Wetten Dass, Ashley Tisdale?

Wetten Dass, Ashley Tisdale?

Ashley Tisdale snaps a pic backstage before she performs her hit single, “It’s Alright, It’s Ok,” at popular European show Wetten Dass…? on Saturday (June 13).

The 23-year-old “Crank It Up” singer will be having a FREE concert at The Grove in Los Angeles on June 27th — just like Mitchel Musso did!

Ashley will be performing songs off of Guilty Pleasure and exciting news — V Factory is opening for her! The concert starts 1PM. Are you going to be there? For more info, check out AshleyTisdale.com!

Ashley Tisdale – “Wetten Dass….?”, 06/13
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Photos: Sascha Baumann/Getty Images
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  • Ashley Tisdale Fan!

    she looks beautiful as usual!
    omg v factory?!?!
    i would love to go there..
    well wish i could.
    but i think its pretty cool that v factory is opening for her.
    and even though her ex is in the group,
    i just like that they can both still be friends because they were such a cute couple.
    i still support her and scott dating.

  • http://www.hotmail.com jenny

    she using playback was so evident is not singer ,There are artists who sing live if I remember seeing Christina Aguilera in this program and if you sing it live

  • d

    She is great!! n performin in bigger places nowww =]]

  • pup

    Well. That’s sure to be awkward.

  • racheal

    i don’t like when people sing on playback…why even come then?
    u can just play a cd.i have a bigger respect to artist who mess up up some times but actually sing live.

  • jessicaaaaaa

    it sounds like she’s lipsyncinggg :(

  • http://youtube.com/user/flirtbabe17 ashleytizz lover09

    aweosme and v factory
    so what if she lip sings or watever she aweome
    she needs that voice for everywher she goes so shut up

  • germangirl

    jjj that show is called “Wetten Dass…”

  • kate

    ok imma breakt it to u guys!
    ashley tisdale sucks at singing (no wonder she is ALWAYS lip singing 0r singing with playback)
    THE END.

    oh waiit i forgot to add that she will always be know as the MEAN girl from hsm XD

  • fan

    That is pretty cool. Hopefully Ash and Jared could spent time together as friend.

  • andre_psp

    awesome performance but don’t understand the lyp synch. She performed live in TRL Italy and in Kiss Concert! It wasn’t perfect but it was so nice to hear her real voice. And live presentations are not expected to be playback. I hope she sings alive in this free concert. Oh, and please Warner Records, bring Ashley to Brazil. This would certainly make her much more popular here.

  • kevin

    @ashleytizz lover09: CAN YOU SHUT UP and not be rude :l jessica was not bring rude, even though i dont know her, i hate it when stupid a-holes like you treat people wrong, when theyre not even being mean, just honest. so i suggest you shoudl learn some manners from your parents, cause slearly they didnt teach you any.

    :) i love ashley but that was so lip syncing. she wuld have done it
    good if it where live, but oh well :) still love her

  • Kenzie

    I really like Ashley, but I have so little respect for people that lip sync. There are SO many talented artist that can actually sing that deserve her job. People bash Miley all the time, at least she sings live and is good at it!

  • dunno.

    What a shame for her to do playbacks to her paying fans, I don’t understand why people back her singing when she can’t even sing to save her soul. My suggestion—STOP SINGING–SAVE YOURSELF–AND STOP CHEATING PEOPLE OF THEIR MONEY TO GO SEE YOU!!!!

  • layla

    i think it’s kind of lame that she lip syncs.

    and is that the only song she’s performing at every stop? how annoying…

  • jo

    Why’d she lipsynch again?? grr. that’s why i won’t see britney spears in concert

  • Holly

    I’m not sure if its true but i read somewhere that the show wouldn’t let her sing live? like i said i’m not sure if its trues its just something i read.
    but anyway i still love her and think she is an amazing and talented singer and actress.
    and for thoose who are getting mad that she lipscyned can you honestly name one singer that hasn’t lipscyned once? :)

  • Jordin

    lip singing?? If u have any talent should be able to sing live??Ewwww. It pissed me off, sing and mess up is better than cd and fake. Horrible. I wouldnt pay for that.

  • Caro

    poor stupid!

  • jenna

    shes lip syncing, she’s going nowhere fast unless she learns how to sing live

  • Sharon

    it was EXACTLY like the recorded song oh my lord, Ashley Tisdale I thought you were better than that…..

  • aw

    After the kiss concert footage I’m not sure why anyone wants to hear her live. But anyway this show might have all their acts lipsync, who knows some shows do that.


    lol britney spears concerts are more about the “showy” & “entertainment” aspects rather than the singing plus most the songs she performs include dance routines. So at least she gives her fans an enjoyable show.

    V-factory lol. I wonder if she’ll bring her current bf. That should create a sufficiently awkward situation.

  • kara

    everyone lip syncs you all need to get over it, even huge stars like christina and britney do it

  • http://www.myspace.com/qianajones17yahoocom qiana

    All of you guys are making a big deal on if she lip-synchs or not. Seriously grow-up. Every singer once in their life-time has lip-synched on stage. SO what Ashley is an AMAZING singer. and Kenzie if you have a fave singer, they have lip-synched too on stage. Sometimes the crowd is too loud and she just needs a playback. LEAVE HER ALONE. Some of you guys are just bashing her because you dont like HSM leave the girl alone. If you have something bad to say about someone u shouldnt bother saying anything at ALL!

  • Katie

    @kara: No, not everyone lip synchs and it doesn’t matter if you’re a “huge star” true, respectable and talented artists don’t do it. It’s not fair to the people who paid money to watch them perform a song live when they could have sat at home and listened to it on CD for free. I like Ashley but I gotta admit I’m disappointed :( What a waste of money. I’m with everyone else, I would have rather her sang it live and not sound perfect then freakin’ lip synch! :(

  • amy

    @kara: Huge stars like Christina Aguilera, DO NOT lip sync. Stars like Britney Spears DO. Christina Aguilera doesn’t dance so of course she’s gonna sing live, she has an amazing voice…the proof is in the videos. Britney Spears has such active choreography, that’s why she lip syncs.

    What I don’t get is how “singers” who don’t even have choreography lip sync their songs.

  • http://youtube.com/user/flirtbabe17 ashleytizz lover09


    u shut up
    she was aweosme
    everybody lips sings
    it doesnt matter
    the spain people like ehr even if she did lip sings so u should shut it up

  • ashRocKS


  • Alex

    @Kenzie: Yea Miley Cyrus sings live but she doesn’t sound great, but I guess what counts is that she sings live..

    I remember Ashley was lip synching at a Christmas thing and at the end you could totally tell she wasnt singing because she sounded horrible. She sort of…..squeaked?

  • http://www.hotmail.com jenny

    these people paid to hear sing

  • holly

    i love ashley tisdale! she is an amazing actress/singer.

    I know everyone is upset she lipscyned i’m a little disappointed too but there are some shows out there that just won’t let you sing live. and in this case i have read that they wouldn’t let her sing live. And its not like she is the only singer out there that lip sycned, granted i’m not saying its right but most singers do and have no choice.

    At least she sings live at concerts.

  • Cassy

    why wouldn’t singers sing live anyway otherwise they shouldnt even have records. and why is she so dark

  • holly

    also i just read that its cheaper for the television shows in Europe to have singer sing with playback. So if you want to be technical its not ashley’s fault she sang with playback they made her sing with it. i also read that the ZDF, something to do with production company in Germany, they don’t allow live performances.

    Thats why she also sings live in the US because its cheaper, the production people don’t have to pay for everything to be brought over there.

  • daniel

    Haters go the f*ck away >:O what if she lyp sinc? She does what she wants and thats all so haters go to hell egh she is a great singer and if she isnt GP wouldn’t be on #5 on itunes germany so SHUT UUP :@

  • Leara

    Oh pleeaase miley never lip synchs? I bet she did that too
    Every artist has done it at least once
    That’s the business… Get along with it but it doesn’t change the fact that
    These people work hard for their music and album!

  • http://www.vfactorysocal.com V factory socal

    yay so excited for my boys!!

  • Just Interested

    eww what’s with her face lately??
    she’s ugly

  • andre.

    Man, it was a tv program. no one paid a concert ticket to be there. and she does sing live: trl italy and kiss concert video proves that. it’s not perfect but is much better than lip synch: which i agree, it’s ridiculous. but wait till a tour or something like this to ask for live performance. but do agree she should have sang live at wetten dass, HOPE SHE COMES TO BRAZIL. and people, no violence, accept critics. at the same time, the oneswho are criticizing should think about what they’re saying, it

  • http://www.hotmail.com jenny

    that she is the # 5 on itunes alemia is not much to woaaaaaauuuuuuu

    for you is a great singer who gives me laugh, that a good joke

  • Anja

    it was in spain/mallorca but the show is actually in german.

  • cynthia

    Okay, to make the record straight.
    Wetten Dass don’t let singers sing live.

  • ella

    wow shes not singing live one single bit.

  • http://www.hotmail.com jenny

    Wetten Dass let singers do not sing live, because christina aguilera.Kelly C, they sang Live
    because if they are professional singers

  • katharina

    It is “Wetten Dass…! not “Wettan Dass…”!!! Just saying…

  • http://www.hotmail.com jenny

    jjj because no change news please

    there is something else better to do

    that bored

    already established that the guitarist looks like Jared Murillo

  • WOW

    @jenny: go grab an English’s grammar book!

    What a huge crowd. She’s huge in Germany!

  • S.

    love her, but she should have sang live…

  • http://www.hotmail.com jenny

    what you care if my English is good or bad, because you do ashley best gifts a face transplant that seems like a witch to see if I like him. just go to sleep wow

    Shut your fucking mouth


  • ale

    she is great!!

  • ZJ207

    @jenny: can at least make sense to what you’re saying??
    i’m not saying that you need to be perfect, but i can’t understand what you’re saying lol

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