Ashley Leggat & Michael Seater Crash A Prom

Ashley Leggat & Michael Seater Crash A Prom

Life with Derek stars Ashley Leggat, Michael Seater, Daniel Magder and Ariel Waller group together as they attend the premiere of Princess Protection Program held at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto, Canada on Thursday evening (June 18).

Ashley and Michael, both 22, joined PPP stars Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato as well as Jasmine Richards and Jordan Francis and crashed a real prom!

Demi tweeted, “Totally crashing a prom with Selena, JMan, Jasmine, Marissa, Priscilla and Michael UNRECOGNIZED!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha we finally we got to go to a prom!!!!!!!”

Selena was equally as excited, saying, “PPP peeps and I crashed a prom tonight and danced with a high school!! amazing!! I finally had prom!”

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Photos: George Pimentel/WireImage
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  • Lipi Katiha

    i love them!!
    Michael is cute!!
    i love Life With Derek!

  • roro

    is it her dress or is she pregnant ? ashley is really pretty though

  • nelenaforever

    she looks different i didnt recognize ashley at first!

  • ashley

    is she prego? she looks like it.
    i lovee that show. too bad it doesnt show anymore. >=[

  • Zacccyyy

    omg she is soooo different i didnt even noe it was her until i read. is it me or does she look pregnant?

  • mjk

    i love them! haha

  • Britney

    I actually wondered if she was pregnant also. If so, congrats, lol :) She is 22. But they all look nice :] Love the show.

  • Beth

    Zacccyyy- I agree, she definitely looks pregnant!

  • ct

    jeez, what happened to michael

  • TV

    WHOA! Ashley’s HOT! She should’ve been a true L.A. Disney Channel star. But she’s a Canadian Disney Channel star. Speaking of Canada, why are they here? Hmmmm I’m smelling something new for the cast of Life with Derek. Maybe Disney is picking it up as an American TV show. They should, Life with Derek was actually funny.

  • Khloe

    she looks preggo


    omg marty LOOKS SOO DIFFERENT!! ps.she was cuter before

  • vdvd

    They’re premiering it in Canada

  • o7rjche

    she looks pregnant. but on the headshot pic, she looks STUNNING! i didn’t recognize her at first. and i like her shoes.

    I love Life With Derek but they don’t make new episodes anymore. :(

  • saudia

    Ashley looks great!! Actually looks older .. love her hair. But she looks really pregnant. It’s gotta be the dress.. anyway I miss this show. Too bad it was canceled.

  • layla

    it aires
    at midnight =)

  • jasmine

    no Ashley definitely is NOT pregnant. She came in to a dance class that I was in on Tues. and she is really thin. She was really nice to talk to and said that she had to cut her hair for playing Baby in Dirty Dancing and that she is growing it out again before they do the Life with Derek movie this Sept.

  • Melaniee

    Ashley isn’t pregnant. Its just how the dress is.

  • tiara

    where’s the other sister? the girl who plays lizzie?

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    Michael doesn’t look hot anymore.

  • chelsea

    i deff think she’s pregnant!!
    it could be the dress, but her face looks bigger as if she were pregnant..

  • mileycyrus rocks!!!!!

    canada rocks and so does america

  • valerie

    no offense but is ashley pregnant???
    love life with derek and PPP

  • emmy

    Ashley looks so much more mature than when she was on Life with Derek. I almost didn’t recognize her, but she’s still really pretty! It kinda looks like she’s pregnant, but I think it’s partly because of the dress, and partly because her shorter hair kinda widens her face a little.

  • tlt

    omg! daaaaang they’re so awesome!!! you gotta love selena and demi!!!!

  • Andy

    Yay new Ashley pics!!

  • Alfredo

    i loved life with derek!

  • tyler

    wow her tits are HUGE i want em

  • *_*

    Not only the dress makes her look pregnant, but her face got plumper

  • kay

    Ash looks preggo. Her face is plumper, her upper arms are bigger, and the dress is hugging something. Plus her nody doesn’t match her legs. Anyway, she is always really beautiful. Plus; she said on her twitter in May that she had big news, but hasn’t updated on what yet.

  • RebecaLOVESROB

    are ashley and michael still dating??
    I LOVE THEMM!! they all look very different, well, except for michael.

  • thelittlebadangel(zab)

    So Diiferrent both Michael and Ashley!
    and eventhought that dress that Ashley wears shows like she’s pregnat, she lookz Cutee!! :)
    I Love Life with Dereck ..Hope they make new season

    Lovethem♥ ..!!

  • AnonymousGuy08

    You mean Jordan Todosey? You could always try to find out here:

  • Laboolasha

    @roro: I was thinking the same thing I thought she was pregnant and not just because her stomach but when a person is pregnant their breasts get like 10x huger! What if…

  • Tay Tay

    i think that she looks pregnant too. But yes she is also really pretty. She has those model good looks and she had to waste them on a nickelodean television show. Well she didn’t waste them, butt that show wasn’t all that good.