Selena Gomez Honors Women In Film

Selena Gomez Honors Women In Film

Selena Gomez keeps it classic in an LBD as she arrives at the Women In Film 2009 Crystal And Lucy Awards held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel on Friday evening (June 12) in Century City, Calif.

The 16-year-old Wizards actress is teaming up with Sears department store to find the Next Great Air Band. Four band members will be selected to be part of the Sears air band and appear in their own air band music video with Selena.

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Credit: Juan Rico/FamePictures; Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Fayes Vision/WENN
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  • eu


  • Billythekid

    Gorgeous as always! first!

  • eu

    anyways didn’t get that

  • mel

    she’s soo pretty! :]
    love her

  • SARAH22

    She is adorable.

  • yani

    she’s pretty.
    how tall is she ?

  • yani

    how tall is she

  • Zeil :)

    cute but so thin. add some more and you’ll be PERFECT :)

  • jbr

    she is so pretty =)

  • rin

    Gorgeous :)
    Love her.

  • sk

    so yeah…selena needs to stop being gorgeous

  • Kim

    Love this girl. She’s so pretty. :D

  • meg

    Why does she always feel the need to dress like she’s 20? Really, honey, you’re gorgeous, take advantage of your youth while you have it.

  • rose

    boring outfit. she needs to get a stylist or fire the one she has

  • smiley

    i love selena! she looks beautiful as always :)

  • Mayi

    no me gusta para nada ese corte de pelo!

  • angel

    what a classy young lady. seriously, she is so refreshing to see.

  • victoria!

    she is too skinny for my liking…she lost weight lately

  • Leah

    She looks classy and beautiful!:) Cute black dress I wish I had her legs though!!!!! Also I love Sears my place to go!

  • Des

    She doesnt look good. Hate the hair and the dress. Way to plain. In general she’s not attractive. When she first started her “career” she looked pretty but now……idk… she lost something. And really people? “Goregous”? She needs to wait at least 5 years until she can be considered pretty. She just doesn’t have that spark or natural beauty.

    Sorry but she’s really nothing special.

  • Camille


  • http://jjj miley

    she looks awesome!i love her dress! :)

  • Laila

    Love Selena

  • amy


    Why does she always feel the need to dress like she’s 20? Really, honey, you’re gorgeous, take advantage of your youth while you have it.

    Selena dresses like lady, a sweet, classy young lady (she looks like a 16 or 17 year old to me) – I think she looks great. She is a natural beauty. Love the new hairdo

    Someone said she looks skinny – she lost weight. She has the blessing of a youthful metoblisim – but she did just finish working on 2 movies back to back – away from home, probably long hours too. maybe being back home in a normal routine will help. I think she looks great – i’d take that look anyday

  • toni

    How can Taylor Lautner let her go? Beautiful :)

  • ella

    her dress is from H&M…su cute!

  • selene


  • mersadeez

    would love to see her in something more form fitting. but yea she does look like she’s lost some weight!! WOW. hunny put some meat on those bones lol

    but she’s still pretty and I luvs her :)

  • jo

    She needs to dress more young and fun!!

  • Johnson

    Selena looks better with long hair.

  • Lindz

    She didn’t lose weight, some clothes just make you look thinner. anyways she’s the best. I love her hair like that.

  • rozza

    she looks really pretty and love her hair i thinks shes 5’6

  • marriene

    love her so so so much!!!! prettier than MILEY CYRUS!!!!

  • anonymous

    she looks beautiful

  • rozza

    @yani: i think shes about 5’6

  • idk

    she looks old. still pretty:)

  • lola

    @amy: she does look 17, cuz she is (gonna be) 17!!!! i think selena looks BEAUTIFUL

  • Johanna
  • Lauren

    she does look age appropiate for those who saying she dresses like a 20 year old…she looks beautiful, her hair looks really nice an the dress suits her an she does look a lil skinny but like @amy said shes young with a fast metabolism, an shes just done two movies its obviously taking its toll…but it doesn’t matter cos shes gorgeous

  • Kathi

    I´m scared of Selena…Well her face is pretty but her body…She looks anorexic=(

  • Stella

    OMG!!! Selena’s hair is just adorable! I am a big fan of her.

  • nina

    like her dress

  • britney

    Aw, don’t be scared of her. She’s not anerxoic. She’s just a naturally skinny girl. She’s even mentioned that before. I know alot of teenagers like that. Just a fast metabolism. Beautiful though :) Classy.

  • amy


    Selena does not look anorexic! Selena has always been on the leaner side, that does not make her anorexic anymore than a girl wearing a clothing size larger than size 0 makes her fat. People come in all sizes. Selena looks to be about 5’5″ tall – and she looks fine.

  • saudia

    she’s really growing up .. Selena looks fantastic, very mature :)

  • kasia

    she is so classy !

  • mich

    dress from h&m !

  • yamila

    selena sos la mejor de disney

  • VHUD-fan

    she looks gorgeous
    but she is sooo skinny

  • megan

    she’s naturally skinny guys, leave her alone. she has a fast metabolism, she will gain a little as she gets older.
    she looks gorgeous :)