Monti Montanez Has 'My Dreams'

Monti Montanez Has 'My Dreams'

Check out the cover of Monti Montanez‘s new EP!

The 20-year-old Menudo singer is releasing a four-song CD including “My Dreams.” The title track is the theme song for FCCLA’s (Family Career and Community Leaders of America) national youth campaign benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network. Funds from this song will help support FCCLA’s efforts in developing future leaders throughout US high school and middle schools.

You can pick up your own copy @

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  • aere.

    okay, so now i would be great to know who this guy even is.

  • janelle

    first comment! woah i thought that was drew seeley at first lol XD

  • Alex


    His mom works at my school…
    everyday she talks about

  • Alex

    Omg! Janelle, I also thought he was Drew Seeley..hehe

  • Khloe

    drew seely looks like this guy
    btw;what show is he from

  • breenda

    i thought he was drew seeley xD

  • adfgungarg

    lol same here i totally thought it was drew seeley at first! he looks just like him lol

  • mishyB

    umm i didnt think he was drew seeley……… but anyways. He looked to dark and has a mole. Does Drew Seeley have a mole?

  • katelynn

    omg he looks like drew seeley!

  • Demeriah

    This isnt Drew Seeley.
    His name is Monti, he’s from the MTV reality show Making Menudo.
    he is and may still be in the menudo.
    Check out some videos of Menudo on youtube to hear him and the other guys that were in the group sing.
    they are AMAZING!

  • bellaL

    haha. I love how everyone thinks he’s Drew Seeley. I’m so happy Monti has new music. However, I do miss him and the whole Menudo band. Hope he does well in his new carrer path! :)

  • Deanna

    I absolutely LOVE him. He’s so talented.
    The songs are amazing, everyone should buy them, they’re fantastic.

    As for looking like Drew Seeley…no.
    Monti is much better looking, imo.

    And if you guys read the post you’d see that he was in Menudo.

    He’s absolutely wonderful, I love him so much.

  • ailaht

    yay! monti :)
    great songs!
    he’s so aweosme!

  • Ashley-Victoria

    I love Monti and his nueva musica pero me olvida Menudo! They were amazing and I was lucky to meet them and though I miss the five, I’m going to support Monti Montanez just as much. His music is amazing and you have to go buy it like I did because not only is it amazing, but the money goes to the FCCLA and that is a good cause. Monti is amazing at everything he does so go out and buy his music today!!!

    Te Amo Con Todo Mi Corazon Monti – Ashley-Victoria

  • Michelle

    Monti is an incredible singer and performer! i am SO proud of him! everyone BUY his EP you wont regret. His song “My Dreams” will just leave you speechless. And of course its for a great cause! so please EVERYONE support Monti!

  • jackie_0g

    I Love Monti he so adorable =D and he a great singer

  • Jenn

    Please, go get his music!
    I’ve been a BIG fan since Making Menudo& his journey with Menudo.
    He is a talented singer, and Monti is just a sweetheart ;) [I've been to three concerts, so I should know.]
    So PLEASE, go buy his music!

  • Mariana

    Monti is an amazing singer and performer! He is an awesome person!
    Everyone BUY his EP you wont regret. His song “My Dreams” will just leave you speechless. And of course its for a great cause! so please EVERYONE support Monti!

  • elie

    Monti is sooo hot! He’s a great singer and is really sweet! I will continue to support him. :o)

  • veroniquexX

    i ad0re Monti!@#$%^&*^%$#
    i caNt waiit f0r his CD to ome outt ;;
    still d0wn about MENUDO breakin upp cuz they were amaziiN!!
    i kn0 Montiz gonna make itt big
    i mean lo0k @ him hes g0rgues! ;)
    i love him
    &+ his song ‘dream’ is the best
    BUY HIS EP!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes goin to b bigg so0n enough
    i♥you Jose Antonio ‘Monti’ Montanez

  • Kriss

    Aww montiii =]
    im so proud of you sweetheart!
    I cant wait to see you again.

  • josie

    his mom is my teacher lol :)

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