Zac Efron & Breckin Meyer are HUMAN BEINGS!

Zac Efron & Breckin Meyer are HUMAN BEINGS!

Breckin Meyer looks up to good pal Zac Efron in this new video in response to the fight between blogger Perez Hilton and The Black Eyed Peas’

In the vid, Breckin claims that Zac went back on his word after letting him “couple skate” with his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, at the Robot Chicken Skate Party. When the Titanic song came on, the twosome ditched Breckin and Zanessa skated together. Now he demands an apology!

Breckin says, “Single skating during couple skating should never happen!”

Zac Efron & Breckin Meyer Respond to Perez Hilton
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  • celeste

    i hat zanessa but luv vanessa

  • jo


  • Tene

    Pls. keep on voting for Zac in the teen chocie awards Especially for male hottie! I have 5 accounts already..

  • Ariana

    wait zac wasnt in it….?

  • zvlover

    that was weird and funny at the same time!!! go zanessa!!

  • tamz jonas

    haha lol….

  • Katty

    Haha.. that’s funny. Aw, they skated together during the Titanic song, how cute!
    Zac, buddy, I love you but shower, and cut the hair. You’re hott now, and but I miss your hair swish, not that you don’t pull off the beanie, you do, but come on.
    I think you are growing your hair out for the movie though… eh, I guess I can live with it.

  • lauren

    lmfao! thats hysterical!!!!!


  • cathee

    i loved it *-*

  • Pauline

    I love it! that was so funny!

  • zvlover

    @Tene: WOW!!! you have 5 accounts i have 2!!! vote for hsm3 ,vanessa hudgens, and zac efron!!!

  • marie

    lol awesome!

  • peace

    LOL. I love Zac for doing this!

  • abby

    That wasn’t funny at all! That was stupid….

  • Katty


    thanks for reminding me.. i’ll go now

  • Katty


    it was poking fun at Perez. Perez is annoying, stupid, and I hate him. Zac should make fun of Perez for everything Perez says about V. He is a jacka$$

  • Ariana

    nevermind about the last comment i posted…haha oops

  • jenny

    for me it is okay to make fun of Perez Hilton when I fell bad for fat ugly. gave him what he deserved, Perez Hilton treated badly to make fun of these artists in particular that is a hate vanessa.

  • celeste

    thats wuz funni too
    he was like

  • aw

    lol, I love that Zac took part in mocking him, even if it isn’t something extreme. What I love even more is that a little bit before this altercation happened between Perez & Will i am, Zac and Vanessa were hanging out with Will and the Black Eyed Peas in Montreal.

    The word scum doesn’t even begin to cover Perez.

  • he bashes vanessa because vanessa talked trash about perez in interviews so ever since den he talkes crap bout her

  • taylor

    that wasn’t funny at all…

  • Sarah.

    omg, lmfao!!! so funny, he talks excactly like perez did in his video.

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    What did they say about Perez? Does the thread mean that Zac was gonna let Vanessa skate w/ Brekin during the couple skate, but took her back when the Titanic song came on? I can’t really understand it.

  • aw


    haha um no actually not at all. Vanessa barely or I’m pretty sure has never mentioned Perez in her interviews. He talks shit about her because he is a misogynistic pig whose life is devoted to attacking whoever, whenever he feels like it.

  • ayen

    lol. I actually found this funny. ^^

  • jenny

    I can’t really understand it.

    somebody explain

    that Zac was gonna let Vanessa skate Brekin during the couple skate, but took her back when the Titanic song came on

  • meeee

    IHEARTBRECKIN!! whoo haha.

  • jenny

    believe that zac and he agreed to do this video because the stuff is very reserved in dealing with your relationship, this video is filmed yesterday because zac was seen leaving a Burbank, Calif.., studio on Tuesday and has the same clothes that look,,20286961_20637975,00.html

  • selenagomezdeservesmore.

    AHAHAHHAAHHA , this is hiliourious :)

  • jenni

    If you guys haven’t seen Perez’s video, then you guys won’t really get it.
    They’re parodying it. I find it HILARIOUS!

    Freakin’ Breckin man. I love him!<3

  • kami

    omg, breckin sounds exactly like perez did in is video. :P :P :P

  • Tene

    Just shut up Robristen lovin!

  • OneTreeHillFan

    never actually happened they didn’t dance to a titanic song its a pisstake would be weird if they did they merlely suit tbh.

  • kami

    here is a link to the perez video.

  • rockstar


    Yes, that he does, but that’s not really the only reason he bashes Vanessa all the time. He talks crap about her because she is dating Zac and he’s like in love with Zac and thinks that someday Zac is going to admit that he is gay and fall in love with him. But, whatever that’s not going to happen seeing as Zac is NOT gay. Perez is a freak.

  • meme!!


    me tooo! :)

  • the fame

    now i understand the candids of yesterday , LOL at the video.. and i like he agreed to make this since perez is always talking trash about him and vanessa

  • =]

    Have to admit i did find it pretty hilarious lol

  • istar

    OMG OMG OMG…. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! haha…. breckin completely made me laugh at his Perez impression!! aha.
    its cute how they skated together at the Titanic song <3

  • leanne


  • Caro

    perez es una idiota, es un hombrecillo sin vida & lo unico que lo mantiene ocupado es hablar de los demas ¿saben porque? porque es un gordo feo sin vida, al que nadie quiere realmente, es un asqueroso, podrido & como se nota su falta de amor, se ve que no sabe lo que es tener amor, cariño, respeto ¿de donde viene? ¿de la calle? ¿no tiene una madre que le enseño respeto? a el no le gustaria que le dijeran cosas asi, casi se puso a llorar porque will i.m ‘le pego’ a el no le gusta que lo lastimen, pero el lastima a los demas, que cobarde. es un poco hombre, siento lastima por el, ojala dios lo ayude.

  • zanessa4everr

    lmao i love this!

  • istar

    wow @Robristen lovin – what the heck are u doing on this thread?! and for ur FYI, no one is taking zacs ‘shine.’ no one has a ‘shine’ cuz there are so many young big stars in hollywood at the moment.

  • EL

    that soo damn funny
    oh my gosh
    i love him soo much dude

  • Robristen lovin

    Kristen and Robert are the biggest of the moment.

  • Tiptoes

    very funny Zac! and this is meant to mock Perez actual crying video rant of’s manager. Perez, you are a disgrace!

  • bettybaby

    OMG love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! talk about karma……..

    its as if zac has been biding his time, waiting for the right moment to make a statement about perez and his treatment toward him as well as his despicable behavior toward V…..

    i seriously can’t stop laughing…..this was genius!!!!!!!!!

    everything about it was spot on!

  • zefron


  • aw

    @Robristen lovin:

    lol whatever hun. Keep living in your delusional world.

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