Selena Gomez is GMA Gorgeous

Selena Gomez is GMA Gorgeous

Selena Gomez wears her polka dots proud as she poses backstage at Good Morning America in New York City on Monday morning (June 15).

The 16-year-old actress dished all about her new Disney Channel Original Movie, Princess Protection Program. Check out the video at Don’t forget, Selena and Demi Lovato‘s special edition People magazine is out on stands today! is meeting up with Selena very very soon — and we need your questions!

TELL JJJ: What would you ask Sel?

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Photos: Simon Media/Startraksphoto
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  • ashlover

    i want her to ask about taylor lautner!!!

  • anonymous

    is there any conflict between her and lucy and david?

  • anonymous

    she looks gorgeous!

  • Marjorie

    That outfit is HIDEOUS.
    Selena’s such a beautiful girl,
    it seems like she’s TRYING to take away from her beauty.

  • amaay.the.little.dreamer

    I’m from Germany , and I just wanted to ask , if Selena Gomez is in a German Community called ”Schuelervz” short ”SVZ” ?!
    And is Selena hitting to Germany someday?

    Nice Greets .<3
    Amaay 20 years. old

    i love her and she’s a stunner.♥

  • Khloe

    whatis she wearing
    anywho she looks cute
    but the jacket needs to go alittle
    luving selena

  • Lulu

    Selena is gorgeous. I love her style so much, she’s really classy and elegant, and her new hair is so chic. It’s fine for people to have their opinion but I think ‘hideous’ is a bit of a strong word…if Selena reads this, she’d probably be really hurt by that…

    Ask her where she shops! I love her style!
    How does she stay so (seemingly) grounded?
    What does she like to do in her time off?

    Love JJJ! Great website :)

  • Lulu

    One more….

    what was the last book she read? :)

  • victoria

    why does she always look like a 50y/o lady?… start dressing your age..

  • DemiFan

    cute face, horrible outfit.

  • Niña

    Ok no offense but this is something my grandma would wear,if this is her way of maturing her style it ain’t working. Ask her if their is anything going in between her,David and Lucy. I find it weird how he’s not following her on twitted anymore and neither is Lucy.

  • caroline

    Okay, apparently the first 7 people don’t know what happens in an interview, lol. Nor do they keep up with Selena.

    “Would you ever consider doing a 50-state meet/greet?”
    “Has cast/crew considered doing a second Wizards movie at the conclusion of the series?”
    “Do you focus more or less or the same when working with longtime friend Demi?”
    “How long does it take you to memorize episode lines?”

  • Mime

    ask her if there is any conflict going on between her and Victoria Justice?

  • Claire

    I would like to ask her… “What type(s) of roles would you like to play in future projects?”

    Thanks love you Selena! <3

  • KIda

    Do you like your new hair?
    Have you ever thought about singing?
    How many brothers and sisters do you have?

  • britney

    Please ask her how she deals with all the drama in the celeb world. I see so many people putting her down lately. :(

  • Well she’s cute, but her outfit.. by the way my question is–
    Would u like to have a sister or a brother?
    —Love u Selena—-

  • jo

    Whats going on with her style lately!?!? Too old!

  • Kathi

    my question for selena:
    “would you do a duet with one of the jonas brothers (e.g. nick) if you had the opportunity to do it? If yes, about what would you sing?”
    love from germany :)

  • diana

    I think you should ask her about kind of music is going to be on her new album?

  • mary

    question :
    what’s your favorite part of PPP ??

  • saudia

    she looks gorgeous !!

  • Laura

    she dresses like my mother

  • Laura

    Did i say my mother? i meant my Grandma.

  • vikiska

    My question for Sel: Ehat do you like more – dramatic art or singing ? And what your favourite colour ?

    PS: You are the best, Sel!

  • Pyan

    Could you kindly ask her what’s the real score between Her and David Henrie please? They seem cold with each other this days. What did happen? Delena shippers are freaking out with her unfollowing him @ twitter, vice versa.

    And tell her that she’s always loved no matter how many people try to bring her down.

    Love from Philippines. :)

  • Hale

    She is beautiful!

    What the name of her album will be?:)
    And if she would like to do a duett with Demi Lovato on her album

  • Leah

    Guys stop being mean. To be serious this is her first outfit I don’t like:(. Well I saw the interview always poised! I would ask her what is.. Her ideal future plans?

  • Unknown girl

    Who are some of your idols or role models?

  • bailey

    i wanna know about taylor lautner.
    & what’s with demi & miley being besties all of a sudden?

  • ashley

    Whatever, girl looks flawless and radiant. This is the best I’ve seen her look in a few weeks.

  • Farah

    ask her about her style: where she shops, what she looks for when she shops, what kind of style she has, what she thinks are must-haves right now

    also ask her about taylor lautner!

  • Hannah

    Oh Selena…what are you wearing? It looks like something my grandma would wear :(

  • Giulia

    My question for Selena:
    If you weren’t a actress/singer what job would you like to do?

    And c’mon people, she looks great in everything she wears!
    It’s not something I would wear, but it looks great on her!!!

  • Mikayla

    I can see that demi and her are really really close.

    I would ask her what is it like to be away from such a close friend all the time and what do they do to always keep in touch and be in each others life even when apart.

  • the fame

    not liking her fashion sens

  • katie

    it KILLS me that this girl is so naturally pretty but ages herself horribly with her outfits, hairstyles, and makeup. girl you are adorable, embrace your youth and stop fighting it!

  • Sarah

    I see some cuteness, it really looks cute :)
    And my questions are:
    ‘How are you planning on spending your 17th birthday?’
    ‘Do you already have your permit/license?’
    ‘How’s it going with your album?’
    ‘Do you’ve got any other projects planned, ones that you didn’t film yet?’
    ‘What do you think of Demi being best friends with Miley?’
    ‘Do you have other best friends, that aren’t famous?’
    ‘What do you like about each Jo’Bros?’ :P

  • sassgirl

    Same with #2 is there a conflict with David and Lucy

  • kendall

    Selena formed her own production company. Ask her about that!

  • kendall

    I wanna ask Selena if she’ll ever do a WEB CHAT with her fans!

  • Leonie

    Do you follow some kind of diet ?
    What do you do to stay fit ?
    Any reason for the new haircut ?
    Will she come to Europe ?
    Favorite … ?!
    How tall is she (Demi grew) !!!
    Weightwise some kind
    What do you had for breakfast,dinner etc
    Typical day in your life

  • amy

    this girl is gorgeous! I would lose the jacket though. What a natural beauty Selena is.

    Questions: Does Selena plan on going to college? & where?
    Will you do a 3rd season of Wizzards?
    Where would your favorite place to visit/vacation be?
    Are there any other film projects coming up soon?

  • http://jjj miley

    i love everything about selena but this time i’m not sure about the outfit…. :s

  • meela

    Selena Looks Stunnin’ turning in a very beautiful young lady!!
    She looks older than me! and she’s only 16!!

  • http://Taylorswift Bradley B

    Selena Gomez is so beautiful girl. I can’t wait to see her new movie.

  • Trisha

    I want to ask her is her friendship with demi lovato the same because if you keep up with there twitters and there pictures demi lovato has seemed to gravate more to Miley cyrus. it’s so noticeable and selena always says how she needs her family so bad right now. Demi doesn’t respond to Selenas twits but is more willing to respond to Mileys.

  • sean84

    well shes cute lol

  • jbr

    she looks gorgeous as always

    i would like you to ask her

    - if she plans to go on tour when her album comes out
    - if the producers are thinking about a 4th season for wizards or another wizards movie
    - her friendship with miley cyrus
    - whats next for her

  • anabana

    are her and miley friends?

    where does she shop?

    where does she get her inspiration (for clothes)?