Demi Lovato & Cris Brown: Here We Go Again...

Demi Lovato & Cris Brown: Here We Go Again...

Demi Lovato keeps close to music video love interest Cris Brown from the “Here We Go Again” music video shoot on Monday afternoon (June 8) in Los Angeles.

The 16-year-old tweeted a shout-out to her fans after the shoot, saying, “Alright the fans at my video shoot are the coolest. What an amazing day. So sleepy… Headed for bed early tonight. Thanks to everyone who came today!”

Demi is currently shooting her very own Got Milk? advertisement today. “Bring on the milkstache,” she laughed.

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Photos: Simon Media/Startraksphoto
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  • Rachel

    He’s really hot :P
    Can’t wait for her album!

  • nina caplan

    omg, he is the same guy that was on the ITS ALRIGHT ITS OK VIDEO :O

  • linea

    Love Her!<3333

  • arra

    haha cris brown? lol i was thinking of chris brown haha and he looks like kellan lutz

  • sam

    She’s beautiful. I wish i was that guy.

  • Andrea

    She looks beautiful as usual,, I LOVER HER SO MUCH,, SO EXCITED FOR THIS ALBUM

  • ashlee

    i like demi, but sorry, i prefer “guilty pleasure” from ashley than here we go again… so yeah i’m gonna buy guilty pleasure first, and maybe i’ll buy here we go again…

  • ashlee

    ps: this guy was featured on ashley’s music video “it’ alright it’s ok”…

  • Anh

    she lost weight ..

  • miranda

    recycling models or guys?
    not very creative..
    i thought at first it was chris brown the star not a normal boy

  • alba

    why is she wearig that ugly hat it looks like shes going to a funeral with that hat it just doesnt match , and also she wears them wrong , your supposed to wear hat on top of your head not on the back of your head re re

  • mine

    weird.. whos the guy

  • jenna

    where’s the demi i loved so much?
    i dont like this new look, i want the chubby demi,
    the one who doesnt care abuot what everyone thinks
    now she’s all skinny, skin and bones.
    this is not cool.

  • smiley

    demi looks so cool! i love her entire outfit. can’t wait for the video and album! :)
    always a fan xo

  • ashleytizz lover09

    im buying ashley tisdale album first cuz ash roxs
    then maybe demi cuz i love hat guy

  • mitchel

    demi was never “chubby”. what are you talking about? she’s always been average weight. yes, she has lost weight, and she is skinnier, but she is nowhere NEAR ‘skin and bones’.

  • Anonymous

    She’s really skinny now.

  • Cheyenne

    Wow. Really guys?
    She isn’t that skinny. She looks great! Very beautiful.
    And she can wear her hat however she wants to. It’s her head. It’s her decision.

  • lalala

    she so pretty. Shes normal weight. gosh guys.

  • http://jjj miley

    she looks awesome! i love her outfit and definately can’t wait for the video to come out! :P

  • Lauren

    she looks great..very rockerish, which i adore about her because no one looks or dresses like that in hollywood..shes one of a kinda, an thats great…an she hasn’t lost weight an if she has she looks normal…she doesn’t look skinny, or fat or wierd she looks great

  • Billythekid

    She looks goregous!

  • gjghjmhg



  • brendis

    I love Demi, she´s better than Ashley Tisdale!!!

  • Meleny


    Yet Demi was the one bitching that she liked her shape. Now she wants to change it?

    Oh, and if I were that Cris dude, I’d hate my name haha.

  • ashleytizz lover09

    to u
    aleast ashley knoe’s how to act ok
    shut up u b*tch

  • awurbii

    @ashleytizz lover09:

    grow up.

  • *

    Does demi have a belly ring:

    And does anyone else miss when she looked like this:

    Oh well I mean I love that she changed the way she dresses but I miss her hair n stuff now she looks all fake…but anyway I can’t wait til send it on premieres :)

  • anon

    #22 atleast demi can sing! lol

  • kcalover4
  • Glimh

    #22 why don’t you grown up! this person was just stating an opinion…you don’t need to be calling anyone a bitch!
    in my opinion demi=singer
    lets just leave it at that and stop iwth the names calling
    is pointless!
    anyway she looks so pretty here… i’m glad that she dresses different from everyone else!
    the guys cute! haha

  • *

    Ahahahaha #25 good one!

  • someone

    awww she wants to match with her bf now
    rip pants lol all she needs is tatoos and piercings which she said she would get if she wasn’t a role model
    she already has her belly button pierced!

  • saudia

    haha wow his name is CRIS BROWN?? .. That sucks!! .. Demi looks adorable, so rocker-chic .. love it

  • Steff

    How does she look like a tranny. I like her better tan than really white.
    and, she looks better with her hair now, than before.

  • hannalovato

    demi u rock girl I LOVE U XXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Ash

    People can be such freaking hypocrites. You are the exact same people who months ago were claiming you would love Demi no matter what and yet now because she’s grown up a little and decided “Hey I want to grow out my bangs.” you’re calling her her fake.

    First off if you people would have done you’re research you would know her hair has always been dark, she had to dye it for Camp Rock. And sue a girl for wanting to be tan. It is the summer time, she did just get back form vacation. Even before that when it was February and she was tan you were all throwing a fit over it. A person can want to be tan, it’s not a crime.

    It’s called being a person and wanting to try new things. Her personality hasn’t changed at all. She’s still the same sweet and independent Demi Lovato she was when she was first introduced to us.

    And so what if she used the same guy Ashley Tisdale did in her music video. People do that all the time. It’s the guy’s job to be in music videos people, you’re going to see him again. She’s not competing with Ashley.

    And as for people judging her on her weight and look people have no right. She’s absolutely beautiful and you’re sick for picking on a 16 year old like that.

    The fact is Demi Lovato is a very talented and is going to go far. In the end all of your stupid degrading comments won’t get you anywhere. You just look like desperate insecure people who need a life.

    Demi you rock and your true fans love you no matter what!

  • vic!

    you rock.

  • Jo

    What Ash said!


    Go ash!!! :D

  • demi lovato lover


    AND DEMI LOVATO is awesome demi don’t let anyone tell you that you are not cuz you are and you are my role model

  • (Lexi) Alexandra Woodruff

    Demi is Talented and she has anamazing voice
    she sings so Beautiflli and She Rocks
    her Music always Sounds Really Good

  • josephine m

    thank you ash gosh people can be fucking over dramatic get over yourself she doesnt need fake bitches as fans and fyi demi will sing circles around ashley tisdale and yeah she an act so what the biggest movie she was in was hsm movies and i think vannessa is wayyyyy better than ashley tisdale so if you want to go there we can im buying here we go again 2 copies bitches lol luv u bb gurl
    demi u rock

  • Teeena

    LOVE the boots! Where can I get them?!

  • Lipi Katiha

    i think this guy was also in It’s Alright It’s OK!

  • angela

    demi looks weird with that hairstyle, but she’s pretty though
    can’t wait for the whole thingg..

  • candycrazy

    he’s ok. when i saw that dude in ‘it’s alright, it’s ok’, i knew i’ve seen him somewhere else.
    anyways, i love demi, can’t wait for her new album :)

  • TizzFAn

    @jenna: She was never “Chubby”. If you payed attention, she was quite thin after ‘Camp Rock’. She’s always been thin, she just wore more baggy clothing.

  • Ashley

    I dont like her hat, it really looks like shes going to a funeral or something. But that guy is hot <3

  • Christina

    @jenna: She’s never been chubby, look at her old pics from like 2 years ago , she just wore baggy stuff and layers last year.