'Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie' Trailer!!!

'Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie' Trailer!!!


Selena Gomez, David Henrie and Jake T. Austin try to look enthused as they pose for a picture with on-screen parents David DeLuise and Maria Canals-Barrera in the official trailer for their upcoming flick, Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie.

In the TV movie, the Russo family embarks on a vacation to the Caribbean resort where Jerry (DeLuise) and Theresa (Canals-Barrera) first met. The adventure comedy has Alex (Gomez) upset that she must accompany her family on the trip and she ultimately conjures a spell that reverses her parents’ fateful first meeting and puts the Russo family’s very existence in question. To cancel the spell, Alex and Justin (Henrie) must set out through the jungle to find the all-powerful ‘Stone of Dreams.’ Meanwhile, Max (Austin) scrambles to make his parents fall in love again.

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie premieres this August. How excited are you??? JJJ was on the set of the movie and has some fun pictures to share! Stay tuned…

“Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie” Official Trailer
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    @kevin: that cuz THEY decided to have it on tv….anyway if wizards ain’t good, why would they even make a movie! they only let the HIT tv shows have movies…but im wondering why thats so raven didn’t have one

  • Jason

    @kevin: Dude, chillax. What’s your problem? The trailer doesn’t even look that bad. You haven’t even seen the WHOLE movie yet and already you’re talking trash about it? I mean, what’s with all the negativity? Why don’t you try to be more OPEN MINDED? If you can’t handle that, then just go back to Oceanup? I’m sure you’ll fit right in with all the other rude, hateful, immature brats.

  • Bia

    I love it

    Can’t wait for the movie!

  • Zekemaster

    @Jason: Dude, I don’t think your talking to a dude. Kevin is definitely a girl. If not, then I’d be worried.

  • amanda

    Looks lame and disney like

  • ClarieMillionaire

    Just ignore Kevin. He’s just a Selena hater. He hates everything about Selena, including her music, movies, pretty much everything. So whatever bad things he says about her and her work means nothing. I’m not sure why he hates her so much, but whatever the reason is, it must have really traumatized him. Ha.

  • selteamnicky

    SORRY BUT THIS STORY LINE IS LAME AND DOES WREAK OF A HANNAH MONTANA TV EPISODE been there done that. They could have done something cool. I did not see that ugly girl in the trailer, wonder if Stone is in it. I’m just sayin.

    Hey, does n e 1 else think that Mitchel Musso has it bad for Miley? He put down Justin-too old- and now he said Nick moved too fast. JUST WONDERIN

  • KoolKat

    Celebrities actually visits JustJaredjr, they’ll read Kevin’s comments and they’ll think he’s a crazy, moronic jerk. Kevin is really just embarrasing himself.

  • jessica

    woo, i’m so excited! :D
    so much better than that stupid hannah montana movie. i.e…
    “like, omg, i’m a supahstar and its so hard and i cant handle taking a blonde wig on and off, omg, what on earth shall i do?!”

    lame much?

    wizards looks ten times better.

  • Winter

    I love what you guys started… OMGomez!!! I’m stoked! I can’t wait! :)

  • Zac F Ron

    @selteamnicky: Wtf are you talkin about?!… WHo the fvck cares about Mitchel Musso…

  • kevin

    brit jessica and jason, WOW? hah. no comment. you guys are sooo mean, omgsh i feel soooo soo sooo bad. NOT. pfft are you serious? you guys are teribble at trying to make me go mad. anyway im going to be the mature person and stop replying to you losers, cause seriously i hate to say this but i dont have a life at times when i reply to you guys just to make a point, but now i wil get one and get ready for school, you three have fun :) and enjoy each other. ps. go suck selenas white ass ;)

    jason: wow. if i choose to dislike a movie when it comes out due to a prediction i feel that it will stink, i think i will follow it, not be one of you guys that think are always right bout any selena/wizards project that its soooooo good, and im not just saying that because im a selena hater. im saying that because its the truth, and i actually do like certain episodes.

    zekemaster yeaa ima girl but i use a JB name gotta problem with that?

  • sam

    ahahhaha @kevin pone’d you guys!!!!! ahhahahaha kudos! seriously guys i have to agree with kevin, you fans are way to much. like if if he feels to wrtie his own little opinion or review, you cant tell him what to do or what to feel or anything so really you guys need to chillax. ive been lookin at kevin’s post for a while now, and he can take you allll down, Ive seen it been done lol. the only thing that i don’t agree with as much is that he think’s selena suck
    s, but hey! that’s his opinion;

    oh my gosh!!! i cant wait for this movie


    @kevin: i think ur already mad! and i dont think u’ll ever grow “mature”! hw old are u? make me laugh

  • jenny

    @kevin: “you guys are teribble at trying to make me go mad”…kevin i think ur already mad!
    kev, i dont think u’ll ever grow mature if ur a guy and still watching disney! I dont mind guys who like selena gomez or miley cyrus, but ur fighting over HANNAH MONTANA! hw old r u…make me laugh! And anyway i think ur already mad!

  • mochi

    i can’t want till it come outs!

  • tina

    hmm, looks interesting lmao.

  • Emily

    Why are the jonas SO KIND with their fans in europe? and not hereeeeeeeeeeeeee…..


  • rumi

    this movie will be the best movie ever!

  • DCFreako

    this show rules disney!!!! and my world too xD
    can’t wait for this movie. seriously i bet no one can either.:) looks absolutely amazing and different… and with such talented people in it, this is gonna be a hit!!:) :p

  • http://youtube.com/user/KhLoepinkii Khloe

    why cant it be in theathers

  • D

    @kevin: Yeah…cause mature people call others losers, and use profanity. Just so you know, you’re making an assumption that “it will stink” because of the reused storyline and the actors in it. A lot of storylines are constantly reused but what makes them standout is how the writer inputs the storyline into a certain theme and how the actors bring out their characters. By the way, when you make assumptions, it makes you seem like a jerk.

  • jake

    :] i cant wait

  • chuchi

    so wut if it isnt original?? most movies arent .. and besides if its selena gomess it would rockk :) soo stfu ppl this movie is awesome from the trailer nd if u dont wanna watch it then dont :) but i will !!!

  • Sarah

    Just so people know, HSM 3 topped HMTM,
    HMTM only topped HSM 3 for a opening on Easter or something like that..
    This movie actually looks better then I thought,
    I thought it would be a really dramatic movie, with love and stuff like that.
    but now, it looks more like an action movie
    and I personally love it! :)

    And it’s really funny coming from the haters, saying hte movie sucks, but it’s not because they’re haters..
    Cos obviously they’re just hating b/c the movie actually LOOKS GOOD!

  • jbr

    this movie is gonna be great !!!! like seriously the trailer is totally different from the usual disney channel movies stuff even though i like the disney channel movies .. i have to say that like minute men and stuff are really boring ..
    but i liked the hannah montana movie .. i truly like miley cyrus and she did a pretty good job with the movie
    and SELENA is a GREAT ACTRESS . seriously , from all the disney channel girls i think she is the more talented when it comes to acting .. and she has a good voice too , so im excited for her album

    but she is a great actress and the whole cast is really good
    so lets wait for the movie and stop leaving mean comments , the trailer looks really great !

  • Laila

    i totally wanna see it so haters back off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i know i sound like a pre-k teacher but if u dont have something nice to say dont say it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    i love this! i can’t wait

  • anonymous

    omg i love david henrie!

  • Therese

    It’s not gonna be in theaters?

  • Wizkid

    I love selena!! She is the best and I can’t wait for the movie to come out!

  • Hanna


    Peace and Love Hannna

  • jbr

    and demi and miley would reading the rude comments that you write about their BFF
    they would totally love ur support
    and honestly the only person looking ridiculous here is you
    but u know .. keep commenting
    u totally make us all laugh !

  • jbr

    and demi and miley would reading the rude comments that you write about their BFF
    they would totally love ur support
    and honestly the only person looking ridiculous here is you
    but u know .. keep commenting
    u totally make us all laugh !

  • http://unkown.co.uk Frellich

    I cant wait!!!!!!
    I live in europe so i hope it still comes out in August.
    I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • arantxa

    wannabe Harry P

  • cc27

    OMG OMG OMG!!!
    SELENA GOMEZ looks rlly pretty there haha [always tho]

    I CANT WAIT!! :)

  • http://msn.com ciarah lols alot

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that movie ive seen it before!!!

  • andrea

    OMGOMEZ cant wait!! :D

  • Jon

    @cc27: No. It’s not “OMG OMG OMG!!!” It’s “OMGomez OMGomez OMGomez!!!”

  • g

    action movie!

    not boring like th romantic hm. actionally

    looks like indiana jones. hhaha

  • xmomoxashxzanessa

    it’s gonna be so awsome- i wonder why it wasn’t put in the theatres,it looks alot better than the rest of the Dcoms(never to beat HSM though)-and i love pretty much anythin disney so that’s sayin something.i’m luvin selena’s new look.


    we’ve all been waiting for!!! OMG FINALLY

  • emily

    that looks really cheesy.

  • Jerry#1

    For once a Disney Channel Original movie that looks like Indiana Jones and Chronicles of Narnia…and Pirates of the Caribbean too.

  • kristy

    YIPPPEEE it looks awesome. can’t wait

  • karissa


  • Eva


>>>>>>> staging1