Nick is a Georgetown Jonas

Nick is a Georgetown Jonas

Clad in plaid shorts, Nick Jonas and pop Paul make their way into a car after landing at Dulle airport on Tuesday morning (June 23) in Chantilly, Virginia.

According to the Washington Examiner, the 16-year-old musician was spotted at Barney’s CO-OP before grabbing some pizza at Numero Uno on M Street this afternoon.

Later in the day, Nick will be meeting with Sen. Frank Lautenberg, where he is set to discuss juvenile diabetes and the organization he started that raises money for the disease. Nick will address the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on the same issue tomorrow (June 24).

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Credit: Brandon Todd; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • listen to mayday parade

    Good for him – he really seems to be the smart responsible one.

    And I’m all for niley (they are so cute) but their maturity level seems to be on complete different spectrums.

    Nonetheless I’m glad the jonai are still as successful as they are. They seem like sweet and deserving boys.

  • celeste

    luv him

  • sarah

    those shorts don’t look gay at all nicholas.

  • randi

    I am glad he is fully dedicated to help many different charities and working to find a way to make this happen is the greatest… I am so thankful we have teens out there who actually care about these situations and are interested in helping others

  • lost

    So the government is taking advice from these guys. They should stick to singing and acting and leave the governing to the crooks in DC.

  • Rachel

    ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?! THATS LIKE 10 MINUTES AWAY FROM MY HOUSE!!! My parents wont let me go tomorrow cause they have to work :P ughh so close to him, yet so far away. I guess I’ll have to wait until July 13th. But I’m really glad he’s here in D.C doing this :) He’s living proof that teens are making a difference in the world for the better.

  • maggie

    i hope everything goes well!go Nick!:)

  • Lucy

    aw! he’s so cute! u just can’t h8 him, even if he is stupid 4 going back 2 miley! lol
    and i luv the shorts ther cool
    but yeh, it’s gr8 that he’s raising money and awareness gud luk 2 him


    ps- he’s hot! x

  • lola

    maybe he goes see miley

  • tara

    i love nick jonas.
    not just for looks, but for his heart :)
    i love you nick!

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan

    This may not be
    his best look but he is
    cute!!! I love him.

  • tara


    ohmyjonas ur so right. he is so stupid for going back with miley. im sure its just for publicity tho. my baby wouldnt be THAT stupid….

    i love u nicholas j jonas! :)
    ur my heart!

    i need u!

  • Rachel

    Nice shorts Nick. :]

    I love the Jonas Bros. :D

  • leave Britney alone.


    Delusional jealous crazy fan girls, he’s happy, be happy for him too even if you dislike his girlfriend/friend.
    Nick will never give you a second glance anyway.

  • http://hhy peace95

    he is so sweet and responsible! go nick!! :)

  • aly

    He is like 40-50 min away from me. And Dulles airport is 20 min away. dang it!…my dad is probably in DC right now…let me call him, jk!

  • B

    He has a good heart. And by the way, you should support him. I do support him with his Miley-relationship, they’re adorable. You can tell that they care for eachother.

  • lol


    there is some truth to the publicity thing I think – this is what Life & Style Magazine says:
    “Even when Miley & Justin were together, Nick’s family hoped the HM star would wind up back with Nick. One reason: as one of Disney’s biggest draws, she can only help Nick’s career. “They need him aligned with her.” “They want it to be like a Justin Timberlake-Britney Spears situation.” “They even recorded the song Before the Storm for the new (JB) album which dropped on 6/16.”

    Nick & Miley may have feelings for each other, but Nick’s camp is using Miley to help the JB career’s a boost. It even says in the article that Nick told Miley to dump Justin – but Miley was torn because she has feelings for both Justin & Nick.

    It would be nice for both of them if the situation did not involve people using people for their own gain.
    It seems true because the JB 3D movie tanked & so did the 3D CD & the TV show was not doing so well so they moved it to Sunday right behind the 2 hottest shows Disney has – Hannah Montana & Sonny With a Chance.

  • aww



    Can no one be happy for the happy people?
    Or do they have to be sad too.
    Like you?


  • -



  • lol


    read the magazine for yourself

  • m

    @lol: LMAO!Life & Style.really??? why do you even bother reading that crap??that’s like the biggest tabloid out there!!

  • adorable shortss

    love him
    yay for getting back together w.miley even though i never really liked it they look so super cute together and hes happy.
    but hes still the cutest thing ever
    good luck with the diabetes events =]

  • Rachael

    Good for him. I love Nicholas. He is doing somthing great for a great cause. As for the plaid shorts, I love them on him. He looks great in them. Most guys can’t pull them off without looking a little gay but he wears them without that even being thought.

  • Rachel

    super herooooooooooo nick!!
    everyone should go out and support his talk not just because of who he is but for what hes speaking about.

  • mary

    I think Nick is so cute!! I personally don’t care for Miley!! I think she is to immature for Nick. They are still young, so it won’t last they will move on eventually.

  • anonymous

    you think miley would dump justin cause someone tells her to that story is FAKE

  • jb ftw


  • listen to mayday parade


    most of that made sense until you said this: “& the TV show was not doing so well so they moved it to Sunday right behind the 2 hottest shows Disney has – Hannah Montana & Sonny With a Chance.”

    Sonny With a Chance is bombing worse than JONAS and thats a fact.

  • Nikka

    are you sure? i really want to believe you. i hope your right

  • sARAH7


    Life & Style is a bulshits magazine with a lot of gossips…
    You really think Nick and the JB need Miley. Look in 08 they werent with her and their tour and the album was number one too..
    Nick and Miley arent good actors enough to make us believe that they are in love. We can see it, in the looks, the way they are talking about each other,the songs.. Their family is very great and they are not these kind of person. The Cyrus and The Jonas have always been very close cause Frankie and Noah were still friends after the Niley breakup. And if it was publicity stand, Nick and Miley would admit to be dating again.. So stop telling shite and let them live their life. THey love each other as friends or lovers i dont care. THey need to be together and to be in each other life. THey can seel album without the other too..

  • B

    @sARAH7: you just said what I wanted to say – you’re right!

  • Zanessafan!!!!!vote em!!now!!

    AHHHHHHHHHHH!! i live here!!! he is there!!! i go 2 dat airport its dulles by the way!! cool!! ahhh iwish i went there !!! hes so close to me!!!

  • Zanessafan!!!!!vote em!!now!!

    thats 10 mins from my house!!!!

  • Zanessafan!!!!!vote em!!now!!

    that only 10 min from my house!!! i wish i saw him!!

  • eman

    isnt he supposed to be in dever on wensday for the concert?
    i read on john aylors twitter there in denver now…

  • mai

    omgshh, that’s like 15 minutes awayy from my housee!

  • Jessica

    those pants are really ugly. i mean i love him, but they are.

  • mai

    oh dear lord, his shoes kinda make me wanna gag.
    but i loveee himm. :)

  • shmesmx3

    aww..i’m glad to see him casual. but i’m sorta not liking the shorts :/
    it’s okay (:


  • twilightlover108

    Nicki s like the responsible of the group! i love him

  • http://justjaredjr. chloecat

    Nick got to meet President Obama today! The People magazine website has an article about it. Nick’s got one up on Joe and Kevin! I think it’s great that Nick is taking a bad situation (having diabetes) and turning it around to help others.

  • amy

    It is nice that Nick is doing something good for Diabetes research and awareness. It is admirable when you are delt a blow like that in life that you can turn it around for good. Good for him.

  • canon

    @Lucy: aw! he’s so cute! u just can’t h8 him, even if he is stupid 4 going back 2 miley! lol
    and i luv the shorts ther cool
    but yeh, it’s gr8 that he’s raising money and awareness gud luk 2 him


    ps- he’s hot! x

    you know a lot of people think miley is stupid for going back to nick after he turned on her in public when she needed them to back her up the most he abandone her and she had to deal with everything alone in public and he did not defend her.
    Also, that stunt of the t-shirt was mess up too so he should thank his lucky stars miley forgaved him and went back to him. Specially when she had a real boyfriend around and hot looking and he looked better than nick and he was tall and handsome and he was there for miley unlike nick who never around. The least he can do is fess up he is dating her and give her the respect she deserved and act like a real gentleman.

    he should be thanking his lucky stars that she even looked at him again. miley is a hot looking girl and beautiful but she even more beautiful inside she like an angel. She does look like an angel because she has such a soft heart and she is so kind hearted a real angel here on earth what a treat.

  • amy

    @lol: hm, i just searched their site and this article is nowhere to be found… nor is it in the most recent l&s (i flipped through it at my gyno’s, lol). the very poor sentence structure leads me to believe it doesn’t even exist. if the article exists, please link and/or scan it. if it doesn’t, please get a life and stop perpetuating bs.

  • k

    life & style reported that oprah was in a lesbian affair with jennifer aniston last year. ignore it.

  • emily

    ahh, he makes my heart melt, he is such a genuinely nice person.

  • Nikita

    ah nick is like the best.
    simply the best.