Selena Gomez: Prom Crash Crazy!

Selena Gomez: Prom Crash Crazy!

Selena Gomez gets her party on with good pal Jordan Francis, cousin Priscilla and BFF Demi Lovato in these new pics from the prom they all crashed last week after the Princess Protection Program premiere in Toronto, Canada.

The 16-year-old actress tweeted from the prom, saying, “PPP peeps and I crashed a prom tonight and danced with a high school!! amazing!! I finally had prom!”

Also crashing the prom with Selena and Demi were Jasmine Richards, Michael Seater and Ashley Leggat.

10+ pics inside of Prom crashers Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

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selena gomez demi lovato prom crashers 02
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  • rumi

    ohh they look amazing! i love selena she is the best!

  • emmy

    Selena looks gorgeous. But why would one of those other girls wear a t-shirt to their prom?!

  • Jennie

    Haha how amazing would that be? Stars crashing your prom!

  • Jennie

    my prom was pretty amazing but that would be the icing on the cake!

    i miss my prom :( it was the best day ever :D

  • jo

    HAHA this was funny. Demi’s dress was AMAZING. Loved it.

  • lalle

    sheis a SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the fame

    i would like my prom to be crashed too!.. but by actual celebrities

  • joanne

    way to be an example selena..

  • http://hhy peace95

    i am so jealous of those kids!!!!…
    anyway… they all look beautiful and having some REAL fun! :P
    ps:love demi’s dress!!

  • alala

    are you sure they are sober ?

  • nathalia

    i loooove her

  • Kandace

    i love this picttures :) , i have her myspace :) Lol

  • m

    @alala: hahaha.i think they
    are not!LMAO

  • rumi

    ofcourse they are sober…selena`s mom is there!they just dancing ….

  • maria

    ohhh i looove selena she is my life {{{{{{}}}}

  • mersadeez

    glad to see her letting lose and being a teen!

    if only she didn’t wear that big-ol pillow case looking dress. she wouldn’t be sooo sweaty! I couldn’t imagine wearing that dress while trying to dance. but whatevs she looks like she had a ball, dress and all. LOL

  • ashleytfan

    I think it would be so cool if stars crashed your prom!!

    I love them :D

  • angela

    great life…dancing, partys and fun, alllways fun! :)
    jeaolus! :D

  • saudia

    I loved that it was a Toronto prom they crashed.. wish it was mine, but mine was two years ago !!! Demi and Selena are so gorgeous .. love them

  • leah

    Looks like fun I love Selena:)

  • Anon.

    @alala: i actually thought the same thing…esp. in the one of demi and selena together…selena’s eyes look wicked glazed over. typical “drunk eyes” …BUT i really doubt that they were….i think the focus of the picture is just a little off.

  • selenagomezdeservesmore.

    AAAHAH awhhe that looks like fun :)

  • kris

    love her :D looks like a lot of fun

  • Jenn

    uhmm maybe im the only one… but id hate it if a celeb came and crashed my prom. it doesnt make it your night, but theirs. I love selena, but i wouldnt like that at all.

  • Adam

    Those idiots at OceanUp are saying that Selena is a backstabber because of what Dash said. I don’t find a hint of truth on what he said.

    I love Selena in these pictures!

  • J_Bug.

    @Adam: I agree with you If the things you said that Selena&Demi said about Miley were true wouldn’t they have been all weird at the send it video commercial,and not ex-changing numbers.I think that Dash character is weird ok so maybe some of the things he said were true but I won’t believe it until there’s real proof.

  • Madison

    im in the one with selena and fans surrounding her!
    it wasnt our schools prom but we were outside because we had seen the ppp premiere! we heard she was crashing the prom in the same building as the premiere’s after party so we waited outside to see her. she was soooooo nice and totally awesome!

  • Sarah

    @ Adam
    What did Dash say?

  • kayleigh

    i wanna know what this dash person said

  • Adam

    @Sarah: @kayleigh: Okay, this is what an Oceanup commenter said.

    “Dash told us that Demi & Selena lied to Nick about Miley, cause Selena liked him and wanted him to get over her

    and look at this lyrics:

    “and now i found out you were lying
    and you told me you were trying
    just to medicate the rash”

    Obviously, he found that they were lying when they tried to help him get over her.

    “the tangles vines they got deceiving
    from the lines that are now leading
    to the truth i need to hear”

    And as you know, Nick’s shirt shows a lighting bolt in the “trying times” box. Lighting box = before the storm = niley break up. So I guess the “trying times” was to get over the break up, which maked so much sense now”

    I don’t think Dash has any credibility. Everyone knows that Selena, Demi, and Miley are friends. Those morons at Oceanup will believe anything that makes Selena look bad. Plus Selena actually tries to stay away from the drama. If you were a true Selena fan, you would not believe this lie.

  • anna

    no one ever goes to their prom sober, and after prom is always the after party. aka alcohol. and why is grinding on some random old guy?

  • kayleigh


    i don’t believe it if was true demi and miley wouldn’t be hanging out people on oceanup just need a reason to hate her

  • Alexis

    People on oceanup are ridiculous, they cant find not one really good reason to hate on her, so they come up with some fake crap, that is why i like JJJ better, people over here actually have some sense

  • andrea

    don’t mind oceanup or haters they find stupid lame and not true reasons to hate selena.. this is jjj not oceanup.. which means no hate :D


    love selena!

    selena and demi look awesome together they tryly are awesome best friends..!

  • Adam

    @Alexis: I see you post on JustJaredJr. This is the better site anyway. I knew that Dash crap was just a noncredible lie.

    JustJaredJr >>>>>>>>>>>>>> OceanUp

  • Adam

    @Adam: *incredible lie I meant to say

  • hello

    i think what they did was cute and i doubt anyone at the prom had a problem with them being there. i know their celebs but they are still teenagers and their just being kids and having fun. i did stuff like that when i was their age.

  • http://iasrg Jay!

    Why are their girls dressed in t-shirts?!
    And that one girl is freaking wearing a sea-through top and a black bra to PROM?!
    That’s not a really glamorous prom, haha
    Looked like fun tho!

  • kamilah

    @Alexis: going on oceanup is so frustrating because people are so immature. they are the reason i started to like selena in the first place. i was never a fan of selena but i felt really bad for her because of all the mean things that people say about her on oceanup. JJJ is soooooo much better

  • Alexis


    Yep, after a while oceanup started to get on my nerves and i just got tired of it, haters are really dumb and they just rile me up, so i decided to come onto JJJ and chill because over here it is actually peaceful

  • Andrea


  • leah

    I stopped visiting oceanup when the little Miley fans started saying it was ok for Miley to take pictures mocking asian people and they were like it’s funny and they started making fun of asian people so Miley and her racist fans can go to hell.:) Miley fans are so annoying and I can’t wait for Miley to be gone. She won’t make it out of disney.,

  • rosie.

    so nice to come on site where the people are actually sane and very mature. cant say the same for oceanUP.
    i hate it there. :|
    but i always find myself there checking up on selena&demi.
    anythingdisney is a cool site too.

  • leave Britney alone.


    Not ALL people, there are some Selena/Miley/Camilla hater here that finds stupid reasons that aren’t legit to hate them.
    Face it, all gossip sites are the same.. Especially the comments.

    On the other hand, Selena and Demi look amazing. And it’s funny how in one of those pictures you can see a couple making out, LOL :).

  • leave Britney alone.

    You’re basically doing the same thing to Miley, sweetie.
    It doesn’t make you Selena fans any different.

  • meee

    i’m over oceanup.. i’ll just check for selena posts without reading the lame coments :D

    love this pics and love selena and demi together!
    they look like they had a blast! :D

  • Madison

    @Jay!: its because we werent part of the prom, we were outside it at the ppp after party! haha thats my friend in the t-shirt and im the one beside selena with brown hair

  • Laura


  • enid

    Now, I don’t think it matters what people think of the posters on OceanUp (I could care less either way) but I think it is pretty naive to think that Miley and Selena are friends. They most definitely are not.

    I’m not saying that what Dash said is true, but it does make a lot of sense. There was clearly a lot of animosity between Miley and the Jonas Brothers last year and JB were clearly siding with Demi and Selena. Remember when Kevin wore the Demi and Selena shirt? That was beyond pathetic, but I digress.

    I consider myself to be a pretty good judge of character, and I could totally see Selena doing something sneaky like that. She seems to be cunning in that way and she is very proud. Miley and Mandy embarassed she and Demi, and Selena didn’t take kindly to that. It’s obvious she wanted Nick, and she didn’t try to hide it. To me, it’s plausible. Plus, the Jonas Brothers have unceremoniously tossed Selena aside and haven’t mentioned her as a friend in quite some time. There surely must be a reason for that.

    I think these pictures of Selena are a bit tragic. I don’t get why she’s posing with these people that she just met as if she’s known them for years. It almost makes me feel bad for her.

  • amy

    Selena & Demi looked like they had fun – so cool.

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