Kristen Stewart: Gas Station Sassy

Kristen Stewart: Gas Station Sassy

Kristen Stewart is pretty in plaid as she gasses up her Mini Cooper in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (June 15).

The 19-year-old actress has something to celebrate — she’s nominated for a slew of Teen Choice Awards, including Choice Movie Actress: Drama and Choice Liplock with Twilight costar Robert Pattinson.

Kristen has been busy rehearsing for her new movie role as Joan Jett in The Runaways.

15+ pics inside of Kristen Stewart

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Photos: Element/Fame Pictures
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  • ATwilightKiss

    Congrats on the noms, Krristen! :-D

  • ATwilightKiss

    Hope you win in all the categories that you’re nominated for!

  • listen to mayday parade

    poor girl looks just awful with that new hair cut!! and colour… and the bags under her eyes are helping either. shes go go go all the time. i guess in eclipse she will be rocking a wig? or at least plenty of extensions

  • keN

    . . . man ‘Mini’s, must chug fuel.
    everytime I see a pic of kStew,
    she’s dump’n gas in that thing.
    but hey, places to go,peeps to see.

  • bellamor

    Kristen will wear a wig for Eclipse–I mean, Jackson, Nikki, Peter, Elizabeth, and Taylor all have worn them, so I can’t see why Kristen can’t. I mean, she’s been wearing a 3/4 wig for Twilight and New Moon, to thicken up her locks, so a full wig won’t be any worse than that.

  • Scheetah

    she’s very awful with the dark one!

  • Diana

    As Joan Jett, YOU CAN’T ROCK OUT AND HEAD BANG with a wig on… it just looks unnatural and the wig will fly off the head! Fans need to have stop suggesting that she shouldn’t have cut her hair and instead wear a wig for her role as Joan Jett.

    She’ll wear extentions of Eclipse. It’s all good.

  • nathalia

    i’m getting used to kristen’s new hair do (:

  • rockabilly

    she looks worse than before, poor girl!

  • http://hhy peace95

    i wish her all the luck with TCA! :P

  • Nala

    @Diana: THANKS.

  • listen to mayday parade

    @bellamor: yeah thats true, and the wigs actually look good this time around, unlike in the twilight movie.. ha ha

  • Twilight Series

    Jet black hair… just as her car. That’s Mini Cooper, right?

  • evalynn

    she looks to tired
    but she still looks beautiful as usual!


    Kris: I hope that you win……and that you don´t throw your award!!!!! LOL

  • Jack ward

    The same with me #8 i’m still getting used to her new hair do. I think she looks great either this hair do or any of her other hair dos

  • lulu

    tired BUT HOT!!

  • cami

    she looks beautiful i love her and i hope she wins all her nominations :)

  • Jack ward

    Everything about the way Kristen looks fit those glowing green eyes, the nose, the fantastic looking hair, and those beautifully big ears.

  • Hanya

    Gorgeous as always, even when she’s not all made up and put together. Love you Kstew!!!

  • Lauren

    shes like the female version of robert pattinson…you know with the fashion know the super casual but yet, great outfits…shes great, i love her…shes abit a wierd sometimes yano awkwardness but, who wouldn’t be in her situation…shes just an normal person in this amazing position

  • danielle

    i was thereee!!

  • Bianca

    I just think that the reason people find the new do a little off because she looks tired. I bet that whenever she get’s all worked up with make up and all prep up it’ll look amazing. Still think like the rest of the people that brown suits her…well at least better than black, although i used to think that she looked better blonde and then I started liking her as a brunette idk just a change that we’ll get used to.

  • KristenRULES!!

    are they ever filming?

  • kstewrpattz

    I met Kristen this afternoon. She seems like a very sweet girl, very grounded. It is a shame that this paparazzi have to harass her all the time.. She can’t even go and get gas without someone snapping a photo of her.

  • adrienne


    She NEEDS to know how to rock her new hair cause she IS NOT! no offence!


  • Katie

    Where do people find these shirts? I get the whole dress down thing, but do people really buy these shirts because they’re cool or just comfortable? ugh. I can’t stand her style, but her hair looks better than when I first saw it.

  • maria

    Please tell me what people find attractive about her. She’s so average. Seriously.

  • dee

    my baby looks sooooooooooooo tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i think the hair effing rocks joan jett is completely bas assed!!!!!and just the fact that she chopped it off for a role i think is SUPER BAD ASSED and only someone dedicated like her would do something like that!!

  • Maddie

    I still think her hair looks awesome :D

  • me

    she looks like a truck driver.

  • Divine Goddess

    luv her outfit, hot hair, she’s so pretty even when she looks like she hasnt slept in a while lol

  • nitya

    I like her, she’s smiling. It’s sweet.

  • hannah

    God can she put just a little bit of effert into herself. she looks like crap

  • Jack ward

    Maybe the new hair do is only temporary until her new movie The Runaways comes out in theaters

  • Jess

    again? wherever she always cute

  • Vanctiy

    Kristen is gorgeous it doesn’t matter what her hairstyle is like. She’s a rocker chick and I personally think she looks hot w/ the new Joan Jett look everyone is just used to her being “Bella”. Those of you who think she’s not attractive….clearly jealous!!!! Kristen you ROCK!

  • Carlacullen

    please…………please………………someone help me how to vote in tca……when i register, they always say the values don’t match?!?

  • Ashlee

    she looks as high as a bird in the sky haha

  • Beth

    I don’t hate her but My God – Those Ears!!!!!!!!

  • lala

    Ugly…her ears are huge, small eyes, small tits, looks and act like a zombie and very overrated she makes me puke…Watched her in twilight movies with my gf, omg this kirsten stewart girl as always like* i need to go to the toilet* on screen in the movies! TERRIBLE!!! Bleh, her voice is ugly too, sounds like man! Many girls on th street are better than this shity actress! looool this is soo true! Ugly manwoman!

  • mike