Miley Cyrus Backstage at Jonas Brothers Concert

Miley Cyrus Backstage at Jonas Brothers Concert

So it’s pretty much confirmed that Miley Cyrus will be performing tonight at the Jonas Brothers concert tonight (June 20) at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas, TX.

Just look, Miley has her own sign backstage! Before the storm-mmmm…

The JoBros also just tweeted, “PS – Got a couple of surprises for you tonight ;)”

Of course, American Idol champ Jordin Sparks has her own area, she’s opening for the boys!

What other surprises do you think Jonas have for us besides Miley?

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  • Kiki

    im go glad miley is hanging out with the jonas brothers again!!

  • Kiki

    maybe they will perform their duet together!

  • maggie

    i can’t waitttt to seeeee itttt!!!!!!!i wanna see Niley live duet soooo bad!!

  • amanda

    @Kiki: of course they will!!it0s kinda obvious,don’t ya think?

  • nathalia

    i wanna see niley live duet soooooooo bad!!
    i wish i lived in dallas.
    i love them

  • brooke

    Someone needs to record this…. PRONTO! I am dying to see how they react to each other on stage (Nick and Miley)! I wish I was in Dallas! I would absolutely love to see this live! But if someone records it, I think I can live wit thatt lolz

  • mrsefron.

    youtube will be my life possibly tonight & tomorrow. Im gonna watchh everythinnnngg. I CAN NOT WAITT TO SEE THE AMAZINGNESS FOR MYSELF. JULY 15 <33 ahhhhhh.

    ps.. I HOPE MILEY WILL BE IN JERSEY TOO! dought it , but hopee so! if not whatteevrrrr. ive got JB all for ME ! lol & 3000 other fans… haha

  • mrsefron.

    i hear they bring 4 fans on stageee. but i think onlyy durin rehrealsal vip thing. nott really sure on that one.

    OH & Burnin up foam is backk !:]

  • katie

    gahhhhh i am DYING to see this! i can’t wait!
    love miley jb and niley! :D

  • amy

    wheeeeee! i hope someone youtubes this ASAP! i love all 4 of them (miley kevin nick and joe!) so much and i LOVE before the storm… mad jealous of everyone there!

  • jbr

    i love them =)))))
    im really happy that they will be performing together !!!!!

  • wtf

    EW! with miley? THAT SUCK!!
    miley is a btch!

  • TeamNiley

    OMG! This concert is gonna be EPIC! I hope people take good video of Niley!

  • amy

    @wtf: no. and get over your bitter jealousy hun :)

  • amanda

    AWWW! What i’d do to hear “We got the party” again! :)
    But i do hope they sing before the storm!
    NILEY <3

  • katie

    yay (: can’t wait, hope someone brought a REALLY good camera and records this. i really like 3/4 of the songs on the new album but before the storm is far and away my favorite. black keys is nice too.

  • wtf

    Jelous? JAJAJAJA yei i want to be a bitch like miley

  • hun98

    YEEEEEEESSSS!!! Like the old days! :) I love Miley and the Jonas Brothers! and “Before the Storm” is THE best song on the album. Which is saying alot since there are alot of good ones.. :) I so wish I was there tonight!! I knew she’d go to the Dallas show.. Just knew it! :P

  • Kiki

    haha yeah i guess it is kinda obvious =P

  • yay

    i wish i was there :(

  • Mariana

    the ones going there are SO LUCKY!
    jobros + miley WOAH!

  • Abby w

    Sooooooooo excited niley live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yazmin

    i cant wait !!!
    i hope someone can videotape it !!!!

  • billythekid

    @wtf: You could only WISH you were anything like Miley. keep dreaming though

  • sarah

    I hope they don’t get back together, they will only break up AGAIN!

  • victoria

    yay! yay! yay!

  • Jimmy


  • apple ef.

    YEEES :D
    JB & Miley Cyrus divos *——–*

  • selenagomezdeservesmore.

    @wtf: ahaha i agree budday :) , miley = barf
    selena= :)

  • http://. Vic2763

    This is @ the new Cowboys Football Stadium in Dallas. How big is that? I hope ppl will be close enough to the stage to get a good hq video of nick&miley’s duet of bts.

  • http://. Vic2763

    This is truly an epic event. Niley is making music history. They are the first songwriting/performing Teen Power Couple. I really hope not only to see a video of this historic performance posted on yt very soon, but that a professional video is also being made of BTS, and also that a single is released. I dont ask for much, kplzthx =]


    DAMN! wish i could be there!


  • justafan

    After 2 years of HELL, the friendship is restored. I am happy for all of them. And yes, I think Nick and Miley have found their way back to one another and will NEVER lose their way again.

    Niley For The Win!!!!

  • Jessica.

    Everyone is making a big deal out of this and it’s annoying now. I’m sick of coming to one of my favorite sites and seeing another name story about these Disney kids. People. I guarantee you by the time the boys’ tour is over in what, November? They’ll all of a sudden be what they want us to think is’over. Probably sooner than that. Disney Channel and their publicists won’t let Nick have this little bitch on his disco stick for long, they just need the publicity. Plus, a lot of Jonas fans don’t like Miley – AT ALL. She’s Jonas fan poison, and they won’t support them as much with that creature coming on tour with them. People wanna see Kevin, Joe, and Nick, not Kevin, Joe, Nick, and Redneck. Seriously. Jordin Sparks is awesome though. They can keep her. =D.

  • Secreet[x

    so amazing. go on youtube and look at some pics :)

  • the fame

    ok, relax is a dueet… wooow overrated much?

  • Demetria Lovato

    dont fall for her nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gosh i hate her so much

  • http://... omgthatsweird

    godd thats going to suck if miley comes to Minnesota! She cant sing at all she ruins the song ugh cant they find someone better then her!

  • Liz

    just came back from concert! it was Awesome! Miley performed duet with Nick at very end of concert! Jordin Sparks came back out to perform with brothers also. (long pretty white dress) Miley looked like she was shy up there cuz she knew no one knew she was gonna be there.

  • Aileen

    I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brooke

    i was at the concert and they sang before the storm. nick was amazing…miley sounded a little squeaky. she kept trying to keep his attention but he worked the stage like a pro:) she gave him a kiss on the cheek at the end.

  • chloe17

    i recorded it! i was rly mad though because she kissed nick on the cheek in front the arena! the concert was the most INCREDIBLE jpnas concert ever in the history of jonas! oh and the nicole from jonas show came too!

  • chloe17

    @brooke: I recorded it! they did a good job, but miley kissed nick on the cheek which of course made me mad!

  • zoe

    She was reallly there…..she just popped out from under the stage wtih tons of smoke surrounding her…very cool….I had the best time…and i’m also going when they come to houston!!!! how exciting! two jb concerts!

  • addie rae


    i was at that concert and miley kept trying to hang on to nick but we would walk away or brush her arm of his shoulder…haha i kind of laughed about it but felt kinda bad for her.

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