Zac Efron: 'Sexy Thriller' Star

Zac Efron: 'Sexy Thriller' Star

Zac Efron is continuing to broaden his horizons as an actor.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 21-year-old actor is set to star in a new movie being described as a “sexy thriller.” But not only is Zac starring in the thriller, he’ll be an executive producer with Mandate Pictures’ Nathan Kahane.

The flick was written by Leslie Dixon, who has a few hits under her belt: Hairspray and 1999′s The Thomas Crown Affair.

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Photos: Hilary Walsh/Elle
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  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    Woooo…go Zac. He really is broadening his horizons :D. Exec. producer, pretty impressive. However I have heard recently of so many movies he is supposed to be doing that I don’t really know what to believe.

  • the fame

    sexy thriller? oh my! yummy and working as an executive producer? sweeeeeeeeet

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    yayy..I was first :D…i’ve always wanted to say that lol.

  • doll123

    Wow, he looks Gorgeous!

  • AllieC

    So proud of him…

  • katie

    I’m looking forward to it :)

  • daniela

    WOW! Talk about SEXY!!! sooo proud of him…cant wait!!!!

    lol he looks soo HOTT!

  • steffi r

    i hate thrillers but id go just to see him :P
    i wonder what makes it so sexy

  • nathalia

    im proud of him (: can’t wait
    he looks hot hhaha

  • istar

    hmm… sexy efron doing a sexy thriller… yes, that would defo appeal to me :D

    not sure if i should believe this though… i’ll wait until zac confirms it. :D

  • Katty


    All I have heard him in is Charlie St. Cloud, and that Jonny thing, plus a maybe on Hairspray 2.
    I’m glad he is doing this, I will go see this ‘sexy thriller’ I bet he’s gonna be great in it, especially since he is sexy himself. Can’t wait to know the actual name and plot!
    Go Zacy! Make us proud!

  • Mercedes

    i cant wait!
    i need to see this movie :)

  • jenny

    I do not think that vanessa break your relationship with
    that of bombom (zac) by Alex Pettyfer vanessa be crazy but I am fan of vanessa and love but it’s true.

    anyone has news zac, still in Montreal and there are no photos from Los Angeles or at the airport makes me think so.

  • zacefronishot


  • VIcky

    Can’t wait!!!! it will be perfect!!!

  • selenagomezdeservesmore.

    woot :)

  • aw

    Very excited about this, it’s great watching him and his career grow. Also exciting that he gets to executive produce.

  • jenny

    I LOVE YOU ZAC EFRON………………….

    you’re the No. 1 no matter if there Alex Pettyfer this the moment with vanessa but you are the only hotttttttttt …. and not just issues that you are the sole owners of vanessa heart and nobody else.

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    @Katty: yep…i also heard full metal panic, simon cowell’s so called remake of saturday night fever and rock of ages. I would like him to do this though.

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    So proud of him!
    He’s got a great career ahead of him!
    GO ZAC!

  • jenny

    zac for new movie great, but it is not a movie musical

  • Luis F. Gomez

    17 Again was great… I think every movie with him in the role is going to be an official hit! JJJ you rock!!

  • ellyne

    hmm, hes going to be an executive producer too? thats awesome, hes really going far, i think all his movies will be hits hes very talented. Love Zac. and yes Zacs still in Montreal lol.

  • Trinisiita Efron Jonas

    OH MY GOD!!!


    yummy!! :P
    I Don’t like the thrillers…. but… id go just to see him
    i wonder what makes it so sexy

    Zac…u are so freaking hot!!!

    I LUV U^^


  • mrsefron.

    OMG! YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!



  • jenny


    and yes Zacs still in Montreal lol. just kidding, because these lol

    because what a thrill with that

  • maria

    Really great news for Zac! This sounds like a movie he will have a lot of control of, which is important to him and his career at this point. He can make it what he wants. I like this better for him, than more teen themed movies. Just happy to hear something definite for him!!

  • Katty


    Oh, yeah, I forgot the Full Metal thing, he said it was unlikely to work, and for Saturday Night Fever, he said he wanted to get away from the dancing/musicals thing, so I think that is a no. What is the Rock of Ages?

    I want to know what the plot of this ‘sexy thriller’ is…. hm.

  • russian girl

    I think Zac is pretty. But he looks like a gay on this photo.

  • you suck!

    What about “Me and Orson Welles”???
    It will be on theaters ?????

  • Helen

    I like it =) lol
    I think anything else i say will be innaproprate on this site so ill just go to the main board lol

  • abby

    Well good for him. Nice to see a tween hearthrob doing something with their life other then being happy they have 14 year olds litle girls screaming their names. This guys going to go far. Love you Zac.

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    Good 4 him.

  • Katty


    He’s trying to make the transition smoothly, and not jump into it. Kind of like Vanessa is with Bandslam, then Beastly, then Sucker Punch, and Dead@17. You can’t jump from HSM to some crazy movie about drugs and prostitutes, that takes time… haha

  • Karen

    I think this sounds great for him. I am so happy.

    With this news and Vanessa doing the likes of Sucker Punch I’d say they have more than proved they deserve to be on JJ’s main board. I don’t believe the likes of Miley and the Jonas Brothers or Ashley Tisdale has so much to boast about. Then again, I believe that’s what causes the sour grapes around here and actually keeps them on this board. Some forces don’t like the fact that these two of “self-starters” and are savvy, etc. I’m thrilled that they are using there clout right now to move forward in a positive way in their careers. They are not using their “fame & fortune” to be seen at nightclubs falling down drunk, etc. They are keeping their heads and not getting carried away with thinking they are so special.

  • Bradley B

    I hope this true. Zac will be amazing.

  • Katty


    I always agree with you Karen. Haha.

    I think they should be moved to the mainboard, Rob Pattinson, and Kristen, and all them are there, and they are around the same age as Vanessa and Zac. Their fans are changing as they get older. Miley deserves to be here because he fans are twelve year olds. I’m seventeen, and I like them. I have older sibs, and their friends are in their 20′s, and they like Vanessa and Zac. They should be switched back over to the main board. Or at least, have more posts there.

  • Susie

    He looks really hot in that picture! I can’t wait for his Me and Orson. When is it coming out? Anyone know?

  • zanessA


  • Shir

    You go make it happen Zac :)

  • Katty


    I think it is going to be in limited theatres sometime this year.

  • Karen


    The last I heard it was to be released in October. A few weeks ago I was renting a movie and asked when they had it 17 Again scheduled to be out and they told me July 21 or something like that. Now i see that it will not be released until August 11. I started wondering if the date was changed so that the DVD would be promoted and out closer to the MAOW release date so as to have Zac’s name in everyone’s minds just prior to his new movie’s release.

  • pop86

    I so proud of him for doing different kinds of film that will help him grow as an actor and learn about of film making. Good for Zac.

    He’s not doing Saturday Night Fever( that’s just a fake rumor) or HS2(no one is interested in that the except that chick who starred in first one but now can’t get work).

  • gabrielle

    Hey JJJ!
    I was at the Virgin festival and I met Zac and Vanessa. I was really happy to finally meet them but whan I asked to take pictures, they didn’t want to, saying they were there for the show. It was shocked.

  • Nora


    oh my gosh i cant believe you meet them, they seem like really sweet down to earth people. Maybe they didnt want pictures coz they didnt want attention at the time and just wanted to be there secretly….

  • zanessa4everr

    omg omg omg!!
    im freaking out!
    i m so proud of him!! he’s going so far!

  • rissa

    wow! zac’s really reaching for the stars. he’s gonna be really big soon. exec. producer is a big deal, and seriously, a sexy thriller is a new direction for him. damn that picture makes him look sooooo hot. hahaha!

  • Bradley B


    I Totally agree.

  • zvlover

    oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yum yum yummmmmm!!!!!!!!!!! and that is sooo gonna be a SEXY

  • aw


    ia but I don’t think them also being on here is really a bad thing. Funny though that these two started off on the main board before JJr even existed, brought a lot of hits to the site too. They really shouldn’t have to do anything to prove themselves that they deserve to be there. They still get posted there but not nearly as often as they should, which is annoying.

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