Demi Lovato is a Pageant Princess

Demi Lovato is a Pageant Princess

Last year, Demi Lovato caught up with Popstar! magazine on the set of her upcoming DCOM, Princess Protection Program, and dished on the most princess-y thing about herself.

The 16-year-old actress shared, “Heels. Princesses have to wear heels. I started in pageants so I had to adapt to the princess life.”

BFF and costar Selena Gomez also revealed her own princess quality. She shared, “I love to help people — a lot, which is a thing that princesses do.”

Princess Protection Program premieres THIS FRIDAY, June 26 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

TELL JJJ: What is your princess quality?

Demi Lovato Dishes Princess Qualities
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  • selenagomezdeservesmore.

    First :)
    OMJ i love selena :)
    R.I.P. micheal Jackson ♥

  • wtf

    OMGomez! I love Selena <3

    MJ RIP! The king of Pop

  • TabithaLynn

    I love Demi she is one of the best singers and actress <3

  • http://justjared phoebe

    OMG I LOVE DEMI haha. and selena of coarse! :D love these two!!!
    R.I.P MJ :(

  • Jessica

    I love them both! And they’re sooooo sweet to fans :)

  • leah

    PPP tommorow though I’m not as excited maybe tommorow I guess. RIP MJ.:( Cant believe it’s real

  • http://hhy peace95

    they are such great role models! can’t wait for the movie! :)
    ps: RIP michael jackson

  • kellie

    both gorgeous.
    however i sometimes feel as though selena says things not because she means it, but just to come off as goody-goody. people pleaser much?
    i wish she would just be herself.
    i do love them but still, that sometimes annoys me.

  • brett

    oh cmon, you like to help people??! cut the crap selena, that’s not the most princess-y thing you do, that’s just a good quality, it’s probably mani-pedis or shopping

  • twilightlover108

    I love Demi and Selena!!!
    R.I.P. MJ

  • Soraya

    same! itsss too sad:(
    R.I.P michael jackson
    ur the best forever

    PS: i the only one who saw PPP?? I saw it on the 20th of june!!


    selena gomez looks so amazing i so love her ……..

  • kristine

    the roles shouldve been reversed in my opinion.

  • Savannah a.k.a Kool-Aid

    well both of them are great actresess they are both very funny and pretty P.S ( i love your hair selena and i luv demis curled):X)

  • cam

    I saw the movie Princess Protection Program tonight & it was great – both Demi & Selena were awesome! If you have not seen it yet – watch it – it will be on again on Saturday night on Disney!

  • tan

    I saw it and demi was way better than selena!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i agree with kellie and brett
    vote 4 miley ( ALL 10 OF THEM )
    vote 4 zac
    vote 4 jesse
    vote 4 lil wayne
    vote 4 kanye west
    vote 4 demi
    vote 4 carri underwood
    vote 4 them please vote vote vote!!!!!=) thanx =)

  • tara

    is it jsut me…or at the end…with Selena…..he head is kinda a bit big…..lolz. it just looks it…. :D haha…i mean , i love her an all….but she is kinda bragging about herself……so….:D
    and…to all dose ppl saying RIP MJ….did u guys even LIKE him? i know i didnt…. so , like i mean its nice to say RIP…and all…but….u werent even a fan…

  • Melody

    Princess Protection Program will premiere in Asia on 6 of Sep at Disney Channel at 730pm
    I cant watch to watch Princess Selena n Princess Demi

>>>>>>> staging1