Wow, Wow, WOW!

Wow, Wow, WOW!

As if opening for the Jonas Brothers wasn’t enough, look at those colors!

Meet WOW, a group of five guys — Frankie Zulferino, Eddie Moody, Jake Lauckern, Michael Rechner and Kyron Correia — who are no stranger to color or the music scene.

The quintet will also be joining singer/actress Keana Texeira on the Pop Smash Tour this fall. You can check out their tunes on their official MySpace and be ready on July 22, when their single “Goosebumps” is released!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new group WOW?

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  • celeste

    theri cute

  • Rachel

    hot, hot, HOT.

    i think all guys should dress like this instead of the junky look of “basketball shorts and a tee”

  • listen to mayday parade

    this is a joke right? what is the music scene turning into?!

  • listen to mayday parade


    really you think guys wearing pink and yellow pant are hot?? i personally do not… preppy guy look is too much for me, but i do agree asket ball shorts and a basic t isnt hot either..

  • leah

    thye look like a bunch of fruit cakes

  • the fame

    they look gay

  • tara

    HAHAHA :)
    Frankie u rock dose pants! :)
    they look cool :)
    i think i’ll check em out :) :)

  • jany

    yeahh! totallyyy! hahaha ah gosh!
    i like his shoes , tennis or whatever but they make see ugly! ugh! too bad!


  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    I like the Kyrons’ hair.Though preppy guys or guys w/ bb shorts and a t-shirt aren’t hot I think I would like the preppy guys bcause they’re more amusing.

  • jany

    thwet look cool but there is somethig rare!
    let me tell em ! haha

  • ilovejoenas

    These guys are hmmm. Well this isn’t good. Everyone at my school think the Jonas Brothers are gay as it is. Now that these poof ters are opening for them, yeah. Everyone hasnt seen gay yet until they see this band – wow! Yep, their defifently wow.

  • fff

    love boybands, theyare not the cutest but i’ll give them a chance

  • lovebois

    SOO HOTT i love these boisss they dont look gay at all lol the one in the green is hott and the one with the pink pants they are so hott

  • meL7524

    I think this band is AMAZING obviously you guys haven’t heard their music….. they’re way better then the jonas brothers and they’re alll SOOOOOOO HOTTTT!!! favorite boy band EVER <3 <3 <3

  • cc27

    LMAO..they look gay… but good looking [ alittle ] just wanna hear how they soung right now lmao…

    anyone kno their age?

  • gigglegirlz

    omg there so hot

  • jb ftw

    fail .. no one can pull off these colors and skinny jeans like the JB !!!

  • messsea

    theeeey are amazinggg <3 love these boys !

  • WOWnJONASbabe

    i think they are amazing i love those boys
    not only is there music amazing, danceable and catchy it is
    and they are to
    they are all to sweet,nice, and very caring for there fans
    if you guys are reading this
    love you
    and will always support

  • Katie

    They all look terrible.
    First thought: gay.
    How could they be put into those clothes?
    No, No, NO!

  • jamie

    They are sooo hot! They dress sooo cool, and I LOVE THEIR SONGS!

  • jamie

    To all you haters, you clearly hav NO CLUE!!

  • Megan

    Are you joking? More like GAY, GAY, GAY. Okay since when do ppl think that guys wearing lime green yellow and pink skinny jeans makes them hot? It just makes them look like a bunch of gay fruit cakes….my opinion guys my opinion. And I personally like jocks and bball shorts WAY MORE to gay preppy singers in skinny jeans….again MY OPINION.

  • SArai nunez

    these guys are amazing i met them at citywalk may 2nd! 2009!! we gave them a flower =]
    they are the best and my favoite boy band!!
    i love you guys!!! <33

  • Karla

    I love them!! They have great music!! And they dance super awsome!!

    And those leaving negative coments
    Ya shud not judge before hearing them

    They have great music
    And I love all the colors!

  • kirsty

    it has become clear to me why they are called WOW..
    that’s all i could think to say when i saw the pic..apart from AWESOMEE. now that is what a band should look like ;P love them already, don’t think they’re playing my show though..too bad.

  • SArai nunez

    yup they are 16,17,1818, and 19
    tthese guys are amazingly amazing!]

  • Sammiej

    I LOVE WOW!!!!!!!!!!! WOW is definitely the best ever and so so soooooo HOT!!!! They’ll knock the socks right off ya and boyyyyy do they give you goosebumps!! They’re soo… WOW! :-)

  • Soraya

    Kindin?! Are they opening for the jonas brothers?!!??

  • wow4life

    ok every knowes people will hate, its what they do….but ppl hated nsync ,backstreet, and jonas when they came out …but those groups were some of the biggest ever.. so ppl can hate i did at first but when they sing and dance and watch these boys omg u fall in love.. u can tell they love music and love there fans i saw them in LA.. and believe me there not gay they ALLLLLLLlove them some ladies but anyway i love WOW and there music ..there bringing (POP back) and how they are big into charity they are such a positive role model for young kids.. love you boys

  • love youuu

    there so good ! can’t wait to see them guys are all crazy; jonas brothers are like weiords – their like chill kids that have good talent; im so excited :D

  • jessica

    Ok so I saw these boys in L.A. at the Lollipops and Rainbows and all I can say is WOW! They were sooo freaking good. And soo good looking and soooooo amazingly nice. They can definitely sing too!! They sang a capella and WOW it was amaazzzinggg!!

    GO WOW!

  • christina

    omg there so hottt!!! and i love there music and sneakerss!=)

  • nicolettee

    okk listenn up!! alll you hatersss are losers cause you dont even know what they can do! anddd why there in those clothes you ask is because there group name is WOW!!!! wow meanssss biggg colorfulll!!!! DUHH!! moronns!!! anndd thats the style if you havent noticedd! uhmmm and gaay?? just because there wearing pink pants? http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/WOWTHEGROUP

    immmm done=)

  • Karla

    I love their music is great! The colors are awsome!

  • steffy

    I love WOW. They sent me a friend request in april. I like to give all bands a chance so i decided to check them out. They are absolutely amazing! I was stoked when I found out they were gonna be in LA a month after I became a fan. They were AMAZING live and they are total sweethearts. My fav song is “Walking on Air” im looking forward to seeing them again =D

  • florence

    all i can say is that i havent seen a normal teenage band since the BACK STREET BOYS! now.. they all look like some bunch of homos and floggers that wear colourful clothes

  • http://iasrg Jay!

    Okay, what is this? The wiggles knock-off?!


    @cc27: Kyron is 15, Jake 16, Eddie and Frankie are 18, and Michael is 19.


    yay! my babies :)
    so proud of you guys, keep up the good work!

  • Cincy

    Im confused as to what color has to do with peop,e saying “Gay”.

    1. These boys are hot can sing and look cool. seems as though all the “gay” comments are from haters – Cool style boys, your new fan

  • Beccajonas

    Reallly? why is everyone calling them “gay”. Theyre not, Since when does a guy wearing bright colors make them gay? Thats rediculous.Some people are just sooo ignorant.I’ve met these boys and they are very sweet and talented.Even if they were gay though why would it matter?Its about the talent not their sexual prefference.& its not YOU so why do YOU care? i dont understand you people.I love and support WOW 100% They’re hot and can pull off any color in the rainbow :) I cant wait to see them again on August when they open for the Jonas Brothers on the 7th. WOW is the hotttest new boyband,
    If you dont like them why bother even commenting on this post?haha i know why because you’re a HATERRRRR ! Bottom line i love Frankie,Jake,Michael,Kyron & Eddie <333333333

  • MONI

    i personally love them and their music
    they sound really good and i cant wait to see them on tour, WOW

  • tanya


  • tanya

    Cool look, I like it. Nsync 2010!

  • candycrazy

    hahaha. they look cute :)

  • ashleytfan

    btw, they def should be a group for little kids.
    they will enjoy the bright colors

  • makaiomadness

    @Jay!: LMFAOO! Thats what im saying. my eyes burn. they look like they belong on nickjr or disney in the morning lol. i’d rather varisty fanclub n i dont even like them like that lol. vfactory all the way ha

  • Jeanine

    @the fame:

    They are not gay! I know Michael personally he is from my town in Cape May. He is adorable and such a sweet guy! Don’t hate because they are gonna be hott once they get exposed!

  • candycrazy

    and they should be in disney. kidding.

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