Ashley Tisdale Says Goodbye to Michael Jackson

Ashley Tisdale Says Goodbye to Michael Jackson

Yet another passing of a great icon has happened — Michael Jackson.

Former High School Musical starlet Ashley Tisdale reacted on her Twitter to the shocking news. She shared, “So sad. Saying a prayer for Michael Jackson. I have to say, the 6 of us from HSM were very lucky to have met such an amazing man.”

Ashley continued, “I will remember that moment forever. RIP Michael.”

Monique Coleman tweeted, “so many tears for MJ.”

Corbin Bleu also tweeted, saying, “Rest in peace Farrah Fawcett and my hero, Michael Jackson.”

You will be missed, Michael. RIP.

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  • aw

    It is quiet sad. I feel bad for Kenny Ortega, he was a friend of his.

  • jenny. canada

    Micheal was a great performer and guided the cast so well and he will be dearly missed by all his fans and collegeus

  • lol

    i feel so bad he was a legend that will be forever missed

  • cam

    A sad sad day – losing Michael Jackson. My heart goes out to his children and family. Michael Jackson, King of Pop you will be missed – you have touched so many with your talent. Rest in Peace.

  • Kirsten

    RIP Michael Jackson.
    Ashley you’re amazing and have a heart. So is Vanessa and the whole HSM cast. You guys truly live through MUSIC. And are passionate. With HSM, you brought back musicals in children’s lives and that music should something that brings life to words and feelings, to tell stories. All music genres do… Like pop music, we both can relate to it, dance to it, sing along to it, and it makes us feel good inside :D

    Music lives in our hearts forever.
    Ashley is beautiful!



  • lena

    Michael Jackson will be missed, his music touched our lives at one point. Especially his early music. “Heal the WOrld”,etc.

    And all the kids who are now young adults who grew up with his music, its a big part of their childhood, also all ages!!!!

    Now for the people who do make negative comments, i’ve seen quite a couple and…it just shows their poor character, what a way to live life. to have no respect for others…to live in so much hate & anger….

    Music lives on!

  • Kayla

    i think most of us can agree…..THE MEMORIES<333 that his music gave all of us…the 80′s kids, the 90′s kids….

    ASHLEY , i feel yaaaa!

    HSMCAST is wonderrrful musical kids that i adore as well!!!

  • sara

    Omg; i still can’t believe
    Im so sad :’(
    RIP Michael Jackson!
    You’ll be the King forever :D

  • ashley Tizzy

    Love U
    R.I.P MJ we will miss U!!
    im SAD :( :( :(

  • aNGEL4


  • ashley Tizzy

    This is going to be history and we are experiencing It
    Rip MJ

  • jo

    They met michael because of Kenny. His kids were bigs fans of HSM and they met him in las vegas. RIP Michael Jackson. you will live on through your music

  • Charlii (zanessa Supporter)

    This News Ruined My Prom.
    I Got The News Just When My Prom Was Ending I Sat out of dancing and cried

    This Time Last Year My Nan Also Died

    R.I.P Michael Jackson
    Your A Ledgens and will be Forever Missed.

  • DemiFan

    OMGosh! Why Michael?! Why now?! I wonder what Janet is thinking..I still can’t get over this. RIP MJ-FORVER THE KING OF POP!

    Why are all of our icons leaving us?

  • Samantha

    RIP Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.
    Definately will be the king forever.
    Nobody really expected him to die, because he was such an icon. I know i didn’t. I never knew the high school musical cast met him either.
    It makes everyone sad, i think.

  • Samantha

    If anyone particiapates in thrill the world.. I hope people do!
    I should have last year.
    I’m not sure if they’re still holding it, but i hope they are.
    Thrill the world was where everyone was dancing to thriller and i learnt some of the dance moves and everything.
    google it :D

  • alana

    gosh i can’t believe in this…i cant believeee, michael jackson dead!!!!
    i know he’ll stay in our hearts forever
    so many people must be crying right now :(

  • the fame

    ashley tisdale you’re a nobody, why are you talking? stay the f*uck out of it

  • the fame

    rip. michael and farrah

  • Michael Jackson

    really sad

  • DemiFan

    @the fame: she’s making millions. And what are you doing? Sitting at your computer? I guess that makes YOU the nobody.

  • maria

    Ashley that’s why i love you so much because you have a great big heart. And i just cried when i heard the news because Michael was the greatest musician in the world and even though he is not with us his music will still be in our hearts. R.I.P Michael Jackson :’(.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    I still can’t believe M.J’s dead. ..Unbelievable really. The HSM cast was really lucky to have met him. I wish I could have. The King of Pop will live on forever. Rest in Peace Michael. ♥

    @the fame: Uh, YOUR the nobody who’s talking trash on someone YOU don’t even KNOW !! ..Your really pissing me off with all of your negative comments. Why don’t you take you and your bad mouth out of this !?


    Michael Jackson’s passing is so sad and tragic. (Actually have Billie Jean on repeat while typing this.) He was such a great musician and he will truly not only be missed but will be remembered. He really did have a sad life however, because he was constantly scrutinized by the media. He accomplished so much in his life though and will always have the “king of pop” title. I’m still in a state of shock. It’s hard to believe this actually happened because it happened so quickly. Sad how he had a new tour and never got a chance to make a comback.
    RIP Michael.

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    when i saw he has death,omg i got upset
    i wasn’t a fan of him but thats michael jackson.and he is so young.because im sad and rightnow,its 5.00 a.m(in Turkey) and i cant sleep.i just started thinking how long are our lifes.we might die is weird
    and sorry for michael jackson
    ashley uses twitter for something good,my soulmate <3
    and please,haters go away.

  • OneTreeHillFan

    the fame shes respecting an icon legend if you can’t respect that then you obviously are very cold hearted your just a stupid hater who frankly needs to f**k off keep your mouth quiet and show some respect


  • Bruna

    Miachel is dead on a typical day…oh well life goes on for the people who don’t follow hollywood

  • WOW

    I was so shock when i found out this news! I just can’t get over it. Even though Michael Jackson has not been make any impressions on me lately but i was so addicted to his songs. He’s such a truly legend and will live 4ever in our heart, our soul. We’re here to pray for him.

    R.I.P Michael Jackson!

    @Ashley is such a sympathetic and super sweet person. Love her even more!

  • esther

    It is a great shock that this icon has died but he will be missed as well as farrah fawcett

  • melissa. *

    Omg. MJ! May you rest in peace, you will be missed. Your music has inspired us all, ]’:

  • katie

    this is so sad. its surreal. i can’t believe hes really gone. he was such an amazing artist and inspiration to many. RIP MJ. you’ll be incredibly missed.

  • misssssy

    @the fame:

    I usually agree with your comments and laugh but really???
    at a time like this you want to bring negativity?
    i usually cant stand Ashley but i mean someone we never expected to lose is gone!And i realized it could happen to anyone if god forbid something were to happen to Ashley tomorrow id feel terrible for never really giving her a chance
    After i heard i just sort stopped hating all these celebritys i used to hate
    he really brought everyone together

  • hsmgirl

    soo sad…

  • mjj_rose2829

    omggg, i was extremely shocked, upset and devastated!
    at first some guy called to tell me tht he had passed away
    and i ddnt believe him, and then i told my mom and she told
    me he’s crazyy, and right after my friends called me and told
    me that michael jackson had passed away, and right there,,,
    i ddnt even thing about it for 1 second, automatically i cracked
    up in tearss________I was completely heart brokenn. and not but
    like a month ago i started listening to his music and became
    obsessed with himm, but idk i was kinda balancing on a stick;
    something told me something was gonna happen to someone.
    But it was akward becuase all the time i would listen to his music
    i would feel like if somebody socked my chest and my eyes would
    get wateryy!

    however, he is and forever will be the KING OF POP.
    he was given tht title, and it will be his foreverrr…
    i dnt know where to stop cause i know i can keep going.
    i really liked him, he seemed like a really sweet guy!
    but atleast now he wont suffer hearing the press calling
    him WACKO JACKO, first of all he aint wack for sh*t and
    second of all he’s a JACKSON! not a jacko!….
    & then the child molestation shitt, F_CK THAT! yeah i said it.
    there was no proof from tht stupid ladyy..
    now may he rest in peace, and may god take care of his
    kids down here on earth! & hopefully someday someone
    will listen to his words and HEAL THIS WORLD!
    thats all he asked for a better world and peacee;
    but tht was to hard.. ughh, im tired noww!

  • awurbii

    Michael Jackson is dead.
    We have lost a legend.
    There really isn’t anything I can say.
    This is too shocking.
    Rest In Peace, Michael.

  • magdalena

    i can believe it. i just crying listening to You Are Not Alone. he is my legend. he will live forever in his music. i will always love you, MJ.
    R.I.P from Poland.

  • Karlie

    RIP MJ AND Farrah You will be missed and never forgotten!!
    we love you!

    <3 Jada

  • Yay!

    @OneTreeHillFan: R.I.P Michael Jackson.
    We love you forever.
    And as for you bitch, DON’T YOU DARE CALL HIM JACKO. he never liked the name. it was humiliating, rude, senseless, and disgusting on the media’s part. Don’t be a careless little twat right now. IT’S JACKSON bitch, NOT JACKO.

  • frejamacarons

    aint it funny how when he is alive people dont evn care, but then they all start priaising him and start talking about howmuch people love him and things like that.

    and its annoying how people try to leech off his death, like ashley – talking in such a melodramatic way, its enough to make me vomit on my chanel bag.

  • iskoiskoisko


  • katie

    @the fame:

    Even if Ashley WAS a nobody, she can still pay her respects like everyone else over the world. Shut up!

    May MJ rest in peace.

  • angela

    gosh i can’t sleep since i heard the news
    RIP Michael Jackson, you will be missed and never forgotten.
    the one and only, king of pop :’(

  • NiNi

    its really hard to believe
    … i grow up with his music … wel is wasnt thta big fan but seriously his music was amazing 11

    R.I.P michael – i´ll miss you

  • ash rockz

    That’s so sad.
    But he’s still a legend and he will ever be!
    Rest in Peace. The King of Pop

    Ashley is such a sweetheart.
    It shows what a great person she is.
    I love her so much ♥

    @the fame: Wow. I’m speechless. You’re the biggest as***** here! How can you say something like this?
    @misssssy: Honestly, I don’t like your comments. But this time you’re right. Everyone could die. It’s good to know, you give some people a chance ( i hope not only celebritys!)

  • terry

    Rest in Peace.
    He was one of the biggest stars ever.

    Ashley is just amazing ♥
    Also Monique & Corbin <3

  • Scashley Lover; x

    I cant belive it.
    i was shocked
    the person we least expect too pass away.

    its so sweet ashley to show how much she cares.
    the fame – shut up! how could you say such a thing during this time!
    we dont need your negative comment’s right now! ashley is doing so much better then you! and missssyyy or somthing like that, its great you see your give them a chance now. :)

    R.I.P. Michael GONE but never FORGOTTEN !


  • WOW

    i can’t believe that some haters are this pathetic. Praying for somebody is not illegal so STFU. She’s not someone heartless who’s still in Canada trying in vain to get attention!LOL

  • Diana x3

    oh god I still can’t believe it… When I heard the news in the morning I was like: WHAT?!?! OH GOD!!! NOOO !! :(
    Michael Jackson was a legend… and It is so terrible! ..

  • Nadia. Morocco

    we have lost a star, a human that I grew up with his songs. I feel so bad and sorry about loosing Mickael Jakson but I hope for him peace and heaven, we will not forgette you, we will miss you but you will be always in our hearts.