Kelly Blatz Wrestles Chris Jericho

Kelly Blatz Wrestles Chris Jericho

Kelly Blatz chats it up with WWE wrestler Chris Jericho in this new still from Aaron Stone.

In the upcoming episode “Xero Control,” Xero (Steven Yaffee) captures the world’s most feared fighter, World Champion Billy “The Body Bag” Cobb (Jericho), to teach them the moves necessary to program his combat suit. Aaron Stone (Blatz) is enlisted to rescue Billy Cobb and destroy the combat suit. caught up with Kelly to chat about the ep. Check it:

On working with Chris Jericho: “It was great, I had never been a huge wrestling fan, but my friends were, and I remember them saying his name, so when I heard he was coming on I recognized his name. For some reason in the back of your mind subconsciously you think these wrestlers are angry people, but he showed up and he was the nicest guy. He came up with this whole thing for his character which was really funny. We had a great time, and he’s just the nicest guy. We do have some scenes where we fight each other, it’s an interesting way that you’ll see in the episode, he’s such a strong guy, he’s huge, so for me I’m like ‘Just take it easy! I’m not as big as Stone Cold [Steve Austin].’”

On if he thinks wrestling is real: “I think certain wrestling is real, but it’s very theatrical, the WWE and things like that. These people really are doing these crazy stunts and really physically doing these things but it’s all very theatrical.”

“Xero Control” premieres THIS Monday, June 22 @ 9PM ET/PT on Disney XD.

10+ stills inside…

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Photos: John Medland/Disney XD
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  • luis F. Gomez

    I cant believe this, hahaha its kind of funny to see that he says Jericho is “the nicest guy”, that is just not the way he is when he steps into the ring, he is really cocky and arrogant, anyways the WWE is the best company in sports entertainment nowadays, and they have the best wrestlers of all time just to name a few: Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker…. I wonder if they would agree to do the wrestling part on the Paranoid video of the Jonas Brothers hahaha that would be funny…… JJJ you rock!!

    Greets from Guatemala!

  • kelly

    chris jericho!!!

  • Stoney

    So psyched for this ep and some new Aaron Stone episodes!

  • ZzZ

    I never watch this, even thought I think this guy’s a hottie. I just don’t think there’s anything special about this show. And I’m trying to be nice here, some ppl even call it lame.

  • Anonymous

    i thought Jericho was taller.

  • tena

    This is so cool becasue i am a huge wwe fan, i really hope we can get a video of this :)

  • shante

    DUDE chris jerchio wow amazing hes one of the best heels ever! LOVE wwe <3 randy orton! :]

  • Maryse

    I think wrestling is fake now lol no i dont

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