'Secret Life' Season 3 Premieres Tonight!

'Secret Life' Season 3 Premieres Tonight!

Megan Park is very excited for The Secret Life of the American Teenager‘s premiere tonight!

The 22-year-old actress tweeted, “SECRET LIFE SEASON PREMIERE TONIGHT! 8pm! wooot! Having a big party, wish everyone could come!”

JustJaredJr.com is meeting up with Megan very very soon to chat about the series, her band and everything in between ” and we need your questions!

TELL JJJ: What would you ask Megan?

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Photos: Bob DAmico/ABC Family
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  • sean84

    well dats relly cool butt am from montreal so i hav no idea if its premeiring 2nigh here lol nd bye the way i wood ask her if she has mileys phone number lol

  • sean84

    well sorry u need serouis qweshtons (though i serouisly want mileys phone number) well then can u ask her how she met brandi? nd how they became frends lol?

  • kessiah

    ask megan…
    since when did her character, grace, started wearing black or leather jackets on the show? does the wardrobe have to do anything with her character’s personality?

  • http://Vale_274@libero.it vale

    My questions are::Will there be another season of the Secret Life after the 3rd one?How much are you and your character alike?

  • Sarah

    I would ask her if since being on Secret Life if she’s been noticed on the streets more. And then I would ask her if she would do anything different with Secret Life (such as what couples would be together, would a minor character become one of the biggest characters, etc.) But that’s me…

  • http://www.twitter.com/jensinemay jensine may.

    Ask Megan:
    What does she prefer/what is she more passionate about: music or acting?

  • Socalgirl32

    Writing comments is new to me but I would love it if you asked Megan a question for me.

    ~ How is it like working with Deron Kagosoff?
    ~ Has she met Miley since starting her band with Brandi?

  • http://www.twitter.com/paaperplanes B

    how did the meet brandy cyrus? :)
    will she be doing both acting and music in the future? :)

  • sternenfaenger

    Its 2nd season, not 3rd season!

  • http://yahoo ashley

    will ricky and grace get together!? <33

  • alysa

    ask megan if….

    if she would ever date daren (ricky) in real life, and if she think’s he is attractive?

  • Amy

    What kind of an image do you wanna set for you fans?

  • http://aol.com vfactorygirl

    I am so EXCITED!!! I have been wating for this to happen for a longtime she is going to be a mother I can’t wait to see how this going to turn out but honstly think she going to crack under the presure and then her mom is going to help her out then megan cheerleader christian girl id going to get pregnat next. We will have to find out Peace.

  • DINA

    Ask Megan:
    What is your favorite part about filming Secret Life?

  • Tessa

    I would ask:

    Hey Megan,

    Whats it like working with the cast? and If you werent an actress what would be and why

    ~Tessa C.A

  • diana

    i just saw the new episode.
    so much drama in it! i started tearing up. :’(


    saw new episode and what episode in this new season is her favorite?

  • ZANESSAmaniaaa

    was she in 17 again?
    btw, thats not a “question for you to ask her”
    im just curious, cause she somewhat looks like the blonde girl

  • scarlette

    ask her when and how her band got started?
    how does she know brandi and codi?
    how did you think of your band name?

  • Jessie

    I loved the premire! omg her daddy died!! awww

  • abby

    Why is your show all about sex??? The words “sex” and “pregnant” are in every sentence!!!!!!!!!

  • jenny

    Would you ever write a song with Miley?

  • sharon

    @sternenfaenger: Its the third!!! Guess you haven’t been watching the show very long?

  • Christina

    How do you do all those passionate, intimate scenes? What goes inside your head when you’re doing it?

    And if you were to date one of the guys from the show, who would it be?

  • Ashleigh

    Ask her if she and her boyfriend (Tyler Hilton) enjoys writing music together??

  • natalieD

    Oh man, what an intense season premiere! I would definitely ask her what she did to prepare for that episode, it was so sad but so good! she did an excellent job with her parts…I think shes got a lot in store this season since shes gonna be dealing with so much guilt..cant wait to watch!

  • Jessica

    Ask Megan about her love life! Tyler Hilton is one of my favorite singers and they are an awesome couple! :)

  • http://yahoo.com lanie

    you guys are awsome and hope you guys are ok about mikeal jackson

  • puppygirl366

    i love the secret life of the american teenager it is great! john is sooooooo cute

  • Michelle

    Where are her character’s black ankle boots from?! I have been looking for a pair forever, and I’m dying to know because I can’t find the perfect ones!

  • jamie

    Does anyone know where Grace’s black leather jacket (as shown in her photo above) is from?
    I really want it.
    If you know, please post here. I really appreciate it.
    Thank you.

  • hiiiiiiiiiiii ;)

    Megan, how do you get your hair curly like that ? i love your hair, i wish i had it.

  • hiiiiiiiiiiii ;)

    how do you get your hair so curly like that?! i love your hair. its so pretty

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