Selena Gomez is Parade Pretty

Selena Gomez is Parade Pretty

Selena Gomez lets her pearly whites shine in this new shoot from Parade magazine.

The 16-year-old actress dished to the mag about friendship, being a role model and being romantically linked to Taylor Lautner. Check it:

On embracing the role model role: “I think that it’s part of the job where you turn into a role model. It’s not something I aimed toward. But now that it’s kind of a title, I do embrace it, because it’s very sweet to have little girls have posters and T-shirts of you. I’m only a teenager. I’m also going to make mistakes. But I’ll try to keep those mistakes to myself.”

On her friendship with BFF Demi Lovato: “[Princess Protection Program is] about fitting in and doing the right thing. But, more important, it’s about friendships. It’s good to have a girl-empowering movie that’s fun. On tour and on our shows, we are forced to be mature. So when we get together, we’re able to be 16. We have sleep­overs and do each other’s hair and makeup and all that stuff.”

On the media linking her with Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner: “I love talking about boys. I used to worry about it, but I decided that it’s wrong not to go out to eat with friends or to the movies, because people might see me. It’s exhausting to shield yourself all the time. Still, it seems that boyfriends are all people care about when they write about me.”

On a few of her favorite things: “It irritates me when people think I live such a special life and that I’m spoiled. I’m an only child, but my grandmother babysat 13 kids at once, so I grew up with a bunch of kids around me. I had lunch at Subway today. My favorite food is fried pickles at Hooters. I hate it when people don’t bother to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ I’ve met the nicest people in L.A., but I’ve also met the meanest.”

On still being billed as the next Miley Cyrus: “I don’t get mad about that anymore. It kind of comes with the territory. I know there’s never ‘the next.’ You’re your own person. I’m not here to be ‘the next.’ I’m here just to be Selena. That’s it!”

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Photos: Larsen & Talbert For Parade Magazine
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  • Khloe

    she could be the next miley cyrus but she a selena like she said
    ”here to be selena gomez” ”’thats it”’

  • selena fan

    selena rocks

  • ‘amyy

    Why would she be mad being named the next Miley Cyrus she should ne honoured not mad. But princess protection programme amazing movieee

    lovee yaaahh xxx

  • brit


    Well getting called the next miley cyrus all the time is annoying, like wouldnt you rather be called yourself then someone else? it is like kind of insulting to her that they have to compare her to miley, and saying she is the next miley and not really selena, hard to explain but you should get the point

  • brit

    oh and selena looks goregous, she always do, she should totally look into the modeeling thing, totally

  • Jon

    I used to think she is the next Miley Cyrus because they look and sound sorta alike. But lately, she’s been very unique. Even with a unique haircut. I don’t see Miley Cyrus in her at all anymore. I see Selena, which is perfect. Miley is great as she is and Selena is perfect as she is. No one’s “the next” anybody.

    Except I’m beginning to see Miley in Demi…alot. ):

  • Meagan

    Whoa. She’s like everywhere these past couple of days. Magazine covers, more magazine articles, morning talk shows, late night talk shows, radio, just jared, and movie premieres. I can see that Disney has already started their plan to overexpose her and make her show a franchise. Just wait til the Wizards movie comes out. It’s gonna be Selena mania…..

    OMGomez! CAN’T WAIT!

  • TV

    @Meagan: I know! I have never seen so much Selena in so little time like this in my life. It’s kinda cool to see how far she has come. Oh yeah, you forgot about her album- Dang, Disney IS gonna give her ton of exposure. I hope they don’t overdo it and ruin her like they did with Hannah Montana/Miley and HSM.

  • saudia

    ugh she is so pretty!! Such a gorgeous 16 yr old .. wow

  • kc

    Haha it’s kinda funny. Now that I’m used to her new hair, I don’t like this hair anymore. But who cares. She sooooooooo pretty. She’s too lucky.

  • Delilah_Marie

    No one calls her The “Next Miley Cyrus” anymore. Miley is still Miley. She is still queen bee. She is still the IT girl.

  • jbr

    selena is selena and we love her for who she is =)
    and we also love miley for who she is
    and they are both great but different people
    they are unique
    sel looks pretty as always
    love her !

  • amy

    I totally agree – no one wants to be the next anyone – People are so defensive about MIley – it is not an insult to not want to be the next miley – it just means Selena is Selena & wants to be herself. I’m sure Miley does not want to be called the next anyone either – she is miley & wants to be herself.

    It is kind of like being the younger sister or brother in school or even in the family & always being compared to that older sister brother & like why aren’t you more like them – Everyone is born an individual with differert qualities and likes & gifts & no one is better or worse that anyone – but when you are always being compared to the other – it can be hard & discouraging.

    Anyway – this looks like a great magazine spread & Selena looks great – I like her honesty .

    Oh & Megan & TV whenever a new movie is coming out or a new album or even a book – the move & record companies arrange for the stars to be on a lot of tv shows & news to promote & help sell the movie or album or book. It advertising – so it seems like a lot but they all do it to sell.

  • KoolKat

    Are those pictures before Selena cut her hair or is she wearing hair extensions? I think she’s SO pretty! I mean look at her! Is she even wearing makeup? It’s hard to tell since she’s so naturally pretty!

    People haven’t been calling her “The Next Miley Cyrus” in a really long time, which is great! But I think the reason why they called her that was because they expected her to quickly become as rich, famous and successful as Miley and to be like her…. and that brings a lot of pressure on Selena. Selena is Selena, she’s going to become a huge star in her OWN way, in her OWN right and like she said, she’s her OWN person. Anyway, I’m glad the media stopped calling her that, cause Selena is following her own path and she’s VERY different compared to Miley.

    Anyway, Selena is doing amazingly well for a 16 year old. I mean, she has 3 or 4 movies coming up, a debut album and she’s actually going on tour somewhere in January 2010. So I’m super excited. Plus, I’m glad Disney is finally turning her show into a franchise! This is gonna be great! :)

  • Jack ward

    The way Selena looks fits the perfect black curly hair, those beautiful dark brown eyes, the perfectly shaped nose, and that gorgeous smile.

  • anonymous

    she is gorgeous

  • leah

    Selena looks so freaking beautiful in this shoot!:) I miss her long her now.

  • http://jjj milestogo95

    she looks really beautiful and i loved the interview! such a sweetheart… :)

  • Mandarine


    It’s not an honour.

  • Sparkie

    Ugh, it annoys me so much when people compare Selena and Miley. They’re completely different people, with unique talents and qualities.
    I’m so glad she addressed it.



  • angela

    ahh! she is soo pretty! i love everything she wears, they all fit perfectly for her..gosh..she is so pretty..did i say that already?

  • MartOlina

    I’m so happy for Selena,she’s so down to earth and cool.I like her a lot,I like Miley and Demi too.They’re both gorgeous and different.Hope that they’ll be friends in the future.MileySelenaDemi would be great!Follow me on twitter xoxo


    i don’t know what god gave to this girl she so perfect and beutiful i can stare at her all day ……… specially this pictures.

  • lilee

    She’s SO beautiful (:

  • kristy

    she really is too gorgeous for words. i just want her to grow up already shes gonna be a bombshell

  • LoveLeeR

    She seems quite mature.
    point for her!

  • Brenda

    We love Selena :) She is so gorgeous she rocks :) what we love the most about her is that she’s so down to earth and cool :)

  • MEI

    selena is really nice……….but i wouldn’t call her the next miley cyrus………….miley cyrus is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love miley demi and selena!!!!!!!!!!!they’re both awesome in their own ways and i would never take the side of selena, demi or miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!they’re both great…………they’re my idols!!!!!(i like miley a little bit more then demi and then selena but they have a really small difference!!!)…….

  • tan

    just so u know nobodies perfect and thats gonna show
    and im with u sparki u said everything in just a so small words and time

    LOVE MILEY & SELENA & DEMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karissa

    My grandma knows how much I love Selena Gomez!!! She cut out the whole article and mailed it to me from Michigan!!!(I live in California)

  • demifan

    i think what they mean by next miley cyrus is she is going to be a very successful and respected actress

  • http://ILOVESELENAANDDEMI kaltrina

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH selena and demi

>>>>>>> staging1