanessa was the one doing it everyone would be : she is a wh*re etcetc…

  • ALEX


    Me too i don’t know why! I USED to like her but now i just have a sudden hatered ive seriously TRIED TO LIKE HER but i can’t its just herrrr i don’t know why it’s just she’s i don’t i know

  • ALEX


    also she acted KINDA of a slut by saying

    I just gave obama his guilty pleasure

    it just sounded slutty SORRY IT JUST DID

  • lara.

    back off hateeers hahaha. You guys are soooooo jealous.

  • ZJ207

    first of all, that was soooo FUNNYYYYYY!!!!
    then, that was a joke…. ppl who take it seriousely are just trying SO f…. hard to bash her and this is pathetic!
    AND, ashley is 23, in a month 24, so don’t say she’s acting sexy, SHE IS SEXY!!!
    AND, vanessa WILL look like a b!tch cz she’s younger than ash… when ashley was vanessa’s age she didn’t do that, so……………….
    PLUS, ashley said she was over disney, vanessa didn’t
    AND, for the one who said that Ashley is not acting herself cz that wasn’t how she acted before…. SHE WASN’T ACTING HERSELF BEFORE!! she said in several interviews that Disney changed her hair color and first she didn’t want to go to disney, but then it all happened…
    AND FINALLY, leave her alone, she’s free to do whatever she wants, whether you like it or not. And people who likes what she’s doing support her, and ppl who don’t, i don’t understand the reason you’re bashing her here… as i said leave her alone, cz whate you’re saying won’t matter to anyone. and off course i rzespect ur opinion, but there’s no reason to write it here unless you were immature or jealous.

  • kami

    very tacky.