The Jonas Brothers Cover Rolling Stone

The Jonas Brothers Cover Rolling Stone

Donning a leather cap, Joe Jonas stands front and center as he and his brothers, Nick and Kevin cover Rolling Stone magazine.

This will mark the second time the JoBros have covered the music magazine. The musical trio will rock out the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado tomorrow night (June 24).

Take a peek inside their world concert tour and be sure to check out soon for more behind-the-scenes pics and videos!

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  • kiara

    when since the jobros are men?

  • zanessA


  • Britney

    I think I liked they’re last cover better, but cool :)

  • yaima

    they are my boys ok so back off all the hatters att there ok they are the best gruop ever so back ppl

  • yaima

    i can wait to get the magazing on friday ama get my copy on friday =)

  • Cheyanne

    Aww, they look so handsome!
    Congrats guys! :)

  • me!

    is this out now? when does it come out??

  • cathee

    OMFG *————————————————————–*

  • JB rocks!

    YAYYYYYYYYYYY! not as hot as the last cover, but still smokin!

  • http://iasrg Jay!

    Joe looked great in the last when and Kevin and Nick didn’t really, and now in this one, Kevin and Nick look great, but I don’t like Joe’s outfit.
    Love this one, but I like the last better :)
    haha they look so tan


    they look good. they don’t look nearly as hot on this one as the first one.

  • Mariana

    i liked their last cover better too

  • Dixie

    when does this come out????

  • Julissa

    Nice job guys from Rolling Stone.

  • Courtney



    I LOVE JB!

  • m

    they look hottttt!!

  • ella1170

    Wow. Two times in a row? These boys are on a roll!
    I’m glad they covered again because I wasnt able to get the last one.

  • Allison

    I SO have to get the magazine this time!
    Since i didn’t the last time. :(

    I can’t wait!!

    And when does it come out?
    I’m so happy for them, so much is going on for them right now! <3

  • Chris

    Good for them. I look forward to reading the issue.

  • leave Britney alone.

    Uhm, not their best cover? I liked the last one better.
    Kevin and Nick look alright, Joe? Not so much..

    But I’m still buying it.

  • Ella

    Hmm.. There other pic on rolling stone was way hotter

  • Krista

    when is it coming out? or is it out?

  • korrah

    kevo looks ugly. Nick and Joe handsome as usual. haha

  • Vicki

    LOL at Kevin’s sexy face.

  • ayen

    i love kevin in this cover… he’s HOT

  • amanda

    can they be any hotter??seriously WOW!and Kevin looks super handsome!!

  • Nathalia

    reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally HOT but I liked the last one better.

  • miranda lynn

    jonas brothers are getting old

  • amber

    joe is losing his charm, and kevin looks unfortunate as always.

  • Love Joe jonas

    OMG! Joe is so cute he is killing me!

    Joe IS HOT and GORGEOUS!

  • Lauren


    he is not

  • Luis F. Gomez

    They are getting better and better every day, they are truly amazing artists…. I hope to see them in concert in this 2009! Greets from Guatemala!! JJJ You rock!!

  • the fame

    joe is losing the hotness, nick is like always and kevin is looking better

  • Lauren

    @ the fame

    he is still hot

  • ♥ Ashley Tisdale Fann

    Kevin looks Best (Hot) than Nick :) than Joe <3

  • Helen

    Ok im a 16 year old girl who has every JoBro album and their song on my MySpace but WHY ARE THEY ON THIS COVER?
    I mean I understand last year because they kind of literally BLEW UP on the scene but now?
    It sort of seems like theyre declining so again I ask why are thery there?

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan

    Oh man. They’re so popular
    they cover the Rolling Stones
    magazine twice :P Take that haters
    haha. I love both of the covers sooooo
    much!!! JB ROX!!!!

  • g

    kevin looks like he’s in the 50′s with that leather jacket.
    dont say he’ ugly.cause their all good looking guys.

    if someone was ugly i think its joe, he has his black marker eyebrows and makes him look ugly

    the cutest is nick imo. but kevins not the ugliest.

    no wonder why slutty cant keep her hands off of him!

  • yenibb8


  • Katty

    The first cover was much better

  • Jenna

    I like this one better actually, the one from aug 7th they all looked messed up cus nick looked sneakyish, joe looked like he had just had sex, and kevin looked kinda scaredish, i like it,…i mean it is the HUGE post obove my headbored. they were bein more cool in this one

  • Yvonne


    You really need to STFU Kevin hater!

  • jb ftw

    are u kiddin .. they are men even the 16 year old nick is !!! just look at the pics on oceanup that post made up to 500 comments saying how hott they are you wouldn’t believe their hotness unless you go see it by yourself !!!

  • alyssa:)

    they looked gay but idk if they are gay.

  • overated.

    the only man on the cover is Kevin. He is also one of the sexiest men alive on People magazine. and really, since when is Joe a man? Because i thought men didn’t wear stupid outfits and imitate Beyonce. Nick is a better man than Joe would ever be.

  • me.

    they look weird, and too photoshopped. and joe looked like in their Jonas Brothers album cover. lol

    but wth? nick should be on the fron this time!

  • twilightlover108

    i love them SO much! can’t wait!!!! Joe looks SO hot!

  • Shyanne

    Another cover?
    GO JONAS!!

  • Lipi Katiha

    last one was better!

  • The Future Mrs Nick jonas

    Congrats guys! The cover is AMAZING!! <3

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