The Jonas Brothers Host Much Music Video Awards

The Jonas Brothers Host Much Music Video Awards

The Jonas Brothers grab onto their mics as they rehearse during their sound check for the 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Canada on Sunday afternoon (June 21).

The musical trio — Nick, Joe and Kevin — are hosting and performed “Burnin’ Up” and “Love Bug” during tonight’s ceremony.

The JoBros just tweeted, “Just finished co hosting the Much Music Video Awards. Thank you to all of our amazing fans for voting us Ur Fave International Video!”

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: O\\\\\\\'Neill/White; Photos: INFdaily, George Pimentel/WireImage
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  • ME

    LUV THEM !!!!!!!!!! First !!

  • chelsea

    uhh actually they performed Burnin’ Up and Paranoid
    and did AMAZING

  • Undercontrol

    i didnt watch the MMVA so umm did they win?

  • EAC

    they were amazing! :)
    the show was incredible!

  • pilar

    i loveeee JO.BROOOOOS!

  • Allison

    I didn’t watch.
    I couldn’t they were a freakin country away [florida]
    and thats what youtube is for<3

    I’m sure, as usual, it was amazing!
    Jonas Contest

  • daniela

    i love jonas !
    nick so hot xd

  • Nikka

    correction jard its paranoid and burin up not lovebug silly

  • emele

    For some reason I don’t like Kevin, he seems to lack a personality, hopefully he will leave soon and frankie will take his place ha.

  • luanna

    i love kevin’s glasses!

  • lauren


    are you serious?! he is the SWEETEST guy ever. when i met them, he was so genuine and such a gentlemen. i mean, they all were but kevin was just like, WOW. hes amazing. dont bash.

  • emele

    Yea i agree he is very sweet and seems really caring, im justing saying he does seem a little dull sometimes.

  • Courtney

    They are amazing!

    Congrats, Boys!

    I love JB! :)

  • Kellcie

    They won an award .. Also they performed burning up , paranoid .. the Jb asked the crowd to sing a little part of luv bug with them ..
    It was cool

  • jbr

    kevin is AMAZING and really sweet
    and i love them all
    jonas brothers forever !

  • brooke

    Hehehe! They’re awesome! Did anyone else see Kim Kardashian kiss Nick J lolzz?! He looked so creeped! It’s on Youtube where they introduce Lady GaGa! Seriously…. look for it! So funni!


  • i love them


  • brooke

    I mean… this is the better link lolz. Just the kiss part haha

  • Yvonne


    YOU HAVE TO FREAKIN BE KIDDING ME! HOW CAN YOU CALL KEVIN JONAS DULL? As if he doesn’t get enough hate you say you dont like him because he has no personality. WAKE TA HELL UP! Kevin has the MOST endearing personality, he is sweet, he is gorgeous, he gives 110% of his heart in everything he does and loves ALL THE FANS, EVEN THE FREAKIN ONES THAT HATE HIM! :(

  • kelly


    VOTE 4 MILEY & JESSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    VOTE 4 MILEY & JESSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Katherine
  • janster

    Nick’s the hottest (; <3

  • carolineee

    @janster @janster: haha… agreed… I mean they are all hot but Nick is like HEAVENLY hot… <333

  • harvey

    @emele: Kevin leave – Noooooooo – Kevins the nicest person EVER.

  • naadyaa (on twitter)


    HEIDI MONTAG: amazing duet last night @mileycyrus!! you rock superstar!

    MILEY REPLYED: @heidimontag thank you!!! :) hes amazing.

    ofcourse she meaaaans nick is amazing !!!

  • lexi

    okay there hosting wasn’t bad but there performances paled compared to everyone elses. they just didn’t really perform well to me that night.

  • Justine


    I’m sorry but they were awesome, I prefer their paled performances, like you say than stuff like lady gaga did; I’m sorry if your a fan, but look at what she did & her “clothes” ( cause I dont know if you can call it clothes )… You’ll perfer their paled performances !

    Jobros rock & Nick is hot, Joe is funny & Keven is AWESOME we don’t want him to quit the band; it wouldn’t be the same anymore.

  • jb fan

    congrats guys for the winning

    jb rocks!!

    ♥ them

  • NativeNYker

    One of those bois is not like the others.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • m

    the part with kim k and nick is just hilarious!and kevins reaction is
    pretty priceless too!

  • http://hhy peace95

    their performance was amazing! they rocked out! :)

  • amiel

    another jo bros article!!! im sick of it!! hate me if you want !! i really dont like jo’bros!!! say anything you like i dont care!!

  • saudia

    yay Toronto.. the JBros killed it!!

  • dreamer

    If you dont like them Amiel, don’t loose your time and dont let haters comment. THAT’S IT !

    We can’t be love by everyone, so it’s normal that the JB have haters, but let comment like that make feel sick fans so just stop it, keep what you think for yourself. and I don’t say that just for the Jobros, but for every group or anything, haters should keep bad comments for themself and everything would be fine.

  • Kasia

    Please play in Poland :D ^^

  • tara

    i wanted to go so bad.. :(
    they where here…in toronto…in canada….breathing the same air as me..
    ahhh :( so not fair.
    but wutver. life is life.
    i love them with all my heart!
    cant awit for august! :) :)

    <3 nick j ur mine!

  • amiel

    peace to everyone!! ok i wont do it anymore!! keep rockin’ jobros fan!!
    take care hope you see jobro’s!!

  • adrienne

    They actually performed burnin up and Paranoid…they just sang a little part of lovebug =D

  • DINA

    They did Paranoid, not love bug :S

  • Karina

    OMGGG , Joee iss soo perfect !!

    He’s the best singer EVER !!!!

    Love him to deathhh, really, I would do ANYTHING to meet him !

  • rachel

    they actually performed to burnin up and paranoid.
    but near the end, they sang a bit of lovebug.
    and it was AMAZING! :)
    hope they come back to toronto again

  • amiel

    wat did <3 means?

  • vani!

    ~*I love the Jonas Brothers.JOE is the HOTTY.!!~*

  • Lauren

    I love Joe’s style hes adorable. The necklace he is always wearing is from the Panthera Collection for HELP Malawi.

  • i love jobros

    you cant say that bout kevin.he pulls the whole show together with his great guitar playing. i dont see why people hate kevin nothing is wrong with him. he loves ALL his fans, is sweet and caring, hes cute, plays the guitar amazingly good, and he ties the whole band and all the shows together. KEVIN JONAS FAN 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!! JONAS BROTHERS FAN 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @sodeepdarling

    Great photos, great boys.
    Mens, sorry.

  • i love keviin :)


    Nooo!!! he is hot!! and he is nooo waay leaving the band ,, a real jonas fan LOVES the 3jonas brothers right giirrls?
    Yes and i’m saying you are not a “Fan” so stop saying things about KevinJonas because he is a great guy!! i mean duuh!

  • i love keviin :)


    me too ;)