Joe Jonas Outs Nick & Miley???

Joe Jonas Outs Nick & Miley???

Are Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus on again? Big bro Joe may know something we don’t.

When asked on Larry King Live about the trio’s girlfriends, the 19-year-old musician suggesting that maybe Nick and Miley were more than friends again. He said, “I don’t think anyone’s [girlfriend] as famous as Miley Cyrus.”

Nick and Miley first ended their courtship at the end of 2007. After, Miley dated Justin Gaston and Nick had interest in Selena Gomez.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of a Niley reunion?

Joe Jonas Confirms Nick and Miley, “Larry King Live”, 06/18
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  • v’

    oh boy…

  • Meggg

    nahh i think he meant ex. but good for them if they are back together, they make a REALLLLY cute couple!

  • grace

    i like them two together.
    i think it was sweet…

  • Brittany

    YAY! Im so happy Go niley!

  • Savannah

    I hope they are :)

  • victoria

    woooohooooo! and he didnt mean ex because larry asked joe if joes girlfriend was as famous as nicks, and larry never actually mentioned miley, and joe responded by saying “no one is as famous as miley cyrus”

  • dlfann


    but i guess as long as he’s happy… :/

  • zanbells

    hahah that interview was epic(: niley backkk on

  • hey

    wow, what a loser.

  • martina

    yes yes yes yes yes yes, I LOVE NILEY : )

  • jo

    I think they have always been a good match and still are.

    It seemed like they were always going to find thier wayback to each other..

  • Rosalie Belle

    i hate they together!
    i hate miley
    i love nick
    OMG! what i do?

  • Taly

    I don’t have respect for either of them. I’ve never liked Miley, but I certainly didn’t think Nick would sink that low again.

    Whatevez. I WANT TAYLENA BACK! =(

  • selteamnicky

    JARED U R A JERK. Can’t you leave Nick and Miley alone? You are friends with Sel so u only posted that to make her name relevant. Who knew u had an agenda. Why don’t you date Sel so u will both get off Niley’s ass. JJJ=jerk…………It took u alllllllllllllllllll day to come up with your lame post lol.

  • delani

    Very happy. Very, very happy! ( :

  • anna


  • clickhere

    DUUdE, CORN! YES? Corn

  • selteamnicky

    JJJ=Jerk. It took u all day to come up with this post. Leave NICK and MILEY alone.

  • assyhole

    I liked Justin better cause he sounds more manly! Is Nick over puberty yet?

  • clickhere

    @Rosalie Belle: buy roast beef (:



  • Shir

    I really hope that this true!!! I love them both. And I think that they make such a beautiful couple. Plus they have history and they can make such beautiful music together AND they are on the same playing field. So yay for them if they are back together.

  • trip


  • Celine


    -_- uh… his job is to post the news. And as of right now, this “Niley” thing is the talk of the tween world. So, like many gossip sites out there who already reported it, he’s just telling it like it is. Don’t hate on that. And he also mentioned Justin. Why don’t you complain about that?

    Anyway, I never cared for the Jonas Brothers. Never cared for Miley Cyrus. So, I guess it’s fine that they’re together…

  • ellie

    good, jb and miley can have each other. i don’t want any more stupid nelena crap. selena is too good for that.

  • kayleigh


    what the hell are you taking about u made no sense at all god get a life your so pathetic hating on ppl you dont know how and ur such a hypocrite cause u hate all the time everyday so i guess ur the jerk too haters are just lowlifes who dont have lives and hate on ppl who have one its all just jealousy

  • Khloe

    did u hear the fans when joe said that and did u see nicks face
    i luv joe but big oooppsss!
    miley is good 4 nick i think i hate camille
    taylena rulesss
    nick was like ”Who Miley”


    omg i sware i can keep hearing this and it still makes me happy=]]] eeep<3

  • mime

    idk if it’s true or not. if it is, then i’m happy for them! :)

  • x


  • Emma

    He said Miley, because there have been rumors there back together, so he said miley because he knew thats what larry king meant
    idiots if u think he acutally meant they were together

  • JaNae

    I love them together. They deserve all the happiness in the world.

  • Pessoa

    @Meggg: Joe didn’t mean EX, Larry aske “is your girlfriend as famous as his?” and Nick acted like “what? i didn’t say anything!” bcz before that he talked about his relationship with Miley and was waffled about it…he didn’t deny they’re back together, he just said it’s good to be reconnected with her and have a friend back, when he was asked about “how do you handle double success? yours and hers?” Nick pretended he didn’t understand the question and answered “we got to make a duet for the new record that I think is close to our story and the fans responded well”. I think he acted like this bcz is very recent, new…they don’t know where this is going to take them, but he’d have denied if there wasn’t something going on. They’re, as they said, kicking in and hanging out as much as they can, enjoying life, having fun.

  • Toya

    Miley and Nick back together that is so awesome. I wish them both the best. God bless you both.

  • Patri Spain

    i think that Niley is true…
    ’cause the video that they’re
    in a Beach and they’ re
    kissed… I don’t like Niley
    but… if they’re happies
    i’m happy :)

  • Zanessa4ever

    i have nothing against them but i dont want them together!!!!

    Well as long as nick is happy:)

  • Layla

    I fell in love with this interview!

    And does anyone else find it HILARIOUS when Larry Kings asks If his girlfriend is in the business, and Nick asks Who, Miley? HAHAHAHAHAAH. Oh Nick, what a cutie!!

  • melissa. *

    :D so happy! Niley was ment to be! xD hahaha, I really love joe right now for being so straight forward with his fans, like this is what it is like it or not. & isn’t it funny how nick kept like bobbing the question? (; ahahaha the best interview EVER! <3 love em’

  • solxuss

    @mime yeap! they are awesome

  • Justine

    They are back together.. Owh… I’m happy for them, but I’m sad to, haha, my little dreams that almost every jobros’ fans make once is broke =(



  • Jenna


    hahaha dude i totally love you <3

  • jbr

    hahaha it was so funny ! how come joe said that ? seriously , hahahaha . i love joe jonas !!
    im really happy for nick and miley and i really hope they are together
    cause they make a good couple
    and i really hope that selena is happy with taylor
    she is great and deserves all the best =)

  • katie

    joe didnt actually confirm it. its called a joke people. larry king was messing around with them, asking joe is his gf is as famous as nicks and joe just played along saying that no ones as famous as miley. its not an actual confirmation. until i actually hear one of them say “we’re dating” i refuse to believe anything. not becuase i dont want them together. i think they’re cute. but because its stuff like this that will just get those boys ticked. and when the fans start believing it, they have to set it straight and you can tell theyre tired of having to do that. so seriously people. let it rest. like kevin said, being so interested in a 16 year old boy’s love life is a little weird. if they are dating again, great. im happy for them, i think theyre adorable, and i wish them all the best. if not, oh well and im glad that theyre back to being such great friends. theyre teenagers. normal, regular teenagers. let them live their lives in peace and keep their personal lives to themselves. its as simple as that.

  • anna

    iiLOVE them TOGETHER.

    YAYYYY !!


  • niley


  • emily

    I had a feeling that they might get back together, but you know, whatever. It’s their personal business, if they’re back together than fine, if they’re not then whatever. There’s no need to try to bash their exes (Selena & Justin).

  • Sarah

    agh, Nick is starting to annoy me. I have no idea why.
    and Miley has ALWAYS annoyed me so…. I guess they’re perfect for each other.

  • Tanisha :D


  • Hayden-America

    YAH!!! i’m happy so i think they mite be together cuz Larry King didnt say anything about miley but joe caught on. so…..