Miley Cyrus: Nose Piercing Pretty

Miley Cyrus: Nose Piercing Pretty

Miley Cyrus shows off her new nose piercing, just like from big sis Brandi!

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana star and her momager Tish Cyrus were having dinner in Savannah, Georgia on Thursday (June 11). Miley is in town for the next three months to shoot her new movie, The Last Song.

Miley tweeted, “sitting by the lake, eating an ice cream cone, while watching lighting strike… this all reminds me of YOU.”

Tish started her own Twitter account @MommyTish!

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* @ 4:43 am on 06/12/2009

Oh goodness I hope that isn’t real…..gosh miley WTH it makes her look dirty lmao like the clean image she’s meant 2 have is gone…but it’ll probably grow on me its not that bad….just stay away from nick :) && niley lovers shut up cuz ur probably gonna reply

Sarahjps @ 4:46 am on 06/12/2009

Wow. Thats kewl. :)

jason @ 4:48 am on 06/12/2009

Is for her new movie the last song she plays a rebelios teen. must likely is for that!`

alanaaa @ 4:50 am on 06/12/2009

wow, it looks cool?

ashley @ 4:51 am on 06/12/2009

it looks disgusting :S

Rickpaparazzo @ 4:52 am on 06/12/2009

PLEASE MILEY, remove it
you are beautiful without any of that, I Really hope that is for the movie and is not serious

Annischatzi @ 4:52 am on 06/12/2009

miley has a new hair color, too! its darker… am i right??

lola @ 4:53 am on 06/12/2009

no matter wat she does to her face she’ll still look like the ugly witch, miley cyrus!!!

Winter @ 4:56 am on 06/12/2009


Exactly what I think. People should stop jumping into conclusions and know the situation first.

ashley @ 4:57 am on 06/12/2009

Well, it looks disgusting =S

lo @ 5:05 am on 06/12/2009

It could be real or fake. The piercing looks like a flat stud to me. When I got my nose pierced 3 year ago I had a stud that was a ball. Only after a couple of months was I allowed to switch up my piercing, which ended up being a ring, now it’s a flat stud. It looks good on her. Her nose looks a little swollen but that could just be from the oversized glasses.

lo @ 5:08 am on 06/12/2009

It could be real or fake. It looks to me like she has a flat stud in her nose. When I got my nose pierced 3 years ago, I had to have a stud that looked like a ball. Only after a coupe of months was I allowed to change it. My nose had a ring in it, but now it has a flat stud in it. It looks good on her. Her nose looks swollen but that could be from the over sized glasses.

lo @ 5:09 am on 06/12/2009

Didn’t mean to post it twice. My computer got messed up.

simnel @ 5:14 am on 06/12/2009


Mandy @ 5:14 am on 06/12/2009

ok ew miley u look like so wierdo bitchy freak i mean seriosly ur so ugly i think the swine flu started from her, cuz she scared the crap out of the pigs haha miley ur the worst idol for kids

SARAH @ 5:26 am on 06/12/2009

I think it looks lovely on her, get a life people, stop hating

lala @ 5:34 am on 06/12/2009

yes a bad role model cuz she gote a nose piercing, but yeh i dont really like it, dusnt look dat gr8. still love her though <3

anon @ 5:36 am on 06/12/2009

haters=negativity=no one cares.

waste of time, esp if u dont evn like her.

lalle @ 5:40 am on 06/12/2009

she is not a bad role model just because she gote a nose piercing…
she looks cute…and now we can’t she her really weel cuz she has got her glasses….andi think she did this 4 the movie….and I don’t think it’s a true piercing…

katie @ 5:47 am on 06/12/2009

God people, nose peircings don’t make people bad role models or bad people. My big sister has hers done, and she’s the best role model anyone could have.

Anny @ 5:56 am on 06/12/2009

“sitting by the lake, eating an ice cream cone, while watching lighting strike… this all reminds me of YOU.”
remind me of Niley dayy,:D
yaay it was yesterday.(:
umm i’m kinda like miley with this
nose piercing or without.=)

Ronnie @ 6:00 am on 06/12/2009

Since she’s currently working on a movie, it kinda has to be for the movie. That’s the way that it works with facial piercings. If the character doesn’t have a certain piercing, the actor/actress can’t either. That being said, it’s probably a fake. I highly doubt that I can see Hannah Montana with a nose ring.

Angela @ 6:05 am on 06/12/2009

I always hated people who pierced their noses or their belly or something like that. But if miley did this for the film then its okay for me

Vic2763 @ 6:07 am on 06/12/2009

I like Miley’s nose ring. Very cute. Lots of ppl have one these days. No biggie.

cam @ 6:28 am on 06/12/2009


the nose ring is probably for the movie as is the black hair (I don’t like the black hair or nose ring – they make Miley look hard – but I think it is for the movie)

But I agree totally about the nick thing & I know the niley freaks will start having fits – this thing with them will not last – you’ll see.
“Love is all about two souls.. Until you break it for the first time. Then it’s just about two egos” (these are very true words)

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