Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas - 'Before The Storm' Duet Video

Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas - 'Before The Storm' Duet Video

Check out the awesome duet of Miley Cyrus singing with maybe-boyfriend Nick Jonas during the Jonas Brothers concert on Saturday night (June 20) at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas, TX.

Standin’ out in the rain,
Knowin’ that it’s really over.
Please don’t leave me alone.

FYI: Nicole Anderson, aka Macy Misa on JONAS, introduced the JoBros on stage!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Niley performance — HOT or NOT?

Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas – “Before The Storm”
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  • i

    i love it

  • Thais

    They are SO dating again!! You can see it by the way they look and smile at each other. I’m so proud and happy! Niley is for real!! :)

  • i

    first :D:D:D

  • b :)

    they are amazing together, wish them, all but the best in the future. NILEYYYY <33333333 :)

  • Liz

    I was there, lol, everyone was so surprised to see her!

  • victoria

    awwwwww <3
    my momma was all like “aww they are so smitten with each other”
    and i agree…watch nicks smile in like the first 5 secs and then mileys smile at the end!
    i love that they are in each others lives again, whether its as bffs or bf/gf
    again….awwwwwwwwwww <3

  • jom

    ow gosh!!! i’ve been waiting for this!!!

    NILEY !!!!

    shockz!!!! love it!!!!

    i totali adore this song!!!

  • jbr

    aaaaaaaaawwwwww wish them all the best

  • yazmin

    i love it!!!!
    it look she so happy!!!!
    wo0o0o0w im the fourth !!!
    miley come to MEXICO!!!!

  • Sarahjps

    Yay Niley!!

  • victoria

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3
    my momma was all like ‘aww they are so smitten with each other’
    and i couldnt agree more, i mean look at nicks smile in the 1st 5 secs and hers at the end! and i am so glad they are in each others lives again whether its bffs or bf/gf
    and again….awwwwwwwww <3

  • yazmin


  • katie

    they are adorable together! i can’t get over it!
    beautiful song, beautiful couple :)

  • andrea

    omg , beautiful

  • amy

    what else is there to say but “aww”? (: that look at the end gave it all away, hehe. they have so much chemistry together and they sound flawless together. if they’re not dating then they should be, lol!

  • danilkamarie

    i can’t believe i’m crying. hahaha so cute together. haha i don’t know what to think, but there’s something there, definitely. haha i love them soo much!! haha

  • Jessica.

    She sounds like my cat. When he threw up a hairball. =| Are people serious? Fail.

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    awww that was wonder
    and how they looked into each other eyes
    love them together

  • Maddie

    I didn’t see the chemisrty.
    I’m sorry.
    I don’t mean to hate.
    It wasn’t a hot performance.
    And when they hugged, it looked too forced.
    They don’t have the chemistry they once had.

  • Giselle

    this song remind me of my first love . hope these two are happy

  • amy

    @Maddie: you said this on oceanup too and it was false there. i see oodles of chemistry there as do most people with eyes. i reckon you are a nick fan and are a bit jealous and BELIEVE ME i get that, but please just let them be happy together. :)

  • Brooke

    Awwwwwwwww, they’re so adorable together. :)

    They’re the dream couple. <333

  • Farrah

    @Maddie: Hm, I see a ton of chemistry between these two. Far more than most kids their age, actually. And I think their voices sound lovely together… that hug did not seem forced and I thought the performance was great. Miley looked giddy and adorable, and I loved that look at the end. I’d put money on these two being in love, but I respect your opinion.

  • Farrah

    @Jessica.: Really? She sounds very nice here to me. I like her voice in this song, this sort of country-pop is very fitting for her voice.

  • IMAN

    Bless them they were adorbale and all smiley even nick I mean this is a sad song why all smiley? because they are both happy it shows.

    I hope they last forever


  • moni445


  • kate

    fuck niley ..

  • Paula

    They’re so cute together!!

  • Just Jono

    Amazing (:

  • katie

    asdfghjkl;zxvncmfj. OMG. i’m sorry but i just had a teenie moment. that was seriously so adorable. and that look at the end… gah! i love seeing my bb girl in love. i completely disagree with maddie, i see bundles and bundles of chemistry here–you can feel the power in the song.

    great, great performance. i’m glad they did it.

  • clara

    really not!

  • katie

    @Farrah: oh ignore jessica, she’s a bitter selena fan who feels compelled to hate on miley in every post. i wish these sorts of people would stick to the depths of hell–oceanFAIL. i like both girls and i wish their fans would stop hating on each other.

    anyway, once again, i love this video. i’ve watched it three times so far, hah.

  • Jessica.

    Hug did looked forced, and when she tried to touch his back, he moved away quickly. You can tell she’s the one more into him, if he’s really into her at all. I don’t care if he had the guitar on or not, the hug looked very forced. And she looked stupid just standing there.. lmao. Body language is the key, idc what anyone says about one another — you can always tell with body language. And his shows he wasn’t feeling her. Thankfully.

  • Kimora

    GO TEAM NILEY! they look adorable :)
    miley looks gorgeous, and nick is so hot !

  • summer

    sorry with all the fans love with niley
    but 4 me it was bouring
    i mean they dont make a cute couple
    before yes
    but now ….not
    and miley sings like a cat!
    the song is nice but it sound better
    without miley
    it my opinion!
    I love jobros!

  • kate

    maddie, you obviously didnt watch miley at the end and nicks smile in the bginning, they have soooooooo much chemistry.
    and you’re probably referring to their performance in “we got the party with us” which is an upbeat and playful song, so they get the play around…kinda hard to do that with the slow, love song

  • Ani

    I love them together they are so cutie and you can see it

    ~when you look me in the eyes~

    whatever haters, im happy for miley and nick.

    and if you’re a true fan, u will be too:)

  • Lili

    Beautiful performance. I love them together and this song is so, so perfect for them. Oh, and Miley fans–ignore ridiculous haters such as Jessica, kate, clara, etc. Such people have yet to realize that Nick will never know they exist, let alone marry them.

    Great job, JB. And amazing job, Nick and Miley. :]

  • kay


    if they dont get married, all of the world as we know it will come to an end.

    beautiful. they are pretty ridic. singing to/with each other but its the cutest thing in the entire word.

    maybe it wasnt oozing with chemistry, but that ending? c’mon. i know you cant really see nicks face but gah, they are too cute.

  • sam

    yes, the best power couple ever this was amazing love it!

    Nick and miley looks great i hope they really last and stay together they look good together.

    i think miley is the favorite girlfriend from all the jb girls. we loved her.

  • katie

    @Lili: “Such people have yet to realize that Nick will never know they exist, let alone marry them.” haha exactly. i stopped going on oceanFAIL because there were just so many of those girls there. i like to refer to jjj as the “love zone”. not too much fighting here.

    (btw, now i’m on my fifth playthrough. did you catch that look at the end? completely blew the “just friends” thing out of the water, although they’ve been outed since joe spilled the beans anyway)

  • Ani


  • Vanessa

    aww :) miley looked like she was gonna cry at the end, ): . i love them together! go team nileyyyyy <3

  • Jessica.

    @Lili: Actually, nobody is hating. I usually don’t give a shit. But when I have 5-12 year old cousins looking up to someone like her, who makes racial jokes. My cousins took pictures, “because Hannah Montana did it like this!” – Not hating at all, telling the truth. And I’m entitled to my own opinion, so you can shove it, thanks.

  • Jillm

    here’s the thing…if they had been all over each other…people would have complained that it was too much. i think they balanced out, plus they couldn’t be next to each other the whole time…the stage rotated and they had to play to each area of the arena. i agree…the looks were there…whether the affection is romantic or otherwise, only they know…but you can tell they do love each other — his smile at the beginning and their shared glance at the end said volumes.

  • Jessica.

    @summer: I agree 100%. ;D. I agree, when they were younger, it was cute. Now it’s annoying, seeing everything she’s said. So shut up calling us haters because we dislike someone. And no, I’m not a bitter Selena fan, I’d just rather have my cousins look up to someone positive, not a slutty redneck.

  • Lili

    @Jessica.: Then your cousins’ parents are terrible for allowing their children on sites like TMZ, not that your story is true in the first place. And yes, you are certainly allowed to waste your free time hating on a teenage girl that you don’t even know. Don’t know why you’d choose to, though.

    @katie: LOL yup, that look did it for me too. Reminded me of the We Got the Party days.

  • Saby

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW i cant believe miley actually sing on the jbs concert, hope they do a music video on this.LOL

  • alexis

    at first i was a HUGE niley fan.
    then later i was a HUGE nelena fan.
    but im over nelena.
    Now. i Loooveee Niley. :D

  • jasmine

    they are so bloody adorable together. i love them. ♥

    and LOL @ the haters, nick will never love you friends.

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