V Factory are Beach Bodies

V Factory are Beach Bodies

The V Factory boys show off their beach bodies as they have fun in the sun with a few gal pals on the beaches of Hawaii last week.

Jared Murillo, Wesley Quinn, Nathaniel Flatt and Nicky T had a blast touring the island of Oahu and capital city of Honolulu.

Asher Book, who was in NYC to promote his upcoming flick, Fame, made it to Hawaii just in time for the show!

Check out their performances and exclusive pics below!

V Factory – “In It For the Love” – 50th Hawaii State Fair

V Factory – “Lights, Camera, Action” – 50th Hawaii State Fair

V Factory – “Love Struck” – 50th Hawaii State Fair

V Factory – “These are the Days” – 50th Hawaii State Fair

V Factory – “Fade” – 50th Hawaii State Fair
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  • nessa

    jared’s new gf is a nobody.. but she’s prettier than ashley tisdale!

  • ashleytfan

    nobody is prettier than ashley <3

  • LOLA

    Yeah, Jared definitely upgraded! That girl is really pretty!

  • tamara

    lol yeah shes a nobody but def prettier than ash.

  • Barbie

    lmao at #2! Yeah, LOTS of people are. Ashley isn’t pretty….she’s average at most. Just being honest! Jared’s new GF isn’t wearing make-up in some of the pics and she looks beautiful!

  • the fame

    thats his new gf? at least she has boobs! wow jared UPGRADE

  • the fame

    and great body btw

  • jaymee_x

    i think shes not pretty…shes fair.
    but ashley is so much more prettier;
    & she has boobs @the fame.

  • erin

    So since Jared has a gf, that means everybody can stop feeling sorry for him and acting like Ashley is a slut for dating Scott right?

  • Cam!


    IA… prettier and natural!!

  • nathalia

    is that his new gf??
    i think she’s pretty!

  • ZJ207

    good for Jared!
    But, off course, Ashley is so much pretier than this girl!

  • ZJ207

    and btw I don’t think she have more boobs than Ashley lol… same size! And now that I’ve seen the pics, Ashley is defenitely pretier!

  • pup

    @the fame: LOL! comment made my day. xD

  • makaiomadness

    ashley galvan is her name.
    i dont compare ppl both ashley’s are beautiful.
    and she must be a somebody if shes in FAME, shes a wonderful dancer.
    im happy for ashley t. and jared, im glad they moved on.
    jared looks happy thats all i want :)

  • girlleader1

    nahh dude!! this chick is definitly not as gorgeous as ashley!! i think this chick is in it for da fame considering shes da ne takin da pix n spreadin dem. shes wearin like 10 pounds of make-up n still doesnt look half as good as ash!!
    everyone was hatin on ash for movin on soo fast but u dont see her takin pix with scott n showing dem off to da world!

  • maria

    So happy to see Jared move on and up!!

  • http://myspace.com/brittanyluvnickjonas zashleyroxzanessasox

    i remember her she’s on “Dance on Sunset”

  • britney

    its funny how everyone was feeling sorry for him and calling ashley a whore for going out wif scott while all along he was dating this chick

  • Wildcatgirl15

    That’s Ashley Galvan from that show “Dance on Sunset”. I personally think it’s a little weird that Jared’s dating another Ashley. Can u say awkward?

  • makaiomadness




  • lisa

    Can you say upgrade! (in a major way) she’s way prettier than ashley t. And jared seems a lot happier

  • Vanessa

    Jared new Gf is much prettier than Ashley she looks a littel bite like Vanessa

  • Nala

    His girlfriend is one pretty woman :). This isn’t an Ashley post so I don’t get why some people feel like they have to come up here and bash her…

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    @the fame:
    at least scott has muscles ;)
    i have never fgelt sorry for jared because he made ashley cry !

  • makaiomadness

    @ashtisdalelover1905: Scott has muscles? HA SHOW ME THAT! that old man has nothing. jareds just skinny but he has em. atleast jared is hot. scott looks weird. he reminds me of spencer pratt with his beard ha not to mention he is doofy lookin lmao

  • @makaiomadness:
    what world do u live in “jared has them ” dude r u blind he has nothing his arms looks like nuddles
    u just embarrassed urself by saying scott has nothing have u seen this picture hunni
    funny u call him old man while even tho jared is only 19 and he looks 30 no wonder ashley dumped his ass she likes real mans not little boys dat she had to drive around

  • humble

    Anything is better than Ashley Tisdale…she needs alot of work!!!

  • Carrie

    Jared’s new girl is so hot!!!! She is all natural and has no plastic surgery!! HA HA!! Jared’s hot too!! I love V factory!!!

  • veronica

    omg shes so much prettier than ashley t. what an upgrade!! and jared looks so hapy and freakin sexy!!!! ahh i love jared and ashley g. The new jashley rocks!!!!

  • Jen


    Actually he is almost 21. and at least he doesnt look awkward, I mean scott is way tall and skinny with no muscles and he is weird looking

  • Kayla

    Oh My! Jared Is freakin Sexy! Love Him! And his Girlfriend Is really Prettier. Cuter Couple than Ash & Scott!! UPGRADE!!!!!!!! hahaha :-D

  • taylor

    He has got to be the least photogenic person in the world.

  • Lyndsay

    Jared Is so hott! And Ashley G. Is really pretty. I think they are a way cute couple plus the age is a lot better 19 & 20. Lol. Jared got a upgrade.

  • Jenna

    Um. I dont think anyone would look that good after the beach. All of his other pics are just fine.

  • Alexia

    I love how in every Vid of Lovestruck when they perform it all the Girls freak out when Jared starts singing haha

  • erin

    wesley looks really retarded with his shorts like that.

  • Caro

    Ashley is with the ugly man :)

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com Boji

    Wow! Being with the band has filled Jared out nicely. Looking beefier and he has got a pretty girlfriend to boot. She’s either Hawaiian or latina mix. Things looking good for him.

  • George

    all of you! why are you doin’ this??? all of us tought that ashley TISDALE and jared were the cutest couple ever! and now you’re writing offensive and stupid comments on ashley! fyi.. if you weren’t ashley tisdale fans you would never knew jared! so stop writing this comments! btw i miss jashley!!

  • http://www.hotmail.com jenny

    Jared Murillo for me and Scott that horrible ugly Speer are the types of men who like to Ashley Tisdale, but simply because they ask so that they complement and ashley is so horrible are already in hand.

  • sarah

    funny how the only comments on here are about jared and the ashleys, nothing about their performances. Shows how much people actually care about the stupid band.

  • olIVIa

    I love the new Jashley Major UPGRADE. Jared is moving up!!!! He looks so much better with new Ashley!!!!

  • veronica

    Jared new girl is beautiful they are so cute together. Love the new Jashley too!

  • cynthia

    ewww much?
    new “Jashley”? ewww

    Look at yourself!!!!
    When Ashley is reported dating Scott, you guys are like “wow, she moves on fast!” and now?
    Jared moves on as well. and you guys are happy? just because we didn’t see papz pic doesn’t mean ashley moved on first! maybe JARED IS THE ONE WHO HAS CHEATED. have you guys ever think???
    he’s the guy that isn’t thankful for what he has!!
    Jared practically get all the fame because he’s dating ashley. if he wasn’t, he’d be a nobody in the band. He’s even in it, because ashley introduced him to WB.

  • jjj

    @cynthia: Actually everything you even tried to state is wrong and you should find another blog to write all your lies :)

  • RTT’s

    Ehhhh. What does it matter if who is prettier or who looks cuter with who? Jared and Ashley have both moved on, that’s what. Stop comparing sheesh.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Hm, its interesting to see what people say and how they say it.. its really unbelievable.

    @George: &@cynthia: That is SO true.

    I think these days.., its all about how celebrities look, whether their pretty or hot, rather than they’re talent.

  • ..,

    not trying to be rude or anything but its nathaniel gay ?!?

  • ___

    Haha, that was my hand that Wesley grabbed at the end.
    He touched my hand FOUR TIMES. <3

    Also, that Ashley Galvan’s hot stuff.. not gonna lie.
    She was in the back dancing with these two girls before they came out.
    She’s super skinny in real life and we stood there staring at them and they stared at us for a while and finally, these two girls we met and hung out with that night walked up to her and she was the sweetest thing ever!

    The good thing about V-Factory is that they actually stayed back for a while to talk to their fans. No complaints whatsoever.
    But that could be because honestly, that tiny group of people were the only ones who actually attended.
    V-Factory is gonna be HUGE. Love them.