Vanessa Hudgens & Mary Kate Olsen: Beastly Beauties

Vanessa Hudgens & Mary Kate Olsen: Beastly Beauties

Motivated by the munchies, Vanessa Hudgens and costar Mary Kate Olsen grab a snack on set of Beastly in Montreal on Saturday afternoon (June 13).

If you’ve read the book, Mary Kate looks like she’s dressed for the prom scene. Also pictured below is a shirtless “Beast,” Alex Pettyfer.

Beastly, set in Manhattan, is about a popular kid with a mean streak who ditches a date. His date, Kendra, turns out to be a witch who curses him to become everything he hates. The grotesque transformation leaves him with the seemingly impossible task of finding true love to break the ugly spell.

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  • brett

    Holyyyyyy crap, alex is soooo HOT, the only reason to see the film is him

  • suzy

    BBV has got highlights now. I can’t wait to see more pics.

    Also Vote for V

  • suzy

    BBV has got highlights now. I can’t wait to see more pics.

    Also Vote for V

  • Marie

    V dump Zac and take Alex jk jk
    but he’s really hot geez :D

  • lalaala

    awwww its been a long time since we last saw her!!
    it looks like the strands on her hair r brown iz it just me?

  • Katty

    Don’t anyone start in on her not wearing her ring. She is on a movie set, they don’t want her wearing it while filming. I like the highlights, it looks good. Can’t wait for more pix.
    I tried to sign into the TeenChoiceAwards, it said I am not able to vote, and wouldn’t let me register.. so whatever. I tried.

  • Marie

    okay I probably posted two comments lol

  • mel

    I can’t wait for this movie.

    Vanessa Hudgens looks great…as usual.

    And MK…scary ( in a good way)

    Yes, V, dump Zac! Alex is hooott

  • heat.

    I love the highlights in her hair, they look cute. Obviously, Alex shirtless is definitely a huge plus hahaha. Very excited for this movie!

  • Carol

    I can’t wait for this movie!!!Yaaaaaaay!!

    I love V!!!!And I missed seeing her…

  • W

    What ring

  • dots

    I love her hair <

  • gerty

    interesting seeing the three of them in one movie, but i think its gonna be good :D

  • Khloe

    vanessa what happen to her hair
    brown sriks eww

  • helen


    I tried to register too! ive been going everywhere trying to figure out if its just me!
    maybe the site isnt fully up yet since it is only the first day of voting but dont give up HSM3 is up for 1 noms we have to keep voting or wait until they let us log in

  • helen

    i meant 10 noms

  • helen

    i meant 10 nominations

  • Andrea

    It wouldn’t let me vote either. I can’t even see one of the pictures…huh.

  • http://jjj miley

    vanessa is soo beautiful! can’t wait for the movie! :)

  • laura daniela

    Loving the highlights, they give her a youngish look

  • masbonita

    Finally , JJJ your so late posting this pictures !!! Can’t wait for more . Love Alex and NESSA ( not as a couple , just in this film )

  • i love zac

    wow she looks amazing , loving the highlights <3
    so cant wait for this movie , she is amazing !
    love u V x

  • sara

    suzy can you telle me what is vanessa nominations plz

  • keisha

    1. Mary Kate looks creepy because of the make ups
    2. Vanessa’s cute, as usual!
    3. Alex hot hot hot! last time I saw him in Alex Rider Stormbreaker, I can’t wait to see moooore!! :D

  • aight

    everyone vote for zac at the TCA! make sure he beats the jonas bros this year!!!

  • i love vanessa

    it will not let me sign up to vote for the teen choice awards :S
    i put in my age and everything and it says ‘ sorry you cant not vote’
    does anyone eles have this problem ?
    some please help me ?

  • selly

    where do you get the highlights whats bbv

  • paris H

    OMFG !!!!

    V looks Sooo Goood

    i love her i so excited 4 this movie

    i have feelling tha is gone be huge

    GO GO GO V

  • ilovezanessaxo


  • sweetnessa

    she looks great i love vanessa!

  • helen

    @i love vanessa:

    everyones having this problem even on yahoo answers i asked

    maybe the sit just isnt fully running yet since it is just the first day

  • Bradley B

    Vanessa looks beautiful. I can’t to see this movie.

  • Bradley B


    so true.

  • i love vanessa

    okay thanks :D
    i try in a couple of days !
    i hope it works because i really really wanna vote :)

  • bee

    Love it.

    && Vanessa’s got highlights!

  • jo

    alex is hot!

  • lol

    @i love vanessa:

    same here im dieing to vote!

  • http://Donnyosmond Marie

    Vanessa is going to be in this movie.

  • selly

    whats bbv i wanna c the pics

  • helen

    @i love vanessa:

    i feel the same im getting so frustrated!

  • M. FOX HOT

    ahhhhhh pics!!!!
    i can’t wait for this movie!!!!!!!!

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    I just signed up :D
    they are nominated for….movie music/dance
    zac got movie actor comedy for 17 again
    zac got movie actor music/dance
    vanessa & ash are up for movie actress music/dance
    zanessa are up for best movie liplock
    zac’s nominated for best rockstar moment, 17 again

    and now its cut off :( and won’t let me see or vote for the rest for some reason….i will give the rest if i can get on.

  • http://TaylorSwift Bradley B

    I so can’t wait to see Vanessa in this movie. She will be amazing.

  • i love vanessa


    Me 2, i so wanna vote NOW
    i wanna know what they are nominated for aswell.
    iv tryed like 30 times to sign up , i wont let me :(

  • Tick Tac

    cool, alex isnt hot and his body isnt that great hes just skinney,

  • i love vanessa


    aww wow , thanks , i wanted to know what they was nominated for :)
    it just need to let me sign up now
    and i hope zac and vanessa win best kiss this time, not stupid twilight people :@:@

  • asq

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{VANESSA IS S0000 BEAUTIFUL }}}}}}}}}}}}

  • sean84

    well dats cool theyre all in montreal lol

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    I just singned in again..with a different email..bcoz my it wouldn’t accept the first 1 again…but this is like the slowest sight ever!!!

  • Malee

    She looks amazing, as usual..!
    I tried to vote for the teen coice awards too but it says i am not able to vote!
    Thanks comments #34 for the info. on the nominees!
    I didn’t know there was a best liplock at the teen choice awards..
    Hopefully Twilight ISN’T nominated for that catoagory also…