Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Peach Rose Pair

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Peach Rose Pair

Scott Speer protectively wraps his arm around girlfriend Ashley Tisdale as they leave her home on Wednesday afternoon (June 17) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 27-year-old music video director showed up to Ashley‘s home with a bouquet of peach roses only to find out that she wasn’t home!

No worries, Scott came back later and took Ash for an early dinner date. How sweet!

15+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale and Scott Speer

Scott Speer Brings Flowers to Ashley Tisdale, 06/17

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  • Kea

    They’re sooo cute!
    Love them. ♥

  • Khloe

    AWWW how cute but she wasnt there lol
    but he took her to dinner
    cute and dang he’s TALLL

  • marissa

    i love them ;d

  • Khloe

    did zac efron ever do that to vanessa so we can see the video
    + vote 4 ashley and zanessa at TCA

  • smiley

    this was totally a PUBLICITY STUNT. notice how when he carries the flowers for her he just has on a white shirt but when he returns and goes inside with her to get ready (still with the white shirt on) to go out, he comes out with a grey jacket over it. how coincidental that he just happens to come out with that jacket. i highly doubt he forgot it at Ashley’s house. it looks as if he left it there on purpose, went out to get her the flowers, they pretended as if she wasn’t home but she probably was and then he left and came back. why would you put yourself through all that? just to get attention?

  • gerty

    aww, how sweet. :)
    they’re cute together. good to see ashley happy. :D
    but does the freakin paparazzi camp outside her house or what?!

  • Sofía

    L O S E R

    Jared was sweetest

  • Khloe

    no it wasnt
    she was somewhere
    u saw her get out her car and run to house

  • taylor

    @smiley: he probably didn’t do all that, and he just left the jacket there. Is that really so hard to believe?

  • tyler

    awwww cute! i love sashley! But I miss zanessa! gosh Baby v hurry up and film beastly

  • ZJ207

    OMFG!!!!! That was sf cuteeeeeeee <3 hahah
    i love them being together!

    @Sofía: ummm… no he wasn’t. So far, Scott is so much better than Jared to me. And Ashley likes romantic boys (as she said in interviews and magazines…) and Scott seems so much like that!

  • ZJ207

    @smiley: I highly doubt it. He’s her boyfriend, it’s not weird for him to have his jacket at her’s. So please, stop trying to find ridiculous things to humiliate her and her boyfriend and admit it: It was SO cute <3

  • Jana

    I love her legs

  • layla



  • Bree

    they’re actually pretty cute together.
    he sorta has that CMM look about him….hott.

  • pink sugar


    Jared is a struggling back-up dancer and singer while Scott is a successful music video director. Scott has money for flowers and dinners at expensive restaurant. Jared couldn’t afford any of that.

  • saudia

    maybe it’s their anniversary? .. that’s cute .. he’s really hot. A trade up from Jared LOL ..

  • vf lover

    @pink sugar:

    You are aware of V FACTORY right? He’s not a back-up dancer, haha. Scott is also–what? 5 or 6 years older than Jared? OF COURSE he’s gonna have more success, he’s been around longer!
    V Factory is just starting to take off, and don’t bash Jared. He’s a great guy. Just because him and Ashley didn’t work out, does not mean you have to bash him.

  • Ashlover

    Aww! Ashley is SO cute. You can tell SHE hates the paparazzi attention; just look at her run. She deserves all the happiness she can get <3

  • v`xa

    Im glad she learned how to dress.

  • ash rockz

    Aww, how yute (:
    Publicitiy Stunt? Are you stupid?
    Gosh, Ashley and Scott are in love, whats so hard to understand it?
    She looks really pretty!
    Love Ash


  • erin

    @pink sugar: Jared wasn’t really struggling for money… It seemed like every week he had a new pair of Nikes, and those are at least $60 each. So obviously he had the money to do sweet things. I mean, you can get cheap roses for like $30, he just chose to spend his money on himself..

    But dude, check out his biceps. Definite upgrade from Jared. They’re really cute together and they always look so happy.

  • the fame


    yes when vanessa’s birthday , we have a videoa nd photos in her home and he gave her floweers

    this realtionship its pure bussiness, she need him for pormotion and he uses her for a little of attention, really , this couple ISNT CUTE

  • ninaa

    Ashley is so gorgeous!


  • WOW

    #21: Vanessa is using Zac,too. LOSER!

  • the fame
  • the fame

    @WOW: yeah after three years… yeah right .. keep the loser jealousy coming

  • humble

    @the fame: Took the words right out of my mouth and that’s HOLLYWOOD!!!! you need to get out there and step on anyones toes or do whatever to get what you want to survive I think Ashley just needs to stay afloat and will do anything to do that. Need to give the girl credit, she needs to build her package which doesn’t look to good these days. And to all Ashley fans, I’m just saying an honest comment, Please don’t chop my head off, it’s free will to comment on these sites and state honest comments.

  • erin

    Hey how about we don’t bring Vanessa and Zac into this? Since this post has nothing to do with them.

  • erin

    I just don’t understand how dating Scott brings her promotion.. People in interviews don’t even talk about them and when they do, she tells them she doesn’t want to talk about it. If she wanted people to talk about the two of them, wouldn’t she be more open about her life?

  • WOW

    @erin: because they can’t think of another reason to bash Ashley. I know that it’s right to state your honest comments but this thread has nothing to do with Vanessa. Let alone Zanessa. Whenever Ashley goes out with Scott, u guys must say something about them. That’s so pathetic.

    @ the fame: yeah, i’m jealous. So what? And you’re not??

  • Nina caplan

    sooo cuteee

  • dany

    omg !!! you are soooo beautiful together! I love this couple ! ashley is really beautiful and her style is really wonderful!

  • pink sugar

    @vf lover:

    I’m not bashing Jared and he is a great guy but before V-Factory when Jared was dating Ashley was a back-up dancer. He was a dancer on HSM-1Tour that now Ashley met him, and he was a dancer in her video “He said,She said.” Also Ashley is more established than Jared and that is not bashing but the facts. Now, she dating someone more on her level in terms of career and age which is a good thing for her.

  • ashfansfromturkey

    is ashley loser because of she is not datin’ jared ?!
    hahahahha that is fun !
    actually,jared is LOSER !
    because everyone has seen ashley can find someone handsome even her ex dumped her .
    jared is a good guy but not as romantic as scott !
    BTW can’t you stop talk about zanessa!
    we don’t acre what do they do .
    zac gave her flowers on birthday,so what ?its and ashley post so WALK AWAY !
    vote ashhh !! everyday,everyminutee !!!!!!!!

  • ZJ

    @the fame: THAT WAS HER BIRTHDAY! That was the least that he could’ve done!!!

  • bep

    awwww <3 This is soooo sweet <33 They are def happy together

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    Wasn’t Khloe the one that brought them up? Don’t get mad cause they’re trying to defend Zac. And seriously u guys r the ones that keep bringing them up.

  • kk

    soo sweet of scott to bring her flowers -%**
    ii loove sashley<33<33

  • i agree with everyone saying he’s in it for the publicity. he dates all the girls he directs videos for and then leaves them when he’s had enough and not only that but he creates scandals for them so everyone saying he’s a good guy is stupid. this guy has a reputation for a reason. and the people who say he’s more on ashley’s level, how exactly? before he started seeing ashley you NEVER heard of him but now he’s all over the place, funny how that works. ashley and jared were private about their relationship and the paparazzi hardly ever caught them but now that she’s with scott they catch them every single time, don’t you think that’s weird? i wouldn’t be surprised if someone called them and let them know where they are/where they’re going and that someone is probably scott. he isn’t a good guy and he’s most likely going to cheat on her like he has in the past with his other famous ex girlfriends.

  • kk


  • Nancy

    It might be just me but Ashley more often than not gives off a high maintenance vibe.

  • fairycake

    Its sweet, Scott is just trying to be a perfect boyfriend. I cant believe how close the Paps can get to Ashleys house. You would of thought she would live someone more secluded with high gates security.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aw…Scott’s just making his way into my Top 10 Hot Guys list… :D

    And wtf ? Zanessa ? Publicity ? …Wow. People these days are SO lame. Why do people always stay off topic ? It’s Ashley and Scott. Not Vanessa and Zachary.

    And publicity ? Really…come on. I’m pretty sure these two are serious…heck, we’ve already seen them making out… and to those who haven’t seen them…

  • cynthia

    Yep!! Erin I sooo agree with you.
    She never mentioned A WORD about Scott.

  • kk

    ^^she doesnt like to talk about her personal Life!¡

  • lucia

    they looked really sweet together!!
    love them!

  • ew

    heidi montag and spencer…2.0

  • WOW

    @ew: atleast heidi is wayyy more popular than Vanessa! LOL

    I think we have nothing to do with Ashley’s private life. If Ashley realizes Scott is cheating her, then she knows how to deal with it. It’s none of our business. Jared and Ashley are still great friends.

  • awurbii


    You continue to bring Vanessa into this post. Address the hate comment and talk about Ashley. Leave Vanessa out of it. This is an Ashley post.

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