Vanessa Hudgens in Beastly - FIRST LOOK!

Vanessa Hudgens in Beastly - FIRST LOOK!

Vanessa Hudgens still hasn’t seen Alex Pettyfer‘s “Beast.”

The 20-year-old actress dished to ET, saying, “I’m not sure if I actually kiss him in his beast state. I actually, still to this day, have not seen him in his beast costume because they’re saving it as a surprise for me so the reaction is genuine, so I still don’t know what to expect.”

Vanessa, Alex and Mary-Kate Olsen have been bonding on set as well. Mary-Kate shared about Vanessa, “She is just the nicest and she’s funny and smart and a great actress. She’s amazing to watch.”

Be sure to tune in to ET TONIGHT, June 22 for more behind-the-scenes looks at Beastly.

Vanessa Hudgens – First Look of “Beastly”
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  • Susie

    Look like she have been having fun! When is this film coming out please? 2010? I can’t wati for bandslam too!

  • Ann

    Oh my God, He is so handsome. Who wouldn.t fall for him.

  • mel

    I seriously can’t wait for this movie.
    Vanessa looks so pretty and Alex…HOT HOT HOT! I’m sure he’s gonna be the next big thing. And I’m glad that they all like each other.


    marykate4 is freaking scary in that makeup
    vanessa looks sweet as always
    alex is good looking but zac’s still hotter

  • AllieC

    I am so beyond in shock. I knew she had the talent, and was over-shadowed by disney and typecasted but Im just…in shock to be honest. But im still very proud of Vanessa, she seems so happy and at peace there. Im looking forward to seeing her career unfold in new ways, thanks for posting Jared.

  • lslsharon

    vanessa is soooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can’t wait for the movie!!!!!
    it looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samy

    i do like this movie ut i dont like vanessa’s looks, it’s too gabriella to me

    btw, what’s going on with mary kate? she is so weird!

  • heat.

    This looks so good. I keep watching it on youtube haha. I can’t wait for it, it’s coming along so well and they have only been filming a couple weeks. Ugh, I can’t wait!

  • renae

    um…why is Alex putting on (a very bad) American accent? He better have a good excuse like “he was in character” or something not some terrible one like “the studio made me put on the accent to be more relatable to an american audience”.

  • michelle

    awww cant wait for the movie to be out! jjj some zanessa sightings please! and V looks really gorgeous as always:)

  • ayen


    I know right?!! I love her tone!!! I love how exasperated she is of Alex. arrrgh!! I can’t wait!!!

  • pop86

    She having a great time and Alex is cute.

  • Lex

    Alex’s accent sounded great! Have you ever heard his natural British accent? Don’t pick on Alex. He is really cool.

    Vanessa is gorgeous and seems like a lot of fun. The movie looks really good.

  • tyler

    god i wanna see this fuc***g movie!

  • hannah

    hahahaha. why is alex talking in interviews with an american accent.

    rob spoke in an english accent when being interviewed for twilight :/

    looks like a good film :)

    when does it come out?

  • the fame

    @Samy: the original character was with bearing red hair, green eyes and crooked teeth, so vanessa looks gorgeous comparing to the original

    alex is super hot and seriously , this movie should do in movies theathers not only on tv=(
    i love vanessa and marykate bonding, since vanessa is her fan

  • LoveLeeR

    so exiiiited!
    vanessa seems soo nice

  • Vhud supporter

    I can’t wait!

    V looks sooo stunning as always :)

  • melissa. *

    Looks great! Super exciteddd! ;D <3

  • gerty

    i cant believe that im really that überexcited for this movie :D good to see mary-kate doing a movie again, good to see vanessa doing something really different, liking alex since ‘wild child’, and the movie&the story looks really-really great too!

  • ayen

    @the fame:

    It’s a theater release. ^^

  • jenny

    vanessa is so naturally beautiful woman I love her features

    this movie intrigues me most as I see it but we have to wait long to see it, hopefully it will be a success because the story is good, I love talking about how Alex Pettyfer is an English accent very hot

    moving on to something else

    More about zanessa together in Montreal (much love)

    As we all know Zac is in Montreal and it is obvious that accompanies Vanessa to Zac filming Beastly and here are some posts on twitter User: _HollieWould this is what it says:

    @ TaniaRebuli yep =) it was right outside the window where i was rehearsing my fashion show. vanessa was filming & zac came afterwards <3

    @ Mariaa10 lmao yu crazy girl! but yea i couldn’t believe it i was like OMFG ZAC EFRON!! vanessa… wtv lmao

    @ caroldonato vanessa was hugging zac from behind mostly & zac was just smiling and talking to people… it was cute lol & he’s gorgeous o.o

    According to sources this was Saturday June 20 to say that zac no way Father’s Day with his family especially his dad…..

    so no one knows how long it will be in Montreal zac

    when begins zac to film The Death; Life of Charlie St. Cloud” and vanessa sucker punch

    is pure conicidencia that zac and vanessa film their movies in the same city. just not at the same time I believe that the months of recording change…………..believe that zac pass some time in Montreal with vanessa or believe that a return to Los Angeles

  • Laura

    This film will be awesome!!!!!!!!! Vanessa Looks cute and Alex is hotter than i expected

  • megbbbb

    Why is alex interviewing in an americna accent hes britshhh!! strangee

    damn mary-kate looks weirdd!

  • masBonita

    I can’t stop replaying this clip !!! Love it ! Can’t wait for more . I love Alex character and he is the perfect KYLE – ADRIAN . I love that the script calls for more interaction of the two of them in the begining . Great job Nessa !!! This is going to be in theaters right ?

  • jbr

    looks great
    im glad vanessa is doing this project and liking it
    i think it really is good for her .

  • lslsharon

    what mary-kate said about vanessa is soooooooooo sweet!!!!!
    vanessa is the nicest person!!!!!!!!!

  • v

    omg…. i can’t wait for this film!
    i love vanessa’s bangs! i just obtained the cut yesterday! the only difference is that, my hair’s very black and straight and silky! but i love to have hair as hers too!

  • http://hhy peace95

    i love vanessa! she is such a sweetheart! :):) can’t wait for the moviee!

  • Hsmzanessafansite

    omg I love this…
    I so WANT to see this movie…

    I have to say Alex is pretty cute, but not as HOT as Zac…
    omg…I can’t wait for it to come out..

    I am so happy that Mary-Kate is back into filming…Now, we need Ashley and have like a reunion Mary-Kate and Ashley movie..I miss their movies…
    Wasn’t Mary-Kate the first sister that wanted to stop acting for awhile??
    if she was, then thats a good sign for future films..

    omg….I can’t stop thinking about this movie..A month ago, it was 17 Again and now I can’t wait for Bandslam…Then, now I can’t wait for this to come out…AHHH!!!!

  • Lissy

    She looks cute, alex is hot and mary kate is a good witch.

  • jenny


    another picture of zanessa at Montreal festival

    this is the only original source that the article is in French

    Translated this is what it says

    Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens in Montreal

    The famous couple of High School Musical has been seen on the bus promotional Virgin, at Parc Jean-Drapeau, last Friday night.

    Vanessa Hudgens is in the metropolis over the past few weeks, for the purposes of filming beastly. Her boyfriend, Zac Efron, has regained its beautiful, on the occasion of the opening night of the Virgin Festival.

    Together, they took place on the second floor of a red motor and enjoyed the show has given training The Black Eyed Peas.

    Between the hugs, exchanges of views and not lovers of dance, spinning toutereaux seemed the perfect happiness.

  • JamieLouise

    Alex is BRITISH, but as himself in that vid, he’s talking with an AMERICAN accent!

  • abb


  • Katty

    his voice is soo sexy

  • jo

    aw i’m so happy for her. she’s having so much fun! i can’t wait for this movie, it’ll be AMAZING!! and Alex is hot

  • honey

    cool, i can´t wait
    vanessa is beautiful

  • zanessa4life

    I soo cant wait.
    Vanessa is so amazing and she must be so freakin out about working with Mary-Kate.
    i guess shes having the time of her life.

    And yeah V, there are many CONCERTS there right?I just say: VIRGIN FILM FESTIVAL :)
    SO cute that Zac visits her.
    Awesome couple.


  • Gabrielle

    wow, i am so psyched!! this is looking awesome! i can’t wait.
    vanessa is so so stunning. she doesn’t even realize. and so talented. i really hope this movie helps her get away from her ‘gabriella’ image and prove to people how talented she is.
    and what is with Alex Pettyfer’s accent, please!?!? what is that?!

  • Mandy

    Wooowww. You literally already tell it’ll be a success! Judging by how theirs gossip about it and previous and forum about it already, when its not even out yet til next year!! But still, can’t wait! And its a real cute how the directors were actually considering casting Zac Efron alongside Vanessa because of his talent and their amazing chemistryy!! Aww :D

  • Bradley B

    I can’t wait to see this movie with Vanessa.

  • Mandy

    Haha oops! I made ALOT of grammar mistakes up there. Sorryy!! :D

  • GoslingTwilightlover

    Alex is sooo super hot!!! But is this movie going straight to Dvd???

  • susan

    oh i cant not wait fot this movie.
    im so happy she having fun in Montreal its amazing they compliment to each other.Alex is hot but zac is hotter.

  • aly

    It’s going to be in theatres.


    i like how mary-kate talks! but she looks old with the make up! this movie is going to ROCK!!!!!

  • Sarahsmiles


    Of course he is doing the accent for the character! And why would he need to give you or anybody else an excuse for anything. He doesn’t owe you any excuses.

  • Love Vanessa hudgens

    This movie looks amazing. They are all very talented actors. Vanessa is stunning and I love how zac went to visit her. So cute!

  • ashlee

    since the story is set in ny, alex doesn’t get to use his british accent. that must be hard to do.

  • zanesssamustwin!


>>>>>>> staging1