Taylor Swift is Living Her Dream

Taylor Swift is Living Her Dream

Taylor Swift reaches out to the crowd as she performs at the 2009 CMA Music Festival – The Ultimate Country Music Fan Experience on Sunday night (June 14) in Nashville, Tenn.

The 19-year-old musician dished to reporters backstage that she wouldn’t trade her life that she has right now. She shared, “I remember when I was a little kid, and I used to sit there and think about how lucky I would be if people cared about the words that I wrote. Or how lucky I would be if someday I was just walking through the mall and I saw some little girl walking by with my face on her shirt and when you spend so much time daydreaming about that stuff, when that actually happens, you don’t ever complain about it, you know? When I go to a restaurant, yeah, I know that a line will form in front of the table, but didn’t I used to wish for that? Yeah, I did.”

Taylor continued, “So I never want to be the girl who wanted something so bad her whole life — just only one thing — and then gets it, and complains about it. I’m not going to be that girl.”

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Photos: Judy Eddy / WENN
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  • nathalia

    looooove her!
    she should come to Brazil!

  • jo

    true, but she doesn’t have paparazzi chasing after her like some do

  • tamara

    i love her, she seems so reall

  • Justine

    She’s amazing !
    Hope sh’ll come to my town one day ^^
    She looks great, I love her dress :)

  • jbr

    she is so sweet to her fans =)

  • Lauren

    She said that PERFECTLY

  • eman

    and that is why she is my role model,
    and inspires me in so many ways.
    i loveeee taylor! she is amazing.

  • viico

    I love her!
    P.S. she looks like belinda…

  • amber

    Love her beyond words.
    I cant stand people that complain about being famous!

    Thank you Taylor for being an amazing artist and an even better person!

  • cam

    @jo: true, but she doesn’t have paparazzi chasing after her like some do
    1- Paparazzi or not – should not make a person shallow or fake.
    2 – Taylor does not summon the papparazzi either, because she is not an ego manic like someone else (MC) who needs to see herself plastered over the internet 24 times a day. Taylor is not a Drama Queen – she does not go around creating stories about herself only to then whine & cry & try to get sympathy when they are printed.
    3- The fact that Taylor is so humble and sweet and grateful for the life she now has & how she really loves & respects her fans is the main reason, right behind her music that I love her & so many others do too. Taylor is REAL & she is a real friend to her friends too. I’m definitely team Taylor Swift.

  • iluvrobpattz

    oh my gosh she is sooooo sweet and down to earth. taylor is sucha humble and grateful girl. im so glad thatshe isnt one who wants fame all the time. she is just enjoying what she wanted.

  • Lauren

    I can’t believe I got to meet her friday night..she really is as sweet as she seems. she is totally NOT fake. she was SO nice to us. i love herrr.

    This is why she is an amazing role model <3

  • sean84

    well dats so cool 4 her shes awsome bye the way lol

  • lesha

    gah. i love her

  • mika

    good for her. its kinda annoying when celebrities complain about that stuff because they once wanted it.

  • http://www.miss-roberts.gportal.hu gerty

    awww thats why i love her! she’s such a normal girl with incredible talent and a really sweet personality :D

  • *

    @cam: r u talking about miley cyrus? In that case u need to shut up because if you honestly think that then u know nothing about her at all…u think miles chooses to be so popular? Its not her fault! Don’t hate on her cuz she’s bigger than taylor swift…yeah taylors pretty major but not enough to beat out miley…however, if ur talking about mariah carey…totally different story

  • :)

    taylor`s so real.
    she`s cool that way.

  • Megane

    taylor seems to be such a nice girl ! I hope she’ll come to paris one day, because I really love her music ! Even if I can’t buy the CD besause it’s not in stores in my town, whereas the CD came out in france since months !

  • cam

    first of all I don’t claim to know Miley but I see just like many others that she is a fake & a drama queen & she stirs up stories about herself to get publicity – like the jiggling thighs & then complaining that people were calling her fat – she know she is not fat – but she got lots of people talking & blogging about that & then all those pictures of her in her bathing suit were posted & that is what she wanted – & when she goes out in LA & the papps chase her – well when she wants to get out without being seen she does that too & now she wanted everyone to believe she was upset about the break up with Justin & yet she is happy – so people are saying poor Miley don’t pick on her she is so sad she has had enough heart ache – please – only justin hurts here & people are still attacking him.

    AS far as Miley being bigger than Taylor – where have you been? Taylor Swift sold more albums in 2008 than ANYONE on the planet & her Fearless album was # 1 on Billboard 200 for a total of 11 weeks which is a record in itself & it has remained in the top 10 on the chart since it was released. Musically Taylor outweighs Miley by a landslide- and as a person too.

    As a person, Taylor is the REAL DEAL & not a Fake Drama Queen like MIley. Get used to it – not everyone worships MIley & by the way this story is about Taylor so if you don’t like the comments you can get off this page.

  • http://www.rantsthoughtsmerde.com/ NativeNYker

    She sure is a beauty queen!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • http://hhy peace95

    i love taylor! she is super talented and mostly down to earth! such a great person!! :)

  • irene.

    love her<3

  • :)
  • hannah

    i realy love taylor she seems so down to earth and cool

  • http://live.com Megan

    i love taylor swift