Nick Jonas Graduates High School -- Woohoo!

Nick Jonas Graduates High School -- Woohoo!

Nick Jonas poses with a fan as he arrives at his hotel in Madrid, Spain on Friday night (June 12).

The 16-year-old musician is now a high school graduate. He tweeted, “I’m happy to announce I have graduated! Class of 09! Congrats to everyone else who has also graduated this year! -Mr. President.”

The JoBros will play Madrid’s Palacio de Deportes tonight (June 13), kicking off their world tour in Europe.

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Photos: Robert Hoffman/JBE
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  • amy

    first? Love them!
    Aw congrats nick!

  • Mandy


  • Emma

    Is it just me or does he seem young to b graduated? hes only 16. But nice job and congrats nick you must work really hard love u nick….

  • rana

    YAAAAAAAAY!! congrats nick!

  • adri

    how can he graduate he is so young, im his age and still have a lot to go

  • lily

    yeah right

  • juanick

    Congrats!!! We are proud of you Nick !!! God bless that boy!!! haha

  • dreamer

    hes too young to graduate
    joe hasnt even graduated yet

  • lolz

    homeschooling doesn’t count. only for hillbillies and religious freaks…

  • ashleytizz lover09

    yay aweosme

  • niousha

    wow first Demi and now Nick
    congrats :)

  • Jenny

    @dreamer: Joe graduated last year before a little bit longer came out.

  • niousha


    he did LAST YEAR

  • dreamer

    well nick is too young still bcuz his bro who is 2 years older jus graduated then

  • miley come to northern ireland

    cool i wish i had

  • 12

    that doesnt make any sense he is only 16…

  • sara

    I GRADUATE IN 5 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO

  • becky

    yeahh go nick
    your so lucky
    i could of graduated this year
    but senior year is the best year
    congrats love ya :]

  • rsoie.

    hes homeschooled, so he could graduate early. demi graduated a few months ago and shes only sixteen. its so they can focus on their work.

  • becky

    congrats nick
    lucky you
    i could of graduated this
    year but i didnt cuz senior
    year is the best :]
    love ya, Becky

  • becky

    congrats nick
    lucky you
    i could of graduated this
    year but i didnt cuz senior
    year is the best :]
    love ya, Becky

  • lola

    im going to graduate when im 16 because i skip a grade maybe he did too

  • m

    congrats Nick!!i’m 18 and i just graduated,not fer!:)

  • mhm.

    @dreamer: joe graduated last year.

  • Peacelovekk001


    but just saying he is ONLY 16, how did he graduate at such a young age?? isnt he supossed to be like 18 to graduate??

    lol well congrats <3

  • Courtney

    Congrats Nick!
    You are amazing!
    You and your brothers continue to amaze me more, everyday :)

    I love JB!

  • kimmm

    Congradulations to Nick!

    But, how’d he graduate at 16? That’s pretty young!

    Ahw he’s apart of c/o 09! There’s sooo many seniors im gonna miss this year, and I guess he’s part of ‘em haha

  • Stef


    Yes he did, last summer :)

  • kirstyy

    anyone know what hotel they’re staying in when they come to london on monday if they are staying in one? i’m going to the show so it’d be cool to see them before hand. :)

  • Angela

    Congrats Nick! Well, i’ll be graduating next year and I’ll be 16. Btw, congratulation nick is trending topic on twitter lol

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Nick! yay……

    he’s smart 16 yay.

  • sean84

    well congrats nick lol

  • EMILY:)

    congrats nick:)
    yay class of 2009!



  • DemiFan

    IDKnow how he did it cuz I didn’t graduate until I was 17. That was 4YRS ago.

  • Val

    Wtf. He can’t graduate. He’s like supposed to be a sophmore.
    He probably doesn’t get as much education than people that go to regular schools because he’s always busy

  • Jess

    congratz Nick!!

  • LC

    congrats nick!! :)

  • kim-kim

    haha hes gonna hold this over kevin and joes head haha. i would like “yea…who graduated at 16!!”

    haha this is awesome. i want to get him a gift….

  • kels

    He only graduated early cause hes HOMESCHOOLED.

  • kathleen marie

    For all of you who are asking how he graduated at 16, it’s because homeschooling is a lot faster then going to regular school. You can advance a lot faster, without having to wait for everyone else to catch up. Homeschooling is meant to speed up the learning process because of the one-on-one time with the teacher. I know someone who graduated at 16 last year. She had been homeschooled since she was 9.

  • amanda

    @kathleen marie: true!
    and Demi also graduated this year so yeah. Selena & Miley will probably
    graduate soon also…

  • Ms A/i love nick j

    Congratulations, Nicholas!!! I love you!!! :)


    He only graduated early cause he’s HOMESCHOOLED

  • jerseygirl

    Joe Jonas + glasses = CUTE!

    And didn’t Demi say she graduated earlier this year also? She’s the same age as Nick. Congrats to both!

  • miranda

    waiit.. im his age and im foing to graduate until 2 years.. how come?`

  • Shawn

    Nick’s homeschooled, so it’s easier and faster.
    He must have worked extremely hard to graduate this early.
    So Congrats Nick.
    I’m proud of you!

  • Jacob

    To those of you saying he’s to young to graduate. No he’s not, I’ll be graduating very soon and I’m only 16.
    To those of you saying that homeschooling doesn’t count, only for religious freaks or something.
    That comment shows you’ve never been homeschooled. I went to public school until 9th grade and homeschooling is WAY harder than regular school, trust me.

  • kikigirl101

    Yay!!!! Congrats to Nick!! Ahhh he looks so good! I’m sooo happy for him!! He’s out of school forever! Lucky duck!! I have three more years to go!! CONGRATS NICK and CLASS OF ’09!!!

  • Alyssa

    im graduating in 5 days from high school and im only 16 yet tho im homeschooled soo yeah
    but hey im glad nick graduated 5 days before me lucky him!

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