Vanessa Hudgens - 'Beastly' Sneak Peek

Vanessa Hudgens - 'Beastly' Sneak Peek

Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer look on to another scene in this sneak peek for Beastly.

A behind-the-scenes look will air exclusively on Entertainment Tonight about the fantasy romance flick. In the movie, a New York teen (Pettyfer) is transformed into a hideous monster in order to find true love.

Vanessa and Alex have been bonding off the set as well as on. They were spotted getting a bite to eat last weekend. Vanessa had a special visitor this weekend — boyfriend Zac Efron.

Be sure to tune into Entertainment Tonight on Monday, June 22!

Vanessa Hudgens – “Beastly” Sneak Peek
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    first?? lovely film! can’t wait!

  • celly


  • Jess!

    Vanessa and Alex At restaurant La Marée – Montreal 12.06

  • Caro


  • http://zanessa nathalia

    the film promises good times,
    apparently good chemistry of vanessa and alex,

    zac and with a good boyfriend
    to meet his girlfriend
    love zanessa

  • emma

    zac and vanessa with the black eyed peas in Montreal

  • Mello

    Omg, I can’t waitt for the last airbender

  • may

    i love you vanessa!!!!! =)

    i can’t wait for this movie

  • Katty

    I knew Zac was there… we went way too long with nothing from him in Cali, so he had to be somewhere. They are adoreable.
    I hope her and Alex do have chemistry, though, it will make the movie better. Can’t wait for more pix!

  • Melissa

    Am I the only one who also wants to see the The Last Airbender Teaser? :/

    Anyway, Can’t wait for Beastly! =)

  • Mandy

    Positively can’t wait for that! But aww, how sweet of Zac to visit V during his almost only spare time. About time we heard about those three! (Zac, V and Alex)

    But, just wondering, Jared, how on earth did you know Zac went to visit her this weekend when there’s no images on here about Zac being spotted in Montreal? Or at least LAX airport??

  • N@than

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    Be sure to post some comments on it, everyday, the webmaster bring you closer to your favorite couple =D !!!
    No matter if your posts are in english ( if u didn’t notice it the site is french lol ), the webmaster will make sure to give you the answer to your question =) !!!
    Check it out guys

  • linea

    Omg Iam So Exited Mary Kate I Love You! Vanessa I Hate You!

  • istar

    AHHH!!!! omg omg omg…. so much to squeal about!! i finished the book beastly last week and im so excited 4 the movie… and the sneak peek!! vanessa looks gorgeus in this little clip of her.
    and omg awwwwwwwww…. zac went to montreal to visit V… sweetest guy ever! <3

  • http://zanessa nathalia


    these I had not seen
    zac and vanessa would be today? 20/06
    vanessa zac and lovely

  • linea

    Vote 4 Miley Ashley Selena Demi Zac And Twilight!

  • kimi xx

    Aww I can’t wait for this movie! :] I want to see how Alex and Vanessa’s chemistry on screen.

    And to marissa that’s a mean thing to say. I mean you could hate her, but that is just rude to say you want to pay some one to kill her. Thats like murder right there.

  • Music lover

    They neglect to mention that Zacs younger brother was also in Montreal with Zac. I was at the Virgin Music Festival and was stood next to the Beastly cast ( alex Pettyfer is HOT in the flesh) But anyway zacs brother Dylan was also there. I know because at one point during the night I was stood next to him when my friend who had managed to get us the VIP tickets went to the bar. Dylan was on the other said of Zac for most of the night and they were laughing and joking together with the Beastly cast,while Vanessa boogied away to the music. It was an amazing line up the best ive seen so far.

  • suzy

    I just love the look of this film already. They have managed to make V look hella young and fresh faced, very natural. MK looks good and I just love the way Alex was staring at V’s character in that scene

  • Masbonita

    AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! What happen to my Alex ??? He still cute ! Vanessa looks so happy with Zac , so glad they are together in Montreal . Can’t wait to see Beastly!

  • Sammy

    So I love Vanessa so of course I’m excited for Beastly(Zac visited her :p) but I love love love Avatar:TLA!!! Can’t believe it’s turning into a real movie!

  • elizabeth

    some ppl are so douchey

  • Anna

    lmao were already getting sneak peeks when they just started filming like 2 weeks ago.
    though I CAN’T WAIT!

  • Zanesa4ever

    @Mandy: There are pics of him and V at the Virgin festival or somthing like that

  • Masbonita

    Ummm , I’m confuse. Why Vanessa doesn’t know that they only way to break the spell in the book was with a true love kiss ? I’ll kiss him as a Beast , while his transforming , and when he looks normal again ….

  • emm

    @linea: Vote 4 Vanessa Hudgens

  • ♥zanessa-forever-fan♥

    Aww its so cute and sweet that Zac went to go visit her ♥
    Zanessa forever!
    Can’t wait for the movie and the sneak peak on Monday!
    V looks great, as usual!

  • http://justjaredjr alc

    so sweet of zac to visit vanessa, really sign of true love, huh

  • maila

    Spoiler Alert: I guess Vanessa hasn’t read the book because her character Linda or Lindy does kiss him as the beast which makes him transform back!

    I can’t wait for this movie! The book is awsome, so the movie will be great too!

  • Bradley B

    I can’t wait to Vanessa In Beastly.

  • Hannah

    i think that this movie looks great from this small preview, it’s amazing how small it could be yet it shows how amazing the movie will be. i can’t wait until this comes out and it was so sweet of zac to visit vanessa! it shows that it’s true love :) and people who are being horrible about vanessa, get a life. your just jealous.

  • tee

    Good to see Vanessa enjoying her time in Montreal. Movie looking good. Of course Zac visited her there they always visit each other while working. That what couples do.

  • Nina

    good i can’t wait for this movie
    it’s gonna be great,and alex and nessa seem to have good chemistry
    oh and the evil role really suits mary-kate
    can’t wait for the sneak peak,trailer and again,the movie

  • jonasfreak

    ewwwwwwwwwwww :(
    creepy and stupid -.-

  • http://zanessa nati

    I love the look of alex for vanessa,
    the first looks. “great”, I bet you have great moments in this film

  • tee

    @jonasfreak: coming from someone who never heard of Beauty and the Beast. What are you five?

  • linea

    No I Dont Like hER sORRY!

  • tee

    @linea: like we care.

  • the fame

    you should check zanessa forums, there are lots of photos of her hanging out with alez and zanessa in virgin festival

    amazing preview=) i love this couple,

  • http://zanessa nathalia
    remember vote
    to vanessa, zac and HSM

  • tee

    There are links in JJJ post to the pictures (the words in blue).

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    very good,
    for those who still have doubts,

  • jonasfreak

    @tamara: NO! not everyone… I HATE HER AS WELL! :@:@:@

  • Bradley B

    @Hannah: @tee:

    I Totally agree with you.

  • dots

    I’ve seen that clip like 15 times, and I never tire of it.
    I cannot wait for the movie!
    The book was amazing, and it seems the movie will most definitely do it justice.
    Vanessa looks great,
    and Alex, I love his accent.
    Can’t wait til Monday!
    And I love all of the V/Alex – V/Zac pics!

  • nania

    why yous hate vanessa ???? tell me one reason
    i now for a naked pics ok fine asley and miey they too have a many naked pics
    vanessa is so biautiful and the haters get awt to vanessa post !!!!!!!!!!
    sorry for my englesh i’m not from usa i’am from france

  • Delsy

    can’t wait for beastly

  • Helen

    Wow some people just dont know when to quit
    Do you realize that being famous in Hollywood isnt all about having the most fans?There have been countless people that have had millions of fans but they drop off the face of the earth some people are gonna say they hate Vanessa and some people are gonna love her but the only thing that matters is that you know her
    It isnt all about having fans.In hollywood to be a heavy hitter you dont have to have a billion fans you have to have popularity whether people love you or hate you the point is theyll look for you online cause theyre interested which gives you more popularity so ofcourse the paparrazi know that theyll take pictures of you adn sell them and the people who come on Vanessas post and comment about how much they hate her? Well your only giving her mor popularity therefore signifying that she will remain relevant as long as haters keep talking about her.
    She gets so many hits online so people are gonna want to buy more pics of her and more people are gonna comment on her whetther they love or hate her and she will just keep getting publicity making her stay famous and of course I as a fan will applaud her and all the hard work she is also doing to remain relevant.
    So go ahead and keep on talking and looking for things to hate about her you are only making her more popular

  • Just Interested

    woooah the movie look awsome already!!

    early promos <333 i think this movie will be amazing just look at V & alex ;D

    7 haters you can all go to hell ;]]
    your stupid comments won’t change the fact that vanessa’s amazing & gorgeous <3

  • maria

    Such immature comments. Seriously. You all just hate that this movie looks SOO good, and is an excellent next move for Vanessa. She looks simply beautiful, and her chemistry with Alex is perfect. I think this will be a “sleeper” hit next year!!

    You people need to realize we don’t care what you think or say. We just ignore your crap.

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