Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas: Reconnected!

Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas: Reconnected!

Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas are back to being best friends.

The 16-year-old singer dished to 107.5 The River‘s “Woody and Jim Morning Show” in Nashville that the two have reconnected. She shared, “He’s my best friend, and we still hang out all the time. We’ve definitely reconnected. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but right now we’re just kind of kicking it and hanging out as much as we can. We both just kind of saw each other and kind of decided this whole thing is kind of stupid. We were all over the separation.”

Miley also dished on her new nose piercing, saying, “I’ll let people think what they will. I hope no one is upset at me for doing it. I think it’s lame for it to be such a big deal because … it’s just temporary. You can take it out.”

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  • paula

    1ST!!! WOO HOO!!

  • ashleytizz lover09

    in future theri wil be nuley forever
    but now its niley for friends

  • Fan

    NILEY, I absolutely LOVE them together!!!


  • Leah.

    miley should guest star on JONAS.
    that’d be ahhhmazzingggg!(:

  • milla :D

    i dont understand why everybody wants them back together :s

  • http://JustJaredJr. Jonas Brothers #1 Fan.

    Nick and Miley are
    better off as friends anyway.
    With their busy schedules,
    who has time for a

    I <3 Nick & Miley!

  • niley


  • blablabla

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  • joeil4u

    they were bestfriends before starting dating so theres still hope!!…imma never stop believing in niley..unitl i wont see the both of them married to different people…they are meant to be!like the most beautiful couple ever!so…”we dont know whats gonna happen in the future” :):)

  • jo

    watch them break up again. nick always has to have a gf. miley broke uo with justin for him. yuck

  • sarah

    I didn’t want this to happen, but they are dating again. It sucks cause I know it wont last, they should keep their friendship and dont take it any further, it would just ruin it.

  • martha

    i love niley.

  • kiana

    nah shes lying. there probably gunna do what they did when they were dating. oh were “best friends” hmm do just friends fly 1000+ miles to see you? lol they will be more, its obvious

  • DemiFan

    Thank God,
    I smell trouble with Nick. he’s just gonna tear up her heart again. And I knew that piercing was FAKE. Stupid haters took it so seriously. I bet they feel like idiots now.

  • mej1031

    if you dont lke them together.
    then just wish them happyness. thats what true fans would do. I hope they last cause they would be the top couple in the teenager stars. Like now its “zanessa” but if they get back together it would be “niley”.
    i hope they last. if they are back together. If you heard the conversation about miley talking abt the jet skiing pictures..she says “NO COMMENT” and most of the time when they say taht then it means its really them. B/C if it wasnt then she would have said “OMG thats deff not uss.” idkk i hope they get back together. if you dont like them together. Just be a good fan and wish them happyness instead of wishing them the worst.(: hahha. okayy.

  • nikki

    I know their love lives are none of our buisness but honestly I hate “Niley.” I have nothing against miley nor nick but For God’s sake she practically insulted him with 7 things. She introduced that song at a concert and say “By The way I hate you,” Puhlease it would be retarted if he took her back. It would be amazing if they were “just friends,” but I personally don’t like them together. She’s too wild for him. And if they do get back together…it wont last. it never lasts the second time.

  • milla :D

    i totally agreeeeee with you ! :)

  • Toya

    Everything is in Gods hand and what ever their relationshp turns out to be I wish them nothing but the best.

    God bless you both.

  • tara


    i think ur totaly right!
    like for goodness sake, Miley cyrus said SHE HATED HIM!
    like how stupid would nick be to take her back? and miley also said she would one day want to get married??! eww no way pleeez!
    nick jonas, i know you are smarter then that!
    you want me! not her

  • 0.0 I’m a kitty

    Niley ish ok as long as she treat’s nick good.I Lov3 nick

  • racheal

    @mej1031: i agree 100% with you!!
    it’s there’s life anyway!they have right to do what ever they wont!
    go Niley!<3

  • kimora

    aw i love them.
    go team nileyyyyy<3

  • kathy

    and theyre stupid.

  • riiight

    LOL. They’re probably already back together becuse even when they WERE together on tour in 2007, they said the same thing. They said we’re “best friends” and we’re “hanging out.” So, i think they are already bf/gf again. =)

  • Reagan

    they r going out…just think about it! i love her new look!

  • Jezy


    she didnt say its fake. she said you can take it out. meanign you can take the stud out of the hole, and it’s barely visible that you pierced your nose once you take the ring or stud out.

  • jo

    Posters above-

    Have you guys ever been in a relationship?? Of course she “hated” him post-breakup, it’s tough!! She was probably really hurt about it.
    Now, they have moved on and learned to be good friends again.. back to where they were before.

    I don’t care if they date or not, but they are now good friends and that’s important.

  • laura

    miley said she hated him because he treated her like crap last year!

  • pia

    Miley and Nick would be togheter again!
    Before the Storms

  • Eeep

    It is official they ARE back together :D E! News

  • laura

    okay its official they ARE together E! News on right now :O <33

  • lo

    @jo: I agree with you. I had a ex who I didn’t want to talk to for a really long time. I never hated him though. Now we are good friends. You can be friends with your ex’s and you can get back together with your ex’s too.

  • lala

    NEMI NEMI AND MORE NEMI. come on miley got a chance and guess what they are ex’s hello ex’s .Nick should have someone better than miley.

  • cc27

    I Think their gonna end up 2gether..
    I bet Miley broke up with Justin Cause of Nick
    NILEY <3
    its like Joe breaking up with Taylor For Camilla? o.O

  • nathalia

    i juuust loooooooooove them :) <3

  • Courtney

    I want the Jonas Brothers happy, so what makes them happy if good with me :)

    I love JB!

  • laura


    they already are together :D:D:D

  • Stephanie

    Niley, forever & always<3

    not in the Joe Jonas kind of way, for reals. ;D

  • Ashley Tisdale Fan!

    @jo: yeah i totally agree with you.
    i know i found my ex annoying and hated him.

  • laura

    BAAAM here you have it nick and miley KISS

  • Ashley Tisdale Fan!

    well i think Miley and Nick are the cutest couple.
    and hopefully they do get back together.
    and who knows they might be back together,
    i guess we will just have to wait and see.
    But all i know is that im happy that they are at least
    friends again.

    Team Niley(:

  • miranda

    im starting to think maybe this thing its only publicity for her new movie, but since the movie is not in movie theathers, then neh..

  • cassy

    ah see, everything’s good and fine because miley thinks a fuss would be “lame” .

  • racheal

    @laura: OMG!!!!
    i think she kissed him on a kiss in a cheek though…:(
    but whoooo hooo !!

  • billythekid

    @nikki: What do you mean “practically”? She did insult him in that song, but isn’t that what girls – or guys sometimes for that matter – do when they break up? Getting back together with a former girlfriend, or whatever the case may be, isn’t all that far-fetched. In fact, it happens ALL the time. You just witnessed it yourselves. Big deal, it’s called life, but they just happen to live theirs in a box where we all have front row seats.

  • bOU



  • victoria!

    i dont care that she pierced her nose because it is temporary, and i think its cute.

    and her and nick are adorable whether its as friends or as a relationship <3

  • victoria!

    @miranda: its definitely not for her movie…especially since they havent started filming yet, they did had a final read yesterday according to her costars twitter

  • http://None. ALaezel

    i love niley. I hope that they will back together again…
    I love there new song, Before the Storm.

  • http://? PPAOLA

    oh my GOD i love NILEY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH soo romaantiiq