Lindsey Shaw & Ethan Peck Want You

Lindsey Shaw & Ethan Peck Want You

Costars Lindsey Shaw and Ethan Peck tease each other in KSM‘s official music video for “I Want You To Want Me.”

The catchy tune will be the intro to the new ABC Family series, 10 Things I Hate About You, premiering July 7th.

The series also stars Meaghan Martin and Nicholas Braun.

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KSM – “I Want You To Want Me”
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  • kendall

    This version is way better than the original.
    LOVE this song!!

  • natalie u.

    they did a really good! all the girls are really pretty!

    still kinda skeptical about the show though. *shrugs*

  • :)

    i think that the show is going tobe terrible in comparison to the movie. the movie was s good and they are just going to ruin it! why do it again if it was perfectly good to start with.

  • jazz

    i miss heath ledger.

  • !

    Guys plz post as a suggestion the category of “the best couple” for the TCA!
    Including Niley, Jomilla, Zanessa, Taylena(maybe), Brangelina.


  • Lo

    Really cute vid!

  • kyralovesgosling182

    BOOOOO!!!! Therer going to kill the movie. That is one of my fav movies too.

  • sophie

    i like it!!!!

  • Julie

    that’s very cute

  • clau

    i think….is great :)

  • Alwaysanna

    I think KSM did an amazing cover of the song!!!

    I loved it so much I looked them up and now can’t stop listening to their song “Distracted” you should check it out!!! :)

    I think the video is really cute and really funny..especially the parts with Nicholas Braun dancing around and Ethan and Lindsey fighting over the paper :)


  • skdgh

    people need to chill out.
    abc family made a show by the same name of the movie and even used the same names, but that’s about as far as it goes.
    the show is entirely its own thing.
    give it a chance before you dismiss it.
    i’m a huge fan of the movie and i think the show is alright.

  • crystal

    this song is great

  • zhuzhu


  • jalen

    your show is awsome. i watch it every tuesday. i wish i could see them face to face.

  • sanaria

    i think that the movie is good too, but the series is good to. it has this kind of new teenage problom/new stuff with. it is nice!!!!

  • anon

    i wasn’t to happy about them turning the movie into a tv show but its surprisingly good. i’m hooked.

  • Gino

    Aly Michalka rocks 10x better than this!! This version is…. idk.

  • Atyanna

    Im in love with this guy, he is so hot, cant wait for the new season to come out yaaaaaaaahhhhhhh




    ya those 2 bugg me they are getting annoying with the “i love u but i dont” thing

  • alicia

    that was a great song. I loved ethan in the song. He has gotten so hot and I love his voice.

  • heeeeyy ;P

    really cute vid! :D I think that ethan and linsey make a really cute couple. (sorry to be off topic…but ethan’s HAWT. :P) I also wanna add that lindsey iz great…natural beauty AND talented! Same with Meaghan: she so purty. (teehee :))
    And btw, yesh, the movie of 10 things i hate about you was TOTALLY awesome, and heath iz missed by millions (including moi), but i think that the show rocks. comedy, a littile bit of drama as well as romance. And the way that the show ethan’s and lindsey’s relationship in the show iz awesome…THEY’RE SO CUTE TOGETHER!!! :D

    And Nicholas iz cute too. (XP)

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